Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How To: Big Bun for Little Hair

I've been trying to grow my hair for years. At the age of 16 I had long glossy very, very, very dark brown hair (so dark everyone thought it was black) and that was fine. One day my Mum took me to the hairdressers and suggested I have a more adult, lady like hair cut as I was growing up. I'd grown out my fringe in my teens and just had a sheet of hair, all the same length. I agreed and off went my hair, into a choppy, short, layered style with a side swept fringe cut in. I loved it, I looked older, my hair felt better and lighter, and I regularly got complimented on it, particularly my fringe for really suiting me. Cue about two years ago when I was discovering how limited I was hair style wise. No fishtail plait, no waves or curls. I started dying my hair red which was probably the wrong thing to do considering I wanted to grow it. This year I've really upped my game: hair growth treatments, hair growth tablets, taking all manner of vitamin and mineral tablets, no heat, and I've cut washing it right back to about once a week. It does seem to be working as my hair is growing, agonising slowly. As I wash my hair less I've had to come up with ways to manage it. I've managed to stop it looking greasy for longer, but I still dislike having it hang around my neck and face especially at work in the last part of the week before I wash it. I'd guess my hair has grown about four inches and I've had about three trims so I'm getting somewhere. My hair is thicker too, whereas previously it would be really thin and I'd give up and have it cut shorter again.

I love wearing my hair in a bun now its longer but I've reached a point where its become quite difficult to get into a bun. I used to back comb and then spread the ponytail part out from the centre. As my hair got longer it got trickier to get it to go back, as some parts looked stupid as a loop of hair was separate to the bun. I can't quite get a hair donut in, and I've tried all sizes! I then started back combing the ponytail and then twisting it loosely clockwise around the ponytail. This looked nice but with my layers I'd have random little parts sticking out and I had to rely on the very end of the ponytail being secure enough to hold the bun in place. As my hair has grown its got heavier and won't stay in this bun very well, with the layers of hair fanning out around the bun looking quite comical if anything. I would wear my hair just as a ponytail but on the last two days as I don't like my hair hanging because the ends tend to look even thinner.

I then found this way of doing a bun which holds really well, makes my hair look fuller and gives me a much bigger bun than any of the above buns.

1 - I pull my fringe out to separate it from the ponytail as I have it in a quiff. Twist it and pin it where the quiff will sit to allow you to pull your hair into the ponytail.
2 - Use Batiste if you need to, I find not only does it make your hair look and smell fresher but it gives texture and hold. Gather your hair into the ponytail and secure.
3 - Unpin your quiff and get it how you want it. I rarely back comb this part of my hair as my the middle to the end of the week my hair is holding itself better from products from previous days. I simply loosely comb my fingers up through it, then twist it back, push it if I need some more height in the quiff and pin in place. You can also use your fingers once the pins are in to push or pull it slightly more more height.
4 - Back brush the ponytail with a good bristled brush. Get the ends of the ponytail and hold under against the ponytail. Gather all the pieces you want to pin under. I only used two pins, in a X.
5 - A little hairspray and voila!
Excuse the scruffiness of this, it'd be in place about 12 hours at work. 
The bun doesn't look overly big in the photos, but is probably about three times bigger than previous buns I've achieved (but this could also be the length and thickness which has improved the look of it)

Monday, 29 October 2012

I Heart Fall Tag

1. Favourite Fall lip product?
Vaseline! I can through so many tins of the stuff, for colour I am swaying towards wearing a darker lip like a plummy red. I usually just stick to my pinks so will be exciting to be experimental as I think dark lips done well look amazing. 

2. Favourite Fall Nail Polish?
I can't pick one as I love to mix things up. l-r Models Own Peacock Green, Barry M Raspberry, Barry M Navy, Barry M Vivid Purple and No7 Blackberry. 

3. Favourite Starbucks Fall Drink?
Never had a Starbucks but I would no doubt pick a hot chocolate, they're heavenly in the colder months with lots of cream. 

4. Favourite Fall Candle?

Any of the Yankee candle ones. Usually an apple, gingerbread or cinnamon one. My boyfriend bought me the Glade version so I'll be burning that soon. 

5. Favourite Fall Scarf or accessory.
Any of my hats, I have a cat, a rabbit, several pandas and a leopard. They make the world of difference and I'd be lost without them now I know how much warmer they make you feel. Plus they're great to throw on if I haven't had time to sort my hair in the morning and can leave it til I get to work! 

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze?

Can't beat a Haunted House! 

7. Favourite Halloween movie?
Hocus Pocus, I've seen it so many times. I was slightly scared of it when I was younger but I got older and appreciated it much more. I recently bought the DVD and a friend said you notice so much more of the humour as an adult. 

8. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?
We found some amazing bubblegum brains in my boyfriends corner shop at the weekend, so they are winning otherwise I love the Haribo fangs. 

9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?!

Don't think I'll get the chance to dress up this year but I really want to go for a scary look in the future. I've been a cat, devil and witch tons of times. Bring the fake blood please. 

10. What is your Favourite thing about Fall?
Its an exciting time of year with Christmas coming, Halloween, Bonfire night, cosy nights in, DVDs with the heated blanket on, the fire burning away, coming in from the cold to a warm house, hot baths and showers, wrapping up, X Factor and hot food such as roasts, casseroles and hot puddings. 

So that's my answers I tag everyone that wants to do it. Leave your post links so I can see what your fall highlights are :) 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Summary #40

Another week, another Sunday gone. Time always whizzes past at this time of year. Definitely becoming an old lady before my time. All I've wanted to do this week is snuggle in bed and sleep. Work has been manic in the last few weeks and I'm pretty much always on the go, and it catches up with you eventually. The weathers been odd this week with the endless fog that made it quite muggy but freezing at the same time. My bus station is open and the wind that whips across is bitterly cold.
On Friday night my boyfriend cooked me a lovely curry and then we carved our pumpkins. It was great to be creative and get into the Halloween spirit. We went shopping today which was amazing. Its my boyfriends birthday at the start of December and he's always wanted a Superdry jacket. I decided that I'd surprise him with one, but needing him to size it in person and pick a design and colour I had to tell him my idea and we arranged to go and get it. Off we went in the freezing cold and upon arriving on at our destination it chucked it down. Neither of us had umbrellas, I don't think my Matalan quilted jacket is waterproof and we both only had Converse on. We sheltered under a bus stop, hoping the bus that came along would take us in the right direction. £2.80 later we were getting off and heading into MAC. They didn't have any of the lipsticks in stock I wanted but I did get another Mineralize eyeshadow, I love them! I got Cinderfella which is a black shadow with silver glitter - so pretty!
As we strolled around hand in hand once the rain had stopped (and we'd bought a huge umbrella) my boyfriend was excited to get to Superdry and get his jacket and I was saying how I've never ever owned a coat that's kept me warm enough during the winter. I came to the conclusion it could be I always buy fashion coats from Primark and New Look that look great but aren't great at keeping me warm. The rain made the day so much colder and I suggested I try a Superdry jacket on too. My boy got his jacket sorted immediately as we'd picked online, he just had to try it on. He helped me find my size in the ladies section and as soon as it was over my arms, the warmth hit me. It was almost TOO warm. And like the wonderful man he is, he even found me the colour I wanted (hot pink). We both got the Windcheater jacket and I can't wait to finally own a coat that keeps the cold out!
I didn't actually buy as much as what I thought I might. My iPod touch is on its last legs after the headphone jack went a few weeks ago, so I can only hear my music if I wiggle the jack around, which is now not working at all. The new iPod range got announced literally two days after my touch starting its slow and painful death but having a mare getting one. Nowhere has stock and HMV are doing this deal where you trade in your old touch for money off a new touch, classic or nano...except they don't have any stock for it. Maddening. Currently sitting with a Nano in my Apple basket, trying to decide on the engraving option.
 Boyfriend trying on Halloween masks! 
 Swarvoski Stitch! 
 Can't wait for this! Flash asleep :) 
 M&S chocolate Santa. My pumpkin is no 2 and my boyfriends is no 4 :) rest are my brothers creations.
 Took a risk and ordered this Avon perfume set (hate not being to smell/see a product in person)
 Barry M 350 Diamond and Rimmel 1000 Kisses in Stay Very Berry (been searching for this for weeks!)
 Topshop Nails in Firework and Idol lipstick. Firework is like a purple version of Models Own Northern Lights.
 More 3 for 2...necessary products though as I want to try the Ponds Cold Cream and the Neutrogena 3 in 1. Bonjela as I fear my wisdom teeth are making a break for freedom again :( 
 Big bottle of Snow Fairy <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
 MAC Mineralize in Cinderfella 
 Think I'm going to get all the old school games I played as child, Battleships is my first addition
 I couldn't resist the Reindeer...
 Primark Wrap dress £10, bit too big for me but really nice fit otherwise
 I love this!
 Mum got me some Christmas decorations :) 
 Christmas candles! 
 Superdry love 
 Mum got me the navy version :) 
Santas, candy canes, Christmas trees, presents, all for my nails :) 
So that's my week, hope you've all had good ones,

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Wildest Moments

I really like the look of the new Barry M Gelly Hi Shine nail paints but was cautious to buy as I've been the biggest fan of Barry M polishes until recently. I bought Watermelon to test and I'm pretty impressed. The polish is very shiny and doesn't need a top coat, although it would probably make the Gelly last longer. Watermelon is a dark, forest, pine green and will be great for winter or dramatic nails. Now I've tried one I really want to get some of the other Gelly paints but in the brighter colours like Blueberry and Grapefruit.
I'm quite disappointed with Watermelon as the flash has shown up a few patches that are opaque so a third coat would be needed if you wanted photogenic nails, but to the naked eye the patches aren't noticeable, and to think I nearly skipped the second coat!
 The flash has made Watermelon look like it does in the bottle, but irl it looks a lot darker
 Gelly Hi-Shine in Watermelon and Amethyst Glitter 
I'm a huge fan of Amethyst Glitter. Its a combination of turquoise, pink, purple, silver, gold and black glitter within a clear polish. Its so pretty! I can't wait to wear this alone or over a lighter colour to show it off better. The flash has helped but it looks slightly lost on Watermelon.

I really hate the dark evenings as its making photos an absolute nightmare. My bridge camera picks up its own lense shadow but my digital isn't as sharp and clear. Oh the woes. I am hoping I may be able to invest in a DSLR. My Mum has one and its a dream to use and the photos are always amazing. I've fallen in love with my bridge and it was a perfect way for me to work out if I wanted a DSLR before I spent all that money! Alongside my iPhone, I am taking so many photos nowadays with the help of Instagram too. The only problem is where do I print my iPhone ones. I'd print them at home but they're never the same quality and I want to re-do my picture board. If you know of anywhere, please recommend them!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday Summary #39

Autumn is definitely making an appearance. We've had loads of rain this week, the temperature is dropping and the leaves are falling from the trees. Can't believe the clocks will go back next weekend, its already dark early. Its been getting dark while I wait for my bus home after work so it'll be depressing to go into and leave work in the dark. Thursday night was date night with my boyfriend and we stopped for tea at a pub. I had my first every curry! I really enjoyed it, I had a chicken korma and was amazed how un-spicy it was, more fruity. I used to hate spicy food so much but in recent years I've come round to it. I've learnt little tricks if my mouth is on fire. I'd been dying to see the Perks Of Being A Wallflower so we went to see that. I haven't read the book and didn't know any of the content but was amazed at where the story went at the end. I'd been in tears quite abit (Christmas Eve, flashbacks and typewriter moments) and really didn't see the ending coming. I thought Emma Watson was brilliant as Sam and Logan Lerman as Charlie was exceptionally believable. We were in the premiere suite which is so nice at our Cineworld. It has its own bar area and the screen itself is very intimate but private. The seats are much bigger and comfier, with much more leg room. Very excited for the release of the new Bond film Skyfall next week, but our cinema just got IMAX so all the good times are for that screen. Is it worth it? 
I booked tickets to London with my Mum towards the end of November. We're going Christmas shopping and she wants me to see the lights on Oxford Street etc. I haven't seen them since I was younger so it'll be nice to appreciate them as an adult. I love London so much and I'm very exciting to be going soon. I'm off shopping next weekend with my boyfriend to get his main birthday present (early!). He told me ages ago he really wanted a Superdry jacket so I decided to get him one but I need him with me to pick the design and size as I think they come up smaller and there will be some instances he'll have layers on beneath it when its cold. Plus I want him to be able to wear it as winter comes but his birthday isn't until the start of December. So when I let him on in my plans he was so pleased and we set the first date we could to go. Plus we need to travel for it and fortunately for me there is a Lush and MAC nearby too! Win win. I'm really interested in the MAC By Request collection but I want to see it in person before I buy. Plus its much more exciting shopping in a MAC store rather than online, even if I do spend much more in a store than online as you see me. I also want to visit Topshop as my local one doesn't stock the make-up :( and I need to look around Superdrug and Boots for the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte lipsticks. My local Boots has suddenly become appalling at stocking products, especially Rimmel. I want the 1000 Kisses lip tint in Stay Very Berry, but I can't find one. Plus they have the Kate Moss Matte lipsticks but as there aren't any testers, the lovely girls in my town have used the stock!! I'm dying to get back into a Lush store, I love them so. I usually miss the Halloween goodies so I'm hopeful to get something this year. 
I've been a good girl again shopping wise. I am getting so excited for Christmas as I got two more amazing presents for my boyfriend this week. He is so easy to buy for! Thinking of taking my Mum to a musical and I'm undecided for my brothers. My friends are very easy to buy for, and I often see things whilst looking about. If I don't find anything in London I might start panicking as it'll only be a month until the big day! 
Last night was my littlest brother's house party for his 18th. It was a very late night, with me having to nap on the lounge floor as I was just so tired! It felt so odd to not be part of a teenage party. When did I get so old?! The party went very well, no problems, except a faulty fire making me panic there was a fire! We're very fortunate to have a big enough house, that the party could be in the back and leave the main house relatively in peace, except for the bass from their sound system. Been so sleepy today, me and the boyfriend watched Breaking Dawn Pt 1. I got him to watch them with me in exchange for Star Wars but I hadn't seen Breaking Dawn. I was amazed at the acting and the storyline and how ill they made Bella look! So excited for Part 2, I haven't read the books and I'm dying to see how it all ends! Plus they have a vampire baby! And Jacob imprinted her! I need to calm down. 
 My boyfriend's cat assisting me blogging...
 My favourites :) 
 My brother's second cake! 
 My first ever curry!
 Just as the earphone jack went, Apple kindly emailed their new iPods! 
 My Ronnie <3 p="p">
 Pretty new rings
 Cosy head 
 Tropical print trousers, £7 in the sale! 
 Love this necklace! 
 I really like this dress, but not so crazy about it on 
Needed a new cleanser and this is £2 in Wilkinsons atm. 
 Found these nail stickers in Wilkinsons for £1
 Jewellery box link 
 New box for my Models Own link
 My babe carried these home for me, decided to get some proper weights to do the Shred with rather than using cans of cocktails...
Everyone has started raving about the 30 Day Shred lately, which is exciting as it really is an excellent way to exercise in the comfort of your own home. I haven't actually done the shred for the entire 30 days as I became poorly and just couldn't continue. However I saw amazing results for the 10 or so times I did do it. I managed to loose my little belly pudge and tone my stomach somewhat. I'm planning to do the entire 30 days in preparation for party season so I will let you know how I get on. 
Hope you've all had good weeks, 

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