Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday Summary #44

It's been a mad week but full of great times. I went to Norwich to see Netsky on Monday night. It was very close to a full on rave, I forget how crazy students are at gigs! Ayah Marar was Netsky's warm up and she has such an amazing voice, especially live. I've been to so many gigs and so many acts are such a disappointment live. She's probably better known for featuring on tracks but I think she is about to burst onto the scene and be recognised as an artist in her own right.
The next three evenings were spent following a strict to-do list as I couldn't forget anything. Could be the one and only time I've ever done an entire list! On Friday I was up early to train down to London. Had the best day with my Mum at the Christmas market near Embankment followed by shopping in Covent Garden, Chinatown, Leicester Square, 10 minutes in Piccadily Square and more shopping along Regent Street and Oxford Street while seeing the Christmas lights. They're sponsored by Marmite so Marmite themed and pretty cool. I got loads of pictures on my bridge camera which I'm putting in a separate post along with all my shopping. My plan was to upload to Instagram but my phone went to 10% battery at 3pm which I was really annoyed about. I was at a 50th birthday party last night which was a lot of fun. I was quite drunk on a drink and a half (!), lost my voice I shouted so much over music and laddered the back of my favourite tights sitting on some rough wood, luckily they were skin tone so I don't think anyone noticed except me!
It's my boyfriend's birthday next week which I really need to get in order for, I've hidden all his presents in my Mum's room and for Christmas too, so I need to decide what's for when and getting wrapping. I'm taking him out Friday, then Sunday which is his birthday his brother is coming down with his family. I can't believe it's almost here already, this year has flown by. I actually only have three pictures for this post as I haven't done any shopping except in London which I'm doing during the week as I need to photograph it all and import it.
My boyfriend made me a hot chocolate with hot milk, cream and marshmallows this morning...amazing! So that's my week, not much to say. I really must crack on with my Christmas shopping though, my family haven't asked for anything so unless they do I need to think of something myself. I'm so fussy and a perfectionist so its not that easy.
Hope you've all had good weeks

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Summary #43

Another week closer to Christmas eee! I really need to start my shopping! I never used to leave it this late but as I've got older and work, my social life and everyday tasks get in my way it gets later and later each year. I've very much excelled on my boyfriend's presents but that's mainly because his birthday is 2nd December and I ended up finding so much for him that I'll keep some for Christmas. Plus I've got themes of presents for him so I want to give him all the same themed presents together (if that makes any sense, I can't say on here as he reads it!).
I've come to the end of my long weekend and my plans didn't go exactly to plan. I had to make a trip to Matalan for a refund which is kind of out of my way but I ended up having a long walk and a visit into a Pet shop only to find the cutest baby guinea pigs for sale. I didn't find anything in Matalan just a top really. I got a £5 off voucher in the post the day before I had to spend £25 to get it. With my basket totalling £23 I bought a Christmas bowl to make the money up...kind of pointless but I can't bare being so close and not having it! And the bowl was free :) so kind of worked out.
Me and my boyfriend were off to a Christmas market on Saturday. I was so excited as I've never been to one and my boyfriend has always said he wanted to take me as Christmas is my favourite time of year. Literally the most laughable "Christmas market" ever. According to the press it was going to have over 150 stalls...cue me thinking little wooden huts, little stalls, festive smells, sounds and sights, lots of little bits to buy, endless choices of food and drink...what we actually got was about 15 stalls, of which most were sausages and about 3 selling craft. It was unbelievable how bad it was. So off we went home with a takeaway Chinese and an afternoon of rugby ahead while I switched my winter and summer wardrobes and filled a charity bag.
We went to see Breaking Dawn Part Two this afternoon...AMAZING!!! Absolutely incredible. I've never read the books and I didn't see the films until a few years ago. I didn't understand Twilight too well but I loved New Moon, and then I loved Eclipse more and then I thought Breaking Dawn was brilliant. Part Two was an excellent end to an outstanding saga which has fans all around the world. And as much as I want o hate Kristen Stewart for her infidelity I still love her as Bella and I think she looked beautiful at the premiere in London. I gripped my boyfriends hand a little too hard at the fight scene, I won't say anything much as I wouldn't want to ruin anything. I think I was holding my breath for the last half an hour and the ending really choked me up. I already want to go and see it again.
I've got such a busy week ahead of me and unsure how its all going to fit in! You'll find out next week when hopefully a day in pjs, watching films with my boy and getting rid of a hangover will have prepared me to blog :)
Space Invaders case Matalan 
 Matalan Paris tee £10 
 Matalan Christmas bowl 
 Primark Stud Slippers £10 (these look so nice on! I think I've always tried black ones on before so could be why) 
 Addicted to MOS compilations
Primark Panda pjs! 
I expected to have an abundance of Christmas market photos...however a very big positive to my rubbish Christmas market is me and Mum are off to London on Friday and there's a Christmas market on I may just get my festive feel as yet. Plus new Primark near the Dominion theatre, Tottenham Court Road junction with Oxford Street (the opposite end to Marble Arch Primark) so yay! It sounds amazing as it says it has exposed brick walls, LED screens and a dark theatrical space for displays...I shall Instagram photos if you keep an eye out, I'm dolliegirl7.
Anyway that is all for now. I'm in shock over Ella and James being the bottom two in X Factor and Ella going, and now Helen is actually doing the trial on I'm A Celeb...what is the world coming to?! Haha.
Hope you've all had good weeks

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

10 Days Of Me

The lovely Lacey from Lacey Loves did this post, and it's so cute I just had to do my own.

Ten Secrets 
- I can't help but sing and dance to my iPod
- I can't lie
- My work colleagues nickname for me is "Trouble"...
- I sleep better next to my boyfriend
- I can't part with any of my Sims pc game ever
- I find walking really theraputic
- The film E.T. terrifies me. I still can't watch it/see clips/see photos
- Chewing gum is the only thing that keep me calm & de-stressed
- Only my boyfriend and a few close friends know about my blog
- I'm crazy (in a good way)

Nine Loves 
 my boyfriend                                       friends
 shopping                                       my cats 
my iphone    my ipod
 christmas                                          jewellery 

Eight Fears 
 the dark                                                death 
fire                                             getting old 
 blood                                       unemployed 
 being lost                                      stolen purse 

Seven Wants 
 chanel bag                                   my own house 
 audi                                         husband & children 
 diamond ring                                    long hair 

Six Places 
 London                                            New York 
 Rome                                                  Sydney 
San Fransisco 

Five Foods 
 vegetables/salad                               chinese 
 popcorn                                                 nuts 
ice cream 

Four Books
harry potter                             lauren conrad 
lindsey kelk                                julia donaldson 

Three Films
 batman trilogy                                       disney
the notebook 

Two Songs 
show me love - robin s
we are young - fun 

One Picture 

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