Friday, 28 October 2011

No Tricks..Just Treats!!

So I have kind of started my Christmas shopping already. I had said I'd hold off until at least the start of November. Usually by now I'm sorted and I just have the last few bits to get and wrap it all up pretty. I decided this year I would wait until the shops are filled with goodies before I even thought about what I was buying everyone. Plus I reckon with shops finding it difficult there'll be some great offers on. 
This week Boots had a brilliant deal for their advantage card holders: spend £50 and get £12 of points! I save my points throughout the year and then buy make-up in the New Year. Christmas is my favourite time of year so by January & February I'm on a come down. 
I have only bought one Christmas present though: my Dad's! He loves the FCUK aftershaves so the set was perfect, now all I need to do is find some more bits for him. 
frontcover eye popping, fcuk three calls to make, skin art glitter tattoos
My Dad's set was in the 3 for 2 and really it would be rude not to. Plus I needed to spend £50. Took me ages to choose but settled for these two. 
frontcover eye popping 
I love Frontcover sets and this really caught my eye. The cheek powders look really shimmery but if they are they'll make good highlighters. The selection of eye shadows look so pretty!
skin art glitter tattoos
The skin art set I'd never noticed before but the magpie in me was telling me I needed it! No idea when I'll use it but you never know. Plus I'm going through a phase of temporary tattoos in an attempt to discover places I'd want them for real. I had a henna one done on my wrist in Covent Garden when I was in London, but not sure I could have a real one there for various reasons.
 l-r V05 Miracle Concentrate, Rimmel Lasting Finish Disco Ball, Barry M Nail Effects Crackle in Gold Glitter, 17 Magnetized Nail Polish in Green, Collection 2000 Lasting Colour in Sweet Tart 
Just a few more polishes for my collection! Seen endless raves about the miracle concentrate and has been on my list for ages. I used it for the first time today and kicking myself for not buying it sooner...hello softer, shinier, sleeker red hair! I love the Collection 2000 lipsticks. I originally bought one after seeing it on Kate. They are amazing value for how long they last and how pigmented they are. 
these nougat bars are insanely good, a friend on a diet introduced me to them 

For some reason there seems to be several films I want to see at the cinema: Tintin, The Help, In Time and Demons Never Die. Breaking Dawn is out soon too which I'm excited for! Channel 4 has a drama starting on the 31st October called Top Boy, the adverts sucked me in from the moment I saw them. It's on four nights in a row and I am actually considering staying in all four to see them. I know if I miss one I won't have time to catch up before the next and before I know it I'll have 3 hours worth of tv to watch and no time to watch it!

Halloween is only two days away now, so excited! I bought an inflatable pumpkin this year, not too sure where he'll be sitting though. My youngest brother is the skilled master at pumpkin carving so its left to him every year, I'll post a picture of his creation :) and its the start of November in 3 days...!!! It seems to have warmed up a little in the last week. I had to pop to the post office today so at 3'o'clock finally decided I had to get out of my pjs and go. I threw on some leggings and a t shirt because the mac I was wearing comes down mid thigh, and by the time I got back I was quite hot. 

What are you all doing for Halloween? 

Em x

p.s. beyond excited for the release of Models Own Beetlejuice polishes on Tuesday, I think I may have a slight obsession with nail polish! 

p.p.s. i'm not on a diet and probably never will be, if you're wondering about the nougat bars, if it's sweet i'll like it ;) 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Purple Rain

I love plenty of things with the name Purple Rain;

  1. The song  by Prince (that is done on X Factor every year I'm certain!) 
  2. The pitcher
  3. And now the Barry M nail crackle.

 I was buying my lunch in Boots Thursday morning and had to do my usual circuit of the make up stands. It was the first time seeing Purple Rain in person and I had to have it! 

As usual had so many comments on my nails! I used Models Own Snow White for the base colour. It wasn't the easiest polish to work with as it applies sheer but with a second coat it was thick enough. 

I'm now lusting after the gold Barry M crackle and need to replace my black one as its gone really thick and is difficult to work with. I have previously added a little nail polish remover to thick polishes to thin them down but I'm concerned it might stop the crackle effect so just going to get a new one. I've got a list as long as my arm of stuff I need to buy in Boots but there's a points event this Thursday so I'm waiting til then :) 

Em x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Read All About It...

Blog title inspired by Pro Green's new song. I really love this song even though I can't really relate to it. An ex boyfriend had a rough time with his dad and when he told me it all one day I cried. I remember him holding me asking why I was crying when it had happened to him not me. It just broke my heart to hear what he'd gone through and I don't understand how some parents can cause their child so much hurt. I was really impressed The X Factor had Pro Green and Emeli Sande perform this track on Sunday. I never usually like any of the artists they have sing on the results show but I could barely contain my excitement this week. It was such a big moment. Emeli Sande has been around several years and popped up on numerous albums so I'm happy she's being noticed as a solo artist now. 

I've had the best few days! I worked a six day week which was made all the better by spending Saturday night tucked up in the cosiest country inn (link). I found a good deal on laterooms. Officially my go-to website for hotels and has been for the last year. I really don't know how I found places before the boy told me about the site. 
To say I was excited to go is an understatement! I couldn't wait to get away and relax. We made very good time on our journey and got there earlier than anticipated. The owner Chris couldn't have been friendlier and after showing us our room we hit the bar ;) jack daniels, coke and french fries?! That's the way to my heart! The chips were possibly the best I have ever eaten and that's saying something!! The boy got a little tipsy on a pint as he hasn't drunk for three months. Gave us a good giggle! We missed the start of X Factor but went up to the room in time to catch Misha. Wasn't overly impressed with her version of Purple Rain but still love the girl. Hit the sack just after eleven and had the nicest sleep. Woke to the prettiest day, of an unusual 19 degrees! Long Melford is the longest village in England and full of antique shops and tea rooms. I must be getting old because I really appreciate the countryside. It breaks my heart that one day countryside might not exist. Its so pretty and English! Took an accidental detour through Essex because the sat nav missed the turning and spent the day with friends. 
sunday sunset of a perfect day :)
please excuse the fact this picture was taken on day four when my nails had been through hell at work
I caved and bought the Gossip Girl Nails Inc Blair Collection from ASOS. It does leave a most intriguing effect and almost felt Halloween?! It's quite hard to photograph, but basically you get two polishes. One is teal and the second is a clear polish with iridescent flakes called an "overglaze". In real life the flakes change colour, so one angle they look green, another blue, and midway half blue and half green. 

Highlight of my week at work had to be an interviewee turning up in a suit. It really disappoints me when people don't turn up in smart clothes. Yeah they may be in the most fashionable outfit ever that took ages to put together and cost a lot, but you can't beat smartness for making an impression. I still remember my interview five years ago I was the only person in black trousers and a shirt. I felt an idiot at the time but it made me stand out. Anyway I was so in awe of the interviewee in a suit I said to my late forties male manager "did you see him??! He looked WELL smart!" to which my manager replied "I thought you were going to say he was well fit!". I found it hilarious, it was such a young thing to say! But he has two daughters my age so he is probably used to such comments! 

Although I am tired and feel like I need to sleep for an entire day I am beyond happy. And it isn't just the thorntons chocolates I've just eaten ;) the shops are filling with Christmas goodies and I can't wait to get started on my shopping. I'm planning lots of nights out, parties, nights away and meals with my loved ones. My best friend has been working abroad since March and should be coming home next week. I am bursting to see her, it has been far too long! I've missed her something chronic but I know she's had the best time, plus she went to pay off her overdraft from uni. Can't argue with her trying to get out of the outrageous debt she's in and she worked four jobs!! 

I'll have to blog the little bits I've been picking up on my lunches in the last week or so. So much nice stuff! 

Hope you're all enjoying October and the last few days before the clocks go back and the nights draw in. Hoping we get an extra hours sleep with the time change!

Em x 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Shake It Out

Check out these sparklers! Barry M Cyan blue with Models Own Gold Finger glitter = so sparkley! I scheduled this post as I have no other time! And I don't want to post several posts all at the same time. Anybody remember Bernard's watch on citv back in the day? I could do with that watch ;)

 Post title inspired by Florence & The Machine, too excited for the 31st October and the release of her next album. Professor Green's is also out the same day, as a fan of both I'll be purchasing both. It'll be interesting to see who gets the most sales. Drake's album was due to be released next Monday but has been pushed back to the 14th November :( I hate waiting and I hate waiting even more when there's a delay!

Em x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Models Own #2

I placed my second Models Own order earlier this month to continue growing my collection. The box my nail polish collection is in currently is full but I have a matching box that is now home to my Models Own collection that's growing pretty quickly. 

 l-r black magic, snow white, top turquoise 
Seeing Dalmatian nails appear everywhere I purchased the Models Own nail art pen in my previous order, posted about here. However I didn't realise I didn't own a white! I was shocked at myself and made a mental note to get one. I then discovered I didn't own a black! Shock horror, two of the most basic colours. I love dark nails and have every shade from navy to deep plum to dark red. Plus black will look good beneath glitter and nail effects. The white has a shimmer to it which is really pretty and better than a block white. I'd seen the top turquoise on blogs a lot and loved the mermaid shade. 

 l-r emerald city, gold finger, disco mix
Just like a magpie I cannot resist anything that sparkles, glitters, shimmers or twinkles. Although glitters take a lot of work to remove I love wearing them and its worth it. Disco mix was my most lusted after Models Own polish so seeing it back in stock meant it was straight into my basket. 

 Models Own small angled brush
I've been looking for a small angled brush for ages and just can't find one on the high street. I wasn't prepared to pay a crazy amount for one as I wear liquid eyeliner but I just wanted this brush in my collection in case. 

These were my nails last week. I used Barry M's Raspberry and 17's Gold Crackle. When I first bought the crackle I actually really disliked it, and upon lending it to a friend almost told her to keep it. I painted my nails with the raspberry and it felt I jazzed it up with the crackle. I've now fallen in love with the gold crackle. I think the reason I originally disliked it was because it covers a lot of the polish beneath it. You need to wear a bright or a dark colour. 

I haven't blogged as much as I would have liked this month but I've been absolutely crazy busy. It makes me wonder where people who blog several times a week find the time?! When I haven't been at work I've been asleep or off on an adventure. I've had the best time in the last few weeks but feeling really tired now. Got a six day week at work but tomorrow will be day three = halfway. Had a brilliant night out last night but am slightly paying for it today.  My right foot is aching in the arch, probably from my heels and my left calf is really tender. I'm almost positive when I've been drinking I get cramp in the night. In my sleep I must stretch but then I wake in absolute agony. I must pull the muscle because the next day it hurts so much. I can't be entirely sure it is alcohol related but I might start making a note of when I get it. However even if it is alcohol I probably won't stop drinking because of it. 

I'm so excited for Christmas. It's my favourite time of year and although the weathers been all over the show, this week the temperature has dropped very quickly. I've been wearing a panda hat, gloves and scarf to and from work haha. I was in Norwich on saturday for a gig and had an hour before the shops closed so did a quick run around Primark, Topshop and Topman. I found a coat in my local Primark a few weeks ago and wanted it SO much. With coats I always buy a size bigger so I can layer up in winter because I get so cold, sadly the 12 was a bit tight across my bust and the 14 just looked ridiculous on me so I left it. I then saw Zoe with the coat and I just knew I would regret it forever if I didn't own one. Lucky for me Norwich had a 12, and yes it could be looser on the bust but I am in love. It's almost cape like on me but once I layer up I shouldn't feel the cold too much. I had to wear it that night though as I wouldn't dream of taking a paper bag into a standing gig! I only had a light mac on which rolled up small and my new coat kept me warmer than my mac would have when we were waiting in the freezing train station at 11pm. Also found the ultimate post gig snack: capri sun & a yorkie :) 

Hope you're all keeping warm and having a great October! 

Halloween soon :) 

Em x 

Friday, 7 October 2011

Magnetic Girl

I didn't really know anything about 17 launching their Magnetized Nail Polish until I found the stand in my Boots on its launch day. I'd seen them tweeting about it but to be honest it went straight over my head!

Because I hadn't seen or heard much about the product I was a little skeptical if it would work. As usual the promo pictures looked amazing but we all know about post production "touch ups". There are four colours to choose from: blue, lilac, teal and gun metal. They are all pretty metallic shades but blue stood out the most, and if it didn't work I thought I'd at least have a pretty metallic.

The first time I tried this I just couldn't get it to work! A week later when I changed my nail polish I gave it another go. The first nail I still didn't get right but after that it started working! I was holding the magnet as close to my nail as possible, about a millimetre gap between, and this seemed to get the effect properly. 

It is such an odd effect to see happen. I have got no idea how it works, but sometimes I could feel the magnet force against my nail, pretty odd I must say. It's almost like the polish parts into waves of lighter and darker blue. 

 the magnetized effect

The lid with the magnet is detachable from the brush which is handy. The lid also has a curved raised ridge which makes it easier to hold the magnet above the nail because it sits on the cuticle. 

excuse the dot of nail polish on the magnet...held it just a little too close!

I love the effect the magnet makes. It gives real depth to the nail and reminds me of ripples in water. I love it so much I now want the other three colours!! 

Em x

p.s. super pleased with the title of this post, mainly because I LOVE magnetic man!! 

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Grade 8

This blog title is inspired by one of the tracks on Ed Sheeran's album + 

Being a local boy I'm very proud of his achievements, he really deserves it and he is an amazing artist!

As usual I have had so many compliments on my nails! I don't know why but I always seem to get comments on my nails, probably because I always have some sort of pattern, design, colour order or something interesting. The oddest times I get complimented are at work by men, men I don't know and people in the bus queue! Considering I always have my iPod on I'm surprised they try to speak to me! 

With the sunshine beaming down I wanted a summery colour with some sparkle. I used Barry M 304 Mint Green with Models Own Juicy Jules on top, finished with a Barry M clear top coat. 

I had to include this last picture. In the last few weeks we've had some of the prettiest sunsets I've ever seen and have taken endless photos!

The weather is going to an autumnal 16 degrees in a few days and I'm looking forward to getting some wear out of my macs before it gets too cold and I need a wool coat! 

Em x

September Favourites

This post has gone up later than I wanted it to but seeing as we've had 30 degree weather I didn't want to miss it! I've really enjoyed the sudden heat and sunshine. 

Ed Sheeran +, Wretch 32 Black & White, Emalkay Eclipse, Game The R.E.D. Album, MOS Anthems Electric 80s

Music - Ed signed albums in my local store so got my + signed. I love Wretch’s voice and his album did not disappoint. Particularly love the middle part with features from Delilah, Ed Sheeran, Daley & Etta Bond. Emalkay has been around for a while but love this album, dubstep at its finest. There’s something about Game’s voice and I really like this album. I love how many other artists he’s got on here: Lloyd, Mario, Rick Ross, Big Boi, Young Jeezy, Chris Brown & Drake. Ministry of Sound are epic in my opinion. I may only have been born 1988 so not experienced the 80s but I grew up on music and have a particular love for the 80s. I need to get the next volume of this in my collection.

Films - I was pretty poorly during September and watching a film was the perfect way to make myself rest. I usually never have time to watch films and still have all the dvds I got last Christmas in cellophane! I watched Princess and The Frog, which I LOVED! Has really made me wish I bought from the MAC Venomous Villains collection though! I’m really hoping they do another Disney collection as I adore Disney. I’m still giggling over the Inbetweeners Movie which I actually saw in August. I want the book for Christmas as it looks hilarious! Saw Avatar for the first time too, I cannot believe its taken me so long! Its an absolutely beautiful film. The boy always teases me because he has to explain what’s happening. He asked after about half an hour if I was following, and I told him what I thought would happen and I was kind of right!! Also squeezed in New Moon, St Trinians, Fish Tank, Look Who’s Talking (so 80s I love it!) Look Who’s Talking Too & Anuvahood.

Books- I haven’t read any books or even magazines for over a year and really miss it. I still buy Company but only flick through for the fashion and make-up and then it goes onto my coffee table. I’ve still got a Company & Cosmopolitan from last December in cellophane! How bad is that! I’ve never seen Sex & The City properly, or either of the films. It isn’t something that has ever really appealed to me. Curiosity got the better of me when Candace Bushnell released the Carrie Diaries. It intrigued me so much that I decided to read it. It took a little while for me to get into it, which could just be me not having read for so long but once I got into it I couldn’t stop reading!! I’ve had to stop a few chapters before the end as I can’t bear to finish it when I don’t have the next instalment; Summer in the City.
I’ve also been enjoying the books by Sophie Kinsella writing under the name of Madeleine Wickham. I’ve now read Sleeping Arrangements, The Wedding Girl and am just starting The Gatecrasher. They are pretty hard to put down as you get sucked in. I’ve promised my friend I will give the Twilight novels another try as she’s re-reading them with Breaking Dawn about to come out in cinemas. Twilight is still bookmarked somewhere in the middle which she promises me if I read on it’ll get exciting! I’m sure the reason I’m struggling is because I saw Twilight, New Moon & Eclipse before I tried the books which kind of spoiled what was happening. 

BeautyBoots No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser - With all the raving about Liz Earle I came across another product which seemed similar. I got the No7 hot cloth cleanser with a £5 off voucher so only paid £4. I cannot express how in love with this I am! It smells so nice and leaves my skin feeling so lovely.
Boots Natural Collection Make-Up - I’ve never bought from this range before but I saw the beauty community raving about them and with a price tag under £2 I gave some items a whirl. The blusher is a dupe of a Rimmel one I’ve used forever (Santa Rose) but half the price! The lipstick has that horrible cheap lipstick smell but I’m willing to forgo that for the colour and how soft it feels on my lips.
Garnier BB cream - If you haven’t heard of BB creams I’d be amazed. Mainly because the Garnier advert is on so many times and I hardly watch TV! I wanted to wait for the MAC BB cream but when I saw the Garnier on price promotion I couldn’t leave it. I really love this product. It smells like all Garnier products (fruity, in my opinion) and is quite sheer. I know that isn’t how a BB cream should be but I only wear light foundations so this is perfect for me.
Avon Naturals Sugar Plum & Vanilla Room & Linen Spray - This has the sweetest candy smell. It reminds me almost of Lush Snow Fairy. I can’t stop smelling it and planning to stock up in my next order.

TV – I’m amazed at how much TV I have been watching lately! It’s so unlike me but I’m really enjoying it!
The Only Way Is Essex – I’ve watched this from when it first started and really do love it. Before this started I used to tell people I was from Essex…and they believed me! It’s the accent apparently because I sure as hell don’t look as glamorous as the girls on this show. Although some of it is set up I don’t mind, its just like The Hills to me which I also loved! The rival to TOWIE is Made In Chelsea. I could never get into this and tried again with the launch of the second series but still not getting it. Probably isn’t helping that I don’t know any of their names or anything of what happened in the previous series.
The Bachelor – I missed the first show but have watched since because Twitter made me curious…now I can’t stop watching!! I was pretty indifferent to Gavin but I must admit I have warmed to him especially after the drama of Morgan & Carrie Ann! I really like Layla and hope she wins because she’s so sweet!
The X Factor – although there was the biggest uproar over the judges panel change up I still watched the first audition show and instantly fell in love with the new judges. I’m actually very glad Simon, Cheryl and Danni aren’t on anymore. I already adore Tulisa and Kelly, and Gary I’ve never paid much attention to before however I find him so good looking which really surprised me! The new panel make the previous look so stiff and uncomfortable. The new panel come across genuine and likeable. I have loved the way Tulisa and Kelly were towards each other during the audition process. They seem to really care about each other and have a close friendship. No matter how much it was denied Dannii and Cheryl did get on, it seems hard to believe when you’re shown Kelly & Tulisa together. Plus they all seem to give constructive comments which the previous never did because they were too busy sniping at each other. I am beyond excited for the live shows. I saw a rumour on twitter the big twist is Cheryl is coming back with a reject from each category. I am really hoping this isn’t true as I like the panel so much as it is and I never thought I wouldn’t want Cheryl on the X Factor but there you go!

Shop – Claires Accessories – I’ve rediscovered Claires after a distracting trip I blogged about previous here. I could have bought so much more on my visit but decided to try to be restrained. I barely knew where to look when choosing necklaces. They have so many I like! I settled on these three

I used to buy so many nail stickers from Claires and thought it only right I buy some more! I loved the peace earrings, they look so 60s with the flowers. I bought the little studs for my second hole as I only wear small sparkly ones in there and these fit the bill perfectly.

I turned 23 on the 20th September. I loved being 22 as its such a cute number (I’ve got a thing for numbers!) but I couldn’t stop the clock and stay 22 forever. I went out the previous night for Chinese and cocktails with my lovely friend Amy. We’re just had a new place open up in town. Such a nice pretty place and I loved just having a chilled out chat. On my birthday I was still poorly but Mum brought me lunch in bed and then I went for a walk in the park in the afternoon with the boy. Meant I was hungry for Chinese tea again! I ended up having 3 Chinese’s in my week off which is completely unlike me as I usually have Chinese once a month if that! Not complaining though! However I can justify it as me and the boy went on so many long walks all over especially in the country. One day we were stood on the highest hill near his house and we could see so far it was an amazing view and I felt so at peace with everything. 

I feel like I’ve matured so much while I was 22 especially in 2011 I had a lot of challenges thrown at me in all aspects of my life. I feel very happy and comfortable in myself which I’ve always read comes with age and it definitely seems true!

Hope you all had a good September too!
Em x

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