Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunday Summary #73

It is less than a week now til me and my boy head off on our holiday! So excited! I've just been up to the loft to bring the suitcase down ready to pack. I currently have piles/bags/boxes through the house with items I've been buying the holiday as its self catering so the box downstairs has food bits like foil, squash, cereal and toilet roll. We're literally taking everything but the kitchen sink! I can't wait to get away.

My week has been relatively quiet with holiday preparations being my priority. I popped to Superdrug for some essentials and found myself eyeing up the Barry M stand as they released some LE Neon Nail Paints but I had to call my Mum as I couldn't remember what I had in my collection whether to get the pink or the green! I went for the green in the end and have since seen the yellow in Boots which I will go back for this week. I had planned to go on Saturday but when a huge storm hit and it was pelting down with rain I just wanted to get home.

There is finally some films at the cinema I want to see including Man Of Steel which we're seeing before holiday. Then Monsters Inc, Despicable Me 2 and The Lone Ranger are coming soon so I'm hoping to go more regularly as I have an Unlimited card I like to make the most of it.
I've spent today with my Mum out and about. We stopped by the library as I reserved some books to take on holiday. I often borrow books as my book shelf is full and I don't want to own every single book I read anyway. I also think its great you don't have to worry about taking your own book on holiday as library ones are in plastic covers so sea and pool splashes won't hurt.
 These are my holiday picks - I probably won't take all of them, perhaps three or four. I love reading autobiographies and I reckon Tulisa has a lot to talk about in hers! My boyfriend will probably enjoy the Danny Wallace one so it kind of saves on suitcase space ha.
 We then stopped at Matalan as my boyfriend bought a suit a few weeks ago and they left the tag on! We didn't beep when we left it was only when he happened to try it on at home I noticed it. I absolutely cannot stand the way they corner you as you walk in and start asking you questions about your Matalan card. I was being quite short with the woman and then she was questionning me why I had beeped and when I said why she soon shut up. Honestly 20 questions or what! Anyway we then went to garden and pet centre a few miles away that also has the sweetest little collection of shops. I got the little pink heart pegs for my new Union Jack memoboard rather than putting pins into it.
 I found lots of card making and scrapbook bits and yes it is the same nautical collection I got at the Range a few weeks back but it was so cheap I couldn't help but get more.
 I spotted this gorgeous little cross stitch kit and just had to get it. I love owls and any kind of lucky charm and this will look so sweet in a frame. I'm going to keep it til I move out.
 Barry M Gelly in Blue Grape, LE Pink neon and Gelly in Guava 
I can't resist new nail paints and these were so me colours. I'm been after a bright blue for years and this looks like just the one. The pink looks quite ordinary here but in real life its brighter and a cross between some of the Barry M pinks. I decided I didn't have a pink like this and its so versatile. I want some of the Confetti sprinkles collection but not sure which colours to get - I like Dolly Mixture and Sour Apple I just need to track them down.
 USA Pro Sports Bra £9.99 - Sports Direct 
With all my recent working out I was worrying about the impact on my boobs and after some research it seemed obvious a sports bra was necessary. I love this one - it fits really snug and will most definitely hold my boobs firmly in place.
 Cat tee £16 - Topshop
I spotted this from afar and liked it even more close up. I saw a handful of other clothes I liked too but feel Topshop can be overpriced sometimes. I stuck with this and the ring below.
 Midi ring £4 - Topshop
 Batman baseball top £6 - Primark 
I've been lusting after this for ages and my Primark finally got them in! My boyfriend spotted them first and as he calls me his Batgirl and I call him my Superman it was an apt purchase.
Coral and gold sandals £8 - Primark 
How cute are these!? They look lovely on too and I can't wait for the weather to stop randomly raining so I can wear them out.

So that's it for my week, I have been distracted through this post as I just received some terrible news about two my dearest friends have been in a car accident. I'm so worried and as they are in Southampton hospital they feel so far away. I won't be posting my Sunday Summarys for the next two weeks because of holiday so it'll be a bumper one :)
Hope you've all had good weeks


  1. Hope you have a lovely holiday! :) xxx

  2. Love your blog, and the topshop midi ring, I have some too!
    Keep it up.

    -Megan x


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