Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday Summary #19

Had a great start to the week, sick as a dog and off from work. Feels like ages ago now, even if I did still have an horrendous cough a few days ago (those awful chesty coughs that make you feel sick they're so rough). Still sniffly and tired but over the worst at least. Ruined my pictures for today as I've already posted most of what I've bought this week here. Couldn't resist a quick trip to Primark on Saturday as the heat made me want to rush out and buy a million summer dresses. I did get one, but its too tight on the chest (booby problems). Either me or my boy's Mum infected him and he was poorly too, so another quiet week spent at home and going to work. He's away this weekend visiting friends so I've missed having him around. Started being bitten 10 million times again. Didn't sleep very well last night, the bites were itching so much. Losing my mind over what to do now. I burnt citronella on my windowsill last night in the hope it might keep the little monsters away but fresh ones had shown up this morning. May have to invest in a net over my window or bed. SO excited to be off work now, the weather looks like it will be absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to spend the week in summer dresses, maxis and skirts. I am hoping a beach visit will be in order too.
Primark top. Primark vest & skirt. Primark scarf.  Chinese. Bibby on my windowsill. Dib dab! Ronnie on the dining table. Models Own Hed Kandi Beach Party. Buttons pot. Tubby custard & fruit <3
Loved the Union Jack top, it has little pictures of British type things, got a size 12 as I think this will look better worn baggy. Loved the sunshine yellow top, and the skirt was so candy coloured I couldn't resist. I've  liked this scarf for a while, and saw it pop up on other blogs. I decided to just buy it (the influence of my nails!) otherwise I'd always regret it. My cats Ronnie and Dixie are loving the sunshine, got so many good pictures of them sunbathing. Tubby custard is actually Angel Delight but we discovered it during the height of  the Teletubbies and as it looked like their pink tubby custard we renamed it. Then we had to un-rename it as our younger cousins wouldn't eat it if we called it tubby custard haha. However have reverted to renaming it, even though me and my brothers are all teens/twenties. It is amazing with strawberries btw!
Hope you've all had good weeks. My next summary should contain some more exciting photos as no work = more play!

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