Friday, 7 October 2011

Magnetic Girl

I didn't really know anything about 17 launching their Magnetized Nail Polish until I found the stand in my Boots on its launch day. I'd seen them tweeting about it but to be honest it went straight over my head!

Because I hadn't seen or heard much about the product I was a little skeptical if it would work. As usual the promo pictures looked amazing but we all know about post production "touch ups". There are four colours to choose from: blue, lilac, teal and gun metal. They are all pretty metallic shades but blue stood out the most, and if it didn't work I thought I'd at least have a pretty metallic.

The first time I tried this I just couldn't get it to work! A week later when I changed my nail polish I gave it another go. The first nail I still didn't get right but after that it started working! I was holding the magnet as close to my nail as possible, about a millimetre gap between, and this seemed to get the effect properly. 

It is such an odd effect to see happen. I have got no idea how it works, but sometimes I could feel the magnet force against my nail, pretty odd I must say. It's almost like the polish parts into waves of lighter and darker blue. 

 the magnetized effect

The lid with the magnet is detachable from the brush which is handy. The lid also has a curved raised ridge which makes it easier to hold the magnet above the nail because it sits on the cuticle. 

excuse the dot of nail polish on the magnet...held it just a little too close!

I love the effect the magnet makes. It gives real depth to the nail and reminds me of ripples in water. I love it so much I now want the other three colours!! 

Em x

p.s. super pleased with the title of this post, mainly because I LOVE magnetic man!! 

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  1. That looks so cool! (geeeek haha) Defo want to try this out now. Such a great effect. I'll probs do it wrong though!xx


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