Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Summary #2

Been a quiet week really. Not done much shopping but been so tired. Had a productive day off and tidied my room and made another shoe shelf in my wardrobe. My wardrobe rail buckled again today, third time this year. Really must get a new one. Its probably the weight of the clothes as each hanger has at least 3 items on, but its only my dresses and blouses hanging :-/ 

Got a day in London next month which I am too excited for. Not too sure what I'll get up to but looks like Madame Tussauds, London Eye and shopping :) 

New make up drawers as going to use my cupcake ones for stationery. Its got so cold lately my panda hats and cat hat are saving me. Its amazing how much warmer you feel with a hat on. Mum bought me a cream blouse (I own every colour of these!) even though she moans "another one!" when I bring home another, had to get the navy one too. Opposite colours of tops I own, love the red jumper, so cute! Herbal essences conditioners. More statement studs <3. Making cards for my friend and Mum wanted some invitations made. New make up :) First subway ever! (Now had my second also). Went for chicken salad, nom. First ever Harvester on date night :) so full felt so sick on the way home haha.

Hope you've all had good weeks. Cannot believe its the end of January already! It usually drags like mad! Got a week off in a fortnight, can't wait! Just used an epilator for the first time ever, quite an experience but definitely going to blog about it. 

Em x

Monday, 23 January 2012

Hot Right Now

I love the DJ Fresh track "Hot Right Now", I saw him live on his Fresh Live tour last year and it was amazing!!! If you ever get the chance to see him live I highly recommend going especially as it can take a lot to impress me! I would say the track is more of a summer one, and if it had been released in summer it could be like Gold Dust, but I expect it'll still be around by summer.

models own feeling blue and gold finger
This weeks nails, as always had loads of compliments. 
Em x 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Summary #1

Really hoping to post every Sunday with a round up of my purchases, travels and food of the past week. I have an obsession with numbers so keeping them numbered too. 

Just some bits I've bought this week. Finally got the Cath Kidston stars bag I've lusted after since last summer. Primark haul, in two minds about the shoes, I love the hot pink colour but they look ridiculously high on even though they're easy to walk in because of the platform. Also finally found a pair of leather look leggings, been after some for so long! These hoodies are from Asda and dupes for American Apparel and at £8 an absolute bargain. Only paid £2.50 for the Boots Carousel set. I love all the union jack stuff appearing in shops for the Olympics and couldn't resist these,  I think these are amazing.

Hope you've all had good weeks
Em x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

And Angels Sang...

Finally got my BlackBerry back!!!

Happy days. When I picked up the voicemail I nearly burst with excitement. It came back pretty quick considering I sent it on Christmas Eve, got a call Christmas Day to say it was in repairs, they must have worked over Christmas and New Year. Just as they told me it wasn't my one repaired but a new one as BlackBerry don't repair they replace. Took me a while to get used to it again. Felt so big in my hand but I do love my qwerty board. 

I've made a facebook note of things I want to achieve in 2012 and one is not to drop my BlackBerry haha. My last one had indents along one side where I dropped it on a stoned pavement. I had a big scrape out of the back although I'd crystallised it. I think what broke it is I was ill after Christmas and went to Asda with my Mum for medicine and dropped it in the carpark, since then it played up. My littlest brother explained when you drop them it can jolt the microchip or the structure which will affect the circuit board. 

I can change my phone in May if I stay with Orange and although I've thought about iPhone, I definitely think my heart lies with BlackBerry. I like to be different and I love everything about them. Plus there is some lovely ones available haha. 

I should get back on Twitter soon, missed it! 
Em x 

No Light No Light

Had so many compliments on my nails and love sharing what I do on them. Definitely nice to break away from darks for a bit. Dying to get some Beetlejuice on again though. 
 barry m: 307 pale yellow, 304 mint green, 279 bright pink, 308 berry ice cream, 306 blueberry ice cream
models own: juicy jules
 The yellow and green are sheer colours so take a few coats. The purple takes a few too but the blue and pink were fine after one but I did two coats anyway. 

Topped with Juicy Jules they glitter like crazy. The photos don't do justice but if you've seen Juicy Jules in person you'll know the exact power of the glitter :) 
Florence and the machine no light no light inspired me for this blog title. 

Em x 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Lego House

Been awol again, just not had the time to even consider blogging let alone do it. Really thought everything would calm down in the new year as we adjusted to a new routine and structure in life but just been so busy. 
Went to see the girl with the dragon tattoo at the cinema. Amazing. I'd seen endless raves about Rooney Mara and can totally see why. Very rare for me to really enjoy a film so was quite surprised I did as it isn't my usual cup of tea. But then I don't watch many films so I couldn't even say what my sort of film is! 

Its made me quite curious to read the books. If it really is two years until the next film I so want to know what happens. I'm still to read the Twilight saga so if I can do them I'll try the Millennium trilogy. Actually missed seeing Breaking Dawn at the cinema as my Cineworld stopped screening it Boxing Day and I'd planned to go a few days later. Hopefully it won't be long until the dvd release. 

I haven't bought any make-up recently, sad times. Bought plenty of clothes and my wardrobe rail buckled again. Definitely need to buy a new one as mine is so pulled down with the weight I'm hoping a new one will be stronger. But I have finally got a second wardrobe so when I decide what goes where I'm hoping to charity some old clothes. 

Really hoping my friend Mike will decorate his room this year. I love nothing more than doing a room from scratch and would love for him to do it. I'm very tempted to re-decorate my room but I love the colour scheme too much so probably going to do some stencils instead. 

Made a start on my Easter presents already. I was shopping in Tescos and spotted these
I've never seen them before but they were too cute to miss. 
 I've lied. I did buy make-up this month! I forgot I got this one lunch time, Mike tried to stop me as I asked him not to let me. But I did need mascara and the eyeshadow quad came free. What would you do?
 models own jade stone and barry m gold crackle 
Blog post title inspired by the Ed Sheeran track but the P Money remix.

Hope you're all well. Off for Chinese tomorrow night. 
Life is good :) 
Em x 

Monday, 2 January 2012

An Accessorize Girl

I didn't go into the sales after Christmas can you believe. I love nothing more than shopping and nothing more than reduced items but I wanted my time off work spent at home with my family. I knew if my Mum went in though I would do so I kept reasoning with her we'd only spend money, on items we didn't want or need simply because they were reduced. Plus I bought so much in the weeks before it was unlikely I would find much. I did a quick run around in town on Thursday as I did a half day at work and then was getting flowers and balloons for my Mum's birthday but didn't really find anything clothes wise. I tried! 

On Christmas Eve however I did put an order through for Accessorize. I finally have Facebook, a big moment, as I have resisted for so many years. My friend Mike set it up much to my friends and brothers delight haha, so while I was adding people I was seeing where had their sales on. 

Before I knew it I had a £45 basket on the Accessorize website. My order arrived Friday while I was out so it was something nice to arrive home to. 
 Heart print tights £5, wish upon a star charm £2, butterfly purse £7.50
Monumental moment getting a new purse! I am super fussy about them, I see so many nice ones but I need lots of card slots, a zipped coin section, and insides for notes, receipts, vouchers and a mini notebook which has lists of make up and nail polishes. I knew if I didn't like this purse I could return it to store but I have fallen in love with it, the inside is just what I need/like and its got butterflies on it. 
 925 love ring £10, shooting star ring £2.50, union jack heart enamel ring £6, pink delilah ring £2, freddie frog ring £4, poison arrow double finger ring £8
I love my rings so its never a surprise when I buy a lot in one go.  Not all of them were in the sale but I thought I might as well order as I see because I only have two tiny Accessorize stores in my town and they never seem to get what I see on the website in store. 
 owl ring £6.49, london bag £5.40, panda gloves £3.60
These items were bought in one of my local stores. I love shopper bags as they come in so handy and I loved this London themed one. I've been after the owl ring for absolutely ages but at £12.99 I've never been able to do it. I'd queued to pay for ages and just as there was only one person in front of me I realised I hadn't looked in the ring tray, so risked it and it was worth it! It was the last one and my size, happy days. The panda gloves weren't in the sale but were reduced as faulty because their buttons are missing. Usually £12 it seems a crazy markdown when I can buy two buttons for less than 50p and sew them on in a few minutes! 
 These are all George at Asda. The first and third top were full price items but at £10 and £8 not a problem. Should have got smaller sizes as all of these are too big so will need to exchange but was so excited to find a monochrome scalloped top! Can't resist polka dots or butterflies. 
 no7 62 night silver and models own juicy jules
These are my nails for over New Year. Love them :) still as obsessed as ever with juicy jules! 
out of focus, but see the sparkle!
Hope you have found bargains in the sales! 
Em x 

2011 Favourites

Some favourites of the past year...
 Body Shop shower gel & VO5 shampoo/conditioner
Body Shop Shower Gel - I'd never really noticed how nice these were until recently. I've always had the mini ones for travelling and bought lots of full sizes ones because I had a money off voucher. I've always thought the Body Shop products smell amazing but the shower gels are insane. The smell lingers and its so good! Almost intoxicating. I'm now fully stocked up with an entire shelf of them in my bathroom. 
VO5 Shampoos & Conditioners - I've always loved the smell of VO5 products, especially the styling products. When I dyed my hair red in January 2011 I really needed a good shampoo and conditioner to hold the colour and nourish my hair. It was VO5 that was the best for my hair, the colour stayed so so long and your hair smells amazing for the whole day. 
 back: MAC Fix+, Batiste Dry Shampoo, L'oreal Chelnett, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector "BB" Cream, Avon Color Trend Chill Out Face Illuminator
front: Models Own Juicy Jules polish, Vaseline Rosy Lips, VO5 Miracle Concentrate, Avon Magix Face Perfector, Natural Collection Blush in Pink Cloud, Max Factor Smooth Effect foundation, MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study
MAC Fix+ - I absolutely love this product. Very annoyed they've made the bottle much much smaller for not much less money, but I only use this when I want my make-up to look flawless or stay perfect for an event. 
Batiste Dry Shampoo - Attempting to grow my hair means I can't wash it as much as I would like to, so this is a god send. I usually wear my hair up when I haven't washed it so I like this on the roots and it makes it a little thicker and more textured as I don't like my ponytail or bun to be sleek. I have such a supply of this as much as I want to try alternative dry shampoos I should use all the batiste I have. 
L'Oreal Chelnett - Can't believe this can is still going, talk about value for money! I use it everyday and quite a  bit too so for that alone it's a favourite of 2011. 
Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector - I wear this as a base to my foundation and loved it as soon as I first used it. I love the fruity smell Garnier products have and this really works for my skin. It gives a healthy dewy look and is light. 
Avon Color Trend Illuminator - although this is a product from a few years back if you can get a tube I recommend it. It gives the most amazing glow and is slightly shimmery but not too much. Its my favourite highlighter for a night out. 
Models Own - I only bought from Models Own this year after a stand arrived in my Boots. I love how fast the polish dries and the amount of colours they have really does rival Barry M. Juicy Jules is my favourite and I love wearing it, I get so many compliments and love how much it catches the light and sparkles. 
Vaseline Rosy Lips - I got this in a big Vaseline tin for Christmas last year but only first used it a few weeks ago. It's love. It smells amazing (must be the almond oil in it) and leaves a pretty pink tint.
VO5 Miracle Concentrate - This had been raved about so much by bloggers and youtubers I had to give it a go. It leaves hair like silk and I love the smell. This is a must if you have dyed or used heat on your hair. 
Avon Magix - I bought this when it first launched and I don't think I will ever even contemplate a different primer. This smells amazing, like chocolate and although its a gel as it goes on your skin it becomes more of a powder. Makes your skin feels so so soft and gets rid of pores. 
Natural Collection blush - I've raved about this before because its a dupe of the Rimmel one I've used for years except this is half the price. I'd say this actually even wears and stays better than the Rimmel too. 
Max Factor foundation - I love Max Factor foundation for some reason. Could be that I worked on a counter once so I'm a little biased, but this is one of the nicest ones they've ever released. Creamy and perfect for my skin colour I love wearing this and although I'd say its light it gives a good coverage too. 
MAC Paint Pot - When I first bought a paint pot back in 2010 I used it once and then it sat unloved and unused for months until the summer when I was experimenting. I then realised why everyone loves them so much. I have always struggled to stop creasing on my eyelids but this stays, all day. Que Emily sold.
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner, Collection 2000 Glam Crystals, Avon Glazewear lipgloss, Avon Satin Satisfaction, Soap & Glory Supercat liner, Avon Super Shock eyeliner
Maybelline Gel Liner - Gel liners had never really appealed to me and I noticed this one and curiosity got the better of me. This gives a really dramatic, black look which I love. It stays put and is really nice and easy to apply. 
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals - I own this in every colour available and love it. Gives the most amazing look to eyes and I always get complimented on them. Very quick and easy if you've not got much time too. 
Avon Glazewear - I've loved these lipglosses for years now and they release so many different colours. They smell amazing, the tube lasts for ages and doesn't leak/go sticky. They always have a good amount of glitter in which I love, these are my staple for work. 
Avon Satin Satisfaction - Newly released but I've stocked up already. This might not be everyones cup of tea because its very thick. Its a lipgloss which is more like a lipstick. It lasts for ages, even through food, drink and talking. Pleased Pink is my favourite colour, a hot pink. 
Soap & Glory Supercat - I love this for mornings when I don't have much time especially work mornings. I used to spend ages with liquid liner as it can be messy, going on lashes and needing tidying up with a cotton bud, but with this I can draw the line and it needs no work plus means my mascara goes on much better. Much easier to do my flick with too, probably because there isn't much product on the pen tip. 
Avon Super Shock gel eyeliner - Ever since I first used this I have been in awe of how good it is. This is the best ever product to stay on my waterline all day, kohl always came off after an hour or so and fell down. I've bought no end of these so have a good supply for some time.
Collection 2000 Lasting Colour 6 Bubblegum, Barry M 129 Palest Lavender, 17 Mirror Shine Peace, Avon Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction lipstick in Lilac Shimmer, MAC Milan Mode 
2011 was definitely the year I got into lipstick. These are my favourite brands and I picked a favourite shade from each (for MAC and Avon it was very hard!). 

What were your favourites of 2011? I'm really excited to see what I find in 2012 and add to my collection :)
Em x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

So 2012 is here. Time has whizzed past and can't believe Christmas and New Year has been and gone. Didn't do much, usually go to a party but wanted to stay in this year with my Mum. Plus had to collect my youngest brother from his party, but he got a lift back in the end. Was the first time I saw the fireworks in London though, they looked amazing! May look into being there next year :) 

I treated myself in recent weeks :)
Of course I couldn't resist getting one! A huge Soap & Glory gift set for £25 instead of £60 with approximately £68 worth of goodies?! Yes please. Made even better by using my Boots points. However I soon begrudged this purchase being my first as I was in town on my own, doing my last bit of Christmas shopping. Trying to carry this, a cage umbrella, a roll wrap in no bag (I said no to one, thinking it was easier to carry it) and three shopper bags of stuff. Trying to pay for stuff while holding everything was a nightmare, I even dropped something I was getting money out to buy and a little lady picked it up for me saying "dear you look like you can barely carry what you have let alone pick this up" haha. 
back: abombinaball bath bomb, cinders bath bomb, snow fairy shower gel, celebrate lip tint, miranda soap, snowcake soap, phoenix rising bath bomb
middle: candy cane soap, lil lush pud bath bomb, candy mountain bubble bar, gingerbread house bubble bar, satsumo santa bath bomb
front: the melting snowman bath melt
I ordered Lush online and added some goodies to the basket for me, obviously. I was very restrained as you can see. However in my attempt not to spend much I only ordered a Celebrate lip tint. My Snow Fairy lip tint from when they last released them is still going and much loved but I forgot to get another. Luckily my friend Amy saved the day as she'd got me one for Christmas, which actually made me scream on Christmas morning.
I've wanted a pristine set of Harry Potter books for a while but it wasn't high on my list. I soon discovered there was several boxsets available and decided on this one with the new design covers as all my copies are the original ones, slightly well loved and my deathly hallows is in hardback. I'm now hoping to pick up the page to screen book //link// 
 Mum got me these lights for my room. I love bird stuff and last Christmas Eve she put diamond lights on my bed, on my twitter pictures if you look back. 
 Just the dove lights on
 dove and diamond lights on
so pretty!
Hope you all had a great New Year and started 2012 on a good note
Em x

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