Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sunday Summary #14

Felt so tired this week, not sure why but hoping it goes soon. Been an exciting week as feels like plans for the year are coming together. Booked a long weekend away with my boy and I'm now hoping August gets here soon! Got lots before then to enjoy though so I shouldn't wish my time away. Very shocked May is just around the corner, time is literally racing past. Off to London on Wednesday for shopping and Les Miserables. I'm so excited, wanted to see it for ages and can't believe its finally here, feels like ages ago we booked it! Beyond excited for a week off work at the end of May, counting down the days. The boy has got it off too so will be amazing to spend my days with him. I have acquired quite a lot of clothing this week, but from my Mother! She has been finding all sorts of goodies for me, I'd seen the Primark tops but was trying to be good and not buy them, haha. The swallow cardigans I've had my eye on for ages and they went half price.
 Scrapbook/stationery bits. Summer dress. Primark goodies Mum got me. George bits Mum got me. Dorothy Perkins purchases, new chain bag to replace > Primark chain bag. DP elephant necklace. DP Peace ring. New Look jewellery. Just one of many downpours this week. Subway in a basket! Huge sandwich! Chase and Status Live DVD <3. Sunday night tea of so juicy chicken, rice and roasted veg.

Longing for a Paperchase visit but I love stationery I always want everything! Really want these for my picnic bag ready for summer. The scrapbook is a project I'm planning but I can't say yet. I love finding stickers and ribbons and glitter for this type of thing. The past week has been constant thunder storms and torrential rain, I have actually quite enjoyed it! Hoping to get a storm during the night now, as I love how different it feels in the dark and being able to see the lightning so clearly. Still think the shops are in the horrible season transition stage where I can never find anything! I have tried believe me, I had a 20% off at New Look and was determined to find something, anything! I didn't even find any shoes which is very unusual as New Look is my favourite place for footwear.  Found some lovely pieces for my jewellery collection, I actually bought the DP stuff last week but left it at my boyfriends house. I've included a picture of my most loved bag in the whole entire world. I've had that chain bag since about 2006, and I absolutely adore it. Its the perfect size for everything: lunch, shopping, gigs, clubbing, meals out, pub, etc. This bag has been so many places and although its showing signs of much wear, it doesn't bother me just makes me sad. The DP bag's chain can change to be long like the Primark one or double up to sit more under your arm. I still covet a Chanel chain bag but until that day, these will do! Went to Subway with the boy and got given it in a basket, never had that before, probably to cut packaging as even when we eat in they still wrap it up for take out.
Had an appropriately lazy Sunday, made the boys scrambled eggs and toast and arranged it prettily haha. He won a long battle and we put the Change Up dvd on, although I was on SimCity 4 as I don't really like those sorts of films. It did make me giggle in parts though!
Hope you've all had good weeks. Pretty proud of myself and still managed to resist a Revlon Lip Butter purchase, although yesterday I had one in the palm of my hand...
It won't be long.
Em x

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