Thursday, 22 December 2011

We Used To Be Friends...

It has been too long since my last post. Missed the blogisphere so much but been so busy with family and Christmas barely had time for anything. Actually cannot believe it is now two days until Christmas. My lounge and dining room has been a state for two weeks as I slowly wrapped presents each evening and worked out what I still needed to buy. 

My Sunday mornings have been made by finding a channel showing episodes of The O.C. I haven't seen it recent Sundays but I have seen all of the episodes so many times, and have all the boxsets. It's the inspiration of this post title as the song makes me think of Seth Cohen/Adam Brody. 

Experienced my first ever hangover. I have been the luckiest human alive never to have had one before and I have drunk so much in my time, in younger years to the point of passing out (I would not advise this, it's scary plus very dangerous). It was works Christmas party, I felt great on the night as you do, stayed after everyone left with Michael & Alex, drinking more and having the funniest most random chat ever which will stay between us three. Got about 5 hours sleep and felt so rough the next day, sick more than anything. Had McDonalds for lunch with Michael and made me feel better but back at work then felt even worse. The sick feeling stayed for three days afterwards. No wonder people are always complaining about hangovers, they are awful! 

Hasn't put me off drinking though, haha. 

Had a brilliant month with friends and family, although still got some personal stuff going on, it's slowly getting easier. Hoping with some time off over Christmas and a New Year approaching I can get back into blogging and twitter. 

I said I hadn't photographed the last Beetlejuice colour, but I found it on a different memory card when searching for photos for my best friends Christmas gift. 
 Models Own Beetlejuice Collection Aqua Violet
This is such a pretty colour, although it needed about 3 or 4 coats. 

 Models Own Silver Fox over No7 Minty Fresh
 Models Own Black Magic with Barry M Gold Crackle 
Barry M Navy with Models Own Juicy Jules
Above are my current nails. I've come to the conclusion Juicy Jules is almost holographic, so for anyone lusting after the GOSH this could be a very close product. It's ridiculously sparkley and beautiful. 

That's all for now. So tired and got a busy day ahead tomorrow, with Christmas errands to run and taking my best friends presents to her. Got a lovely man to see in the evening too :) 

Hope you are all well and almost ready for Christmas 
Em x 

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