Monday, 4 February 2013

Blue Ombré

I'm dying to ombré my hair as its not been overdone in my town. Yet. However there's still so much red dye hanging on I fear it'll look odd so for now have found an alternative which I'm including in my January Favourites post. For the meantime I gave ombré nails a whirl. I was really happy with the outcome and had quite a few comments and compliments on them. The oddest but sweetest compliment coming from a dear old lady in a shopping centre toilets who asked me to work the sensor taps for her. We went along all the sinks until we got one to work so she had plenty of time to admire my nails. I think she thought it was all the same polish however!
 I used my Barry M blues l-r // 291 Cobalt Blue // 294 Cyan Blue // 295 Turquoise // 306 Blueberry Ice Cream // 317 Blue Moon 
The flash has made the blues on fingers 3 and 4 look similar if not the same, but number 3 is a greeny blue whereas number 4 is a pastel blue. I actually thought the Turquoise was a bit out of place tone wise but never mind. You could always do finger 5 as white. It's made me wonder about green, pink and yellow ombré nails. Please link me if you have tried ombré nails as I'd love to see alternative versions.
What do you think?

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