Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday Summary #16

Can't believe I've been doing these posts for four months now. How time flies! So proud I've stuck to it, my blog has suffered with recent going ons with my personal life, I've loads of posts I want to do when I get the chance to.
Another quiet week as I'm still feeling incredibly tired. I'm sleeping quite well apart from some bad nightmares but I think I'm so worn down and stressed with the last six months its taken its toll. I know with nightmares I need to ride them out but so hard when they feel so real. Luckily I don't wake from them. Monday night was spent in the pub and at Pizza Express, my first ever! I couldn't eat all of mine but the boy finished it off. Had doughballs, nom! And of course a dessert is always needed. Had a chilled out middle week and and then was out last night, pub again for a leaving and birthday meal. Seriously love pub food. Ended up chatting so much we didn't order dessert and just went home. Had my usual chilled out Sunday with my boy, eggs and toast for breakfast during which we usually watch the O.C, because he knows how much I love it. This week it had changed to an earlier slot so we missed it and ended up watching Hart of Dixie which has Rachel Bilson in (The O.C's Summer Roberts). Quite liked it actually and there's been loads of hype about it on tv and in magazines. Watched Bridesmaid this afternoon as we saw the advert for it on a dvd last week and it looked funny. I found it cheap and bought it but really didn't like it! It was funny in parts but honestly not my sort of film. Definitely like my grittier films.

 Online deliveries = happy girl. Pub drinks, wkd in honour of an absent friend haha. Pizza Express. Toffee glory. ASOS rings. Debenhams bag I've wanted for ages. MAC Pink Popcorn. Primark apple pendant. Primark duvet & mattress sheet my Mum got me. Another Primark rucksack because I love it so much! My boys massive 12oz burger! Debenhams massive package for a MAC lipstick. Ronnie. Ronnie posing again. Addicted to Hersheys kisses. M&S hazelnut and chocolate tart. CHERRY PEPSI! Dixie poser.

So happy to finally get the Red Herring bird print bag, lusted after it in their window for ages and last week looked at it in store. Walked away but decided I was going to purchase. Happened to be buying MAC online at Debenhams and a screen came up with a discount code which said it would only appear once, so I made the most of it! Actually bought more rings from ASOS but the rest are too big, I've packed it all back up to be sent back, love that you can just drop the box back at the post office, simple. My kittens are so good these days, after having them over a year (so not kittens anymore, but still) they have come out of their shell so much. I actually want to blog their story so hoping I get a chance soon! Placed another order on New Look tonight, can't stop buying from their atm. I really want this dress but its sold out :(
Hope you've all had good weeks.
Em x

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