Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Parma Violet Girl

The first ever Models Own colour I wanted was Beth's Blue. I saw it in Company and lusted after it for well over a year. I found it in my local River Island and didn't buy it. When I returned to get it they had all gone (it was day 1 of their summer sale and I suspect it got reduced). Models Own then did their 50,000 likes on Facebook to get 50% off online. I think I got it then as I remember it was top of my list and I didn't order until a week after the code got released and I was surprised it was still in stock. It has sadly sat unopened and unloved in my box until this week.
It is the prettiest shade, and is a mystifying in-between shade of pale blue and lilac. I thought it looked like Parma Violets which made me crave them so I bought some but the sweets are a much paler shade.

This is such an unusual shade and one I love having in my collection.

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