Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Crafty Christmas Doll

I decided back in the summer I was going to make my Christmas cards this year, although not all of them. When it finally came round to needing to get busy I was so preoccupied with other stuff I wasn't going to make any. In the end I had a spare hour one Sunday and made a handful of family and close friends cards. 
 You will need: 

  • pencil
  • ruler
  • rubber (i always use a putty (whsmith) leaves no marks, doesn't rub the paper/card off and removes all traces
  • glitter and gel pens 
  • letters (whsmith) 
  • cards and envelopes (whsmith) 

 I used these packs of decals from whsmith, they were only £1.99 each, do two cards and are 3 for 2, bargain! If anything it probably works out cheaper to make your own cards then to buy and people appreciate your time and effort so much more. 
 Finished! I used a silver glitter pen to make little dots all over which kind of looks like snow falling. 
These were such a hit with my friends and family, they don't show how pretty and glittery they are in the pictures. 

I also eventually made time to make my Christmas sweet/chocolate bags. I make them every year and they look so cute! 
 I made Ellyn's name tag first using silver letters but realised I had other names much longer so hand wrote the rest. 
 My selection of sweets and chocolate. 
 The piles for the bags. 
Some of the finished bags :) 

Em x 

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