Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Summary #17

So my tiredness finally turned into too much this week. Had Tuesday and Wednesday off work, as I felt poorly Monday evening. I went to bed early and woke up Tuesday with my whole body pounding. I couldn't lift my head or open my eyes and sent the boy a rambly jumbled text, no idea how he understood it as I'd used the wrong letters in words. I really thought I'd be back on Wednesday but woke really achey and weak. I went back on Thursday but should have stayed off, felt so rough and unwell. I feel so much better for the rest though, I now only have a fortnight til I'm on holiday from work and I cannot wait. My boy is away the weekend before to visit his uni friends but has the same week off so I'll be hotly anticipating his return. It was the best feeling in the world to finally see him Thursday, we had Dominoes for tea with my littlest brother and he stayed over. Was up at the crack of dawn to make his breakfast and see him off to work before returning to bed for another three hours. Epic! Went to Asda with Mum on Friday and bought some new sleepwear. She'd brought me home the CUTEST Disney Marie/Paris pjs bottoms which I adore. I wanted the matching top and bought a second pair of bottoms haha. After years of resisting Mum's attempts to get nighties into my wardrobe I got two! I had a return for Primark and it always seems to turn into another shop. I managed some right finds, including a bodycon skirt I only told Mum on Friday I regretted getting. I saw one on the rail and to my amazement it was a 10! My size, my lucky day or what. Add to that some shoes with bows (when my boy met me he always used to say how many things with bows I own haha) some sunglasses for one whole pound and a maxi dress. Cue one incredibly happy girl. I've had loads of online orders arrive this week, and sadly most are being returned. Bought a gorgeous peter pan collar dress from New Look but overestimating my size I got a medium that is miles too big, it just drowns me. The fabric is too fine to risk trying to make it smaller. I got a slip  too but again overestimated my size and bought it too big. Bought a River Island lace dress from Asos and as I never learn, got the wrong size. I also don't particularly like it on. Currently got a Superdrug basket sitting with nearly £100 worth of items because they are doing 3 for 2...
 Hair clips. Topshop bag. Nail Moustaches & Sideways Cross necklace. Primark shoes & sunglasses. Primark bodycon skirt & striped top. Primark maxi. Asda Marie pjs. Asda nighties. Les Miserables dvd. Picnic blanket. Fruit. Favourite drink. Dominoes! Ronnie. Sweet treat from my boy. Online returns :-/ 

Another chain bag for my collection! Wanted this so much for ages and it was in the sale! I can't believe I found a sideways cross in Claire's, seems as if every blogger and their dog has this necklace. I looked up the meaning and quite liked it so invested a whole £3. Couldn't resist the Les Mis dvd, can't wait to watch it! I woke this morning with so many bites on my right leg :( just as I thought my skin had been given a break. So thankful again for my calamine lotion, the itching was incredible and they are so big. Had to be cold all day in summer pjs so I can keep them topped up with lotion as its messy and gets everywhere. The boy found my Mean Girls dvd the other night and amazingly has never seen it. Literally could not believe him, so we watched it today. Love it so much, seen it so many times and even the boy was laughing along. Then another film he'd never seen is Cast Away so we watched that after. I'd forgotten most of it as not seen it so long. So sad when Wilson floats away!
Hope you've all had good weeks


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    1. I got the blue/green version today! They are amazing and £10 each! x


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