Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Crafty Christmas Doll

I decided back in the summer I was going to make my Christmas cards this year, although not all of them. When it finally came round to needing to get busy I was so preoccupied with other stuff I wasn't going to make any. In the end I had a spare hour one Sunday and made a handful of family and close friends cards. 
 You will need: 

  • pencil
  • ruler
  • rubber (i always use a putty (whsmith) leaves no marks, doesn't rub the paper/card off and removes all traces
  • glitter and gel pens 
  • letters (whsmith) 
  • cards and envelopes (whsmith) 

 I used these packs of decals from whsmith, they were only £1.99 each, do two cards and are 3 for 2, bargain! If anything it probably works out cheaper to make your own cards then to buy and people appreciate your time and effort so much more. 
 Finished! I used a silver glitter pen to make little dots all over which kind of looks like snow falling. 
These were such a hit with my friends and family, they don't show how pretty and glittery they are in the pictures. 

I also eventually made time to make my Christmas sweet/chocolate bags. I make them every year and they look so cute! 
 I made Ellyn's name tag first using silver letters but realised I had other names much longer so hand wrote the rest. 
 My selection of sweets and chocolate. 
 The piles for the bags. 
Some of the finished bags :) 

Em x 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

We Used To Be Friends...

It has been too long since my last post. Missed the blogisphere so much but been so busy with family and Christmas barely had time for anything. Actually cannot believe it is now two days until Christmas. My lounge and dining room has been a state for two weeks as I slowly wrapped presents each evening and worked out what I still needed to buy. 

My Sunday mornings have been made by finding a channel showing episodes of The O.C. I haven't seen it recent Sundays but I have seen all of the episodes so many times, and have all the boxsets. It's the inspiration of this post title as the song makes me think of Seth Cohen/Adam Brody. 

Experienced my first ever hangover. I have been the luckiest human alive never to have had one before and I have drunk so much in my time, in younger years to the point of passing out (I would not advise this, it's scary plus very dangerous). It was works Christmas party, I felt great on the night as you do, stayed after everyone left with Michael & Alex, drinking more and having the funniest most random chat ever which will stay between us three. Got about 5 hours sleep and felt so rough the next day, sick more than anything. Had McDonalds for lunch with Michael and made me feel better but back at work then felt even worse. The sick feeling stayed for three days afterwards. No wonder people are always complaining about hangovers, they are awful! 

Hasn't put me off drinking though, haha. 

Had a brilliant month with friends and family, although still got some personal stuff going on, it's slowly getting easier. Hoping with some time off over Christmas and a New Year approaching I can get back into blogging and twitter. 

I said I hadn't photographed the last Beetlejuice colour, but I found it on a different memory card when searching for photos for my best friends Christmas gift. 
 Models Own Beetlejuice Collection Aqua Violet
This is such a pretty colour, although it needed about 3 or 4 coats. 

 Models Own Silver Fox over No7 Minty Fresh
 Models Own Black Magic with Barry M Gold Crackle 
Barry M Navy with Models Own Juicy Jules
Above are my current nails. I've come to the conclusion Juicy Jules is almost holographic, so for anyone lusting after the GOSH this could be a very close product. It's ridiculously sparkley and beautiful. 

That's all for now. So tired and got a busy day ahead tomorrow, with Christmas errands to run and taking my best friends presents to her. Got a lovely man to see in the evening too :) 

Hope you are all well and almost ready for Christmas 
Em x 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Catch Up

Just a quick round up of some purchases I've made this week. Had a very strange but good week. Some personal stuff happening, but things are looking up now. I truly believe everything you go through makes you stronger.

Silly me, in the mess of the last week or so I didn't photograph the final Models Own Beetlejuice colour. I probably won't wear it again until next year. I've got lots of parties and nights coming up from this week and I like to really go all out on my nails for such occasions haha. 

I've already started wearing completely glitter nails...
 models own bluebelle and emerald city glitter polishes
Mixed it up a little. Loving not having all my nails the same colour, also why I won't wear any Beetlejuice again this year. Feel so boring. But I feel boring with just one different nail colour, so I always do my thumb nail too. Got so many compliments on my nails. Did them opposite ways on my hands but took so so many coats. Glitter takes a while to build up but I've already had one nail chip badly, and losing the colour of the glitter after two days. Usually steer clear of glitters for this reason but I haven't got a top coat on. 

I needed an exchange at Boots and knew exactly what I was going to treat myself to...
Wasn't very happy with the service I got. I know the kids on the tills may be christmas temps and I'm more than happy to wait for a permanent member or senior staff. But the person I got was so difficult about it and then made me wait ages to "check with someone". I had bought the item only a month previous, it wasn't opened and wasn't cosmetics/food. Why bother giving her a position to authorise an exchange if she still can't do it. Makes me so mad! I got a refund in new look off christmas staff because I could tell she wasn't sure what she needed to do. Right rant over! 

I bought a conical wand! I have had such envy of hair styled with one. Lusted after one possibly all year just never got around to actually purchasing one. Mainly due to my no heat hair during the summer. Still haven't used straighteners or curling tongs since may but with Christmas and party season upon us, it seemed the perfect time to invest. 

My Mum went to London on Monday. I sent her with a list of items from MAC and Forever 21 in the hope she may track something down. She text me when she was getting the train home at 9 to say she had something from my list. Cue major excitement and impatience. When she finally got home, I had waited up and I saw the MAC bag that I love so much. I decided I wanted this lipstick after my order but most of the Glitter and Ice collection had sold out. 
 MAC Glitter and Ice Collection, Whirls and Twirls lipstick 
Boots had another spend £50 and get £12 of points events on Thursday. I practically lived on Boots meal deals for my lunch last week which is terrible, usually a home lunch girl as I'm fussy. So with my lunch on Thursday I got one of my brothers birthday presents (Joop is on offer for £25.99 instead of £39) and then spent £40 on make up :) there was so much I wanted and this was a very restricted spend. 
l-r maybelline gel eyeliner, soap & glory sexy mother pucker, soap & glory supercat pen liner, 17 mirror shine in purple haze, 3x natural collection pink cloud blush
front soap & glory smoulder kohl, 17 lip liner fawn
Getting fed up of liquid liner, its so messy and takes ages to get right so got two new forms of eyeliner to try. Already used the supercat liner and LOVE it. Will talk more of that another time. Always wanted to try the sexy mother pucker as what girl wouldn't want bigger lips?! Am so in love with the 17 mirror shine lipsticks and wanted a purpley vampy lip colour. The natural collection blush has replaced my usual Rimmel one. Half the price and exactly the same colour. I need to venture into the world of lip liners but I'm so all over the place with my lipsticks it would take so much time to get lip liners to match all of them, and surely you can't get exactly the same shade. So taken a gamble and got a pale shade hoping that it works. More than anything I need one to stop red lipstick feathering as I'm swaying towards red/purple lips. 

I went late night shopping on Thursday after work with my little brothers and the oldest youngest (it does make sense!) girlfriend. We were about to leave H&M when my eyes fell upon a table of Disney jumpers. I literally screamed out loud and rushed over. There wasn't many sizes left and although mine is a little too big for me, I quite like it like that. Hoping to get the Minnie Mouse version too. Loved the Bambi tee too, although I can't watch Bambi, too sad! 
Got home Thursday to my Graze delivery! Was such a good box, had my favourites in: cashews and honeycomb chocolate flapjack. Plus a cardboard snowman to make and gift vouchers for friends. 
Stocked up on my new favourite shower gel. They last quite a while and smell amazing. 
Can't believe it's the fourth of December today! Keep forgetting to open my advent calendar, got a thorntons one :) 

Not feeling particularly festive just yet, but once the house is decorated and I get serious with my Christmas shopping I should be like a little kid i.e. bouncing off the walls. 

Hope you're all keeping warm as it gets colder and feeling festive. 

Emily x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sunday Peace

Just had to show you the necklace I bought yesterday. I saw it a few weeks back and just had to have it. I still love everything with Peace signs on it. 
 peace necklace £4.50 claire's accesories
 my most lusted after/searched for/life completed black blouse
Finally, finally, finally found the black blouse I have been searching for forever! Good old Primark in the end. I actually have this blouse in all the other colours I've been able to find in the past six months (red, electric blue, navy blue, purple, ivory). These are just amazing to wear. I have searched high and low for a black blouse and although there are lots out there, I'm really fussy. Quite tempted to buy a second as I bet this will get loads of wear!  
 pretty sunday 
It's the 20th November today and look at the weather! Clear blue skies and sunshine. This time last year I was snowed under permanently for weeks. Usually snow only lasts a day or two and then goes slushy and horrible. Last year it stayed frozen and perfect for weeks. It has got cold in recent days which I can't say I'm enjoying. I love wrapping up but can never layer up enough not to feel the cold. Had a great night out last night. Got id'd for my JD & coke haha. Really doesn't bother me at all. Quite flattered at 23 to still get it! Didn't enjoy walking halfway across my town to get the bus home. I had my snood, gloves and panda hat on and was still frozen within 10 minutes. And after all my food and laughter I had such belly pains! Plus it was so foggy last night, winter is definitely settling in for the long haul. 
 one of my kittens, Ronnie, enjoying our patio 
posing in the archway
Would have included my girl kitten, Dixie, but she was off having an adventure in someone else's garden. 

Hope you're all tucked up on your Sunday, taking it easy. Couldn't find anything to watch in bed this morning. Been forcing myself to stay in bed on my days off for a little while after I wake up. Been feeling really stressed at work lately and trying to not rush around on my days off. Was about to put a dvd on when I stumbled upon a channel showing episodes of The OC. Seriously that was and still is the only tv show I have ever watched every single episode of, numerous times, and own all of the boxsets. I was the biggest fan (helped by the beautiful Ben McKenzie and Adam Brody). 
Any other OC fans out there, give me a shout! 
Love Em x

Friday, 18 November 2011

A MAC Treat

I ordered from MAC last Friday and it only turned up yesterday. Haven't ordered in a while so couldn't remember if they usually take so long?! I haven't bought much MAC this year, just lipsticks and the prep and prime lip, from Debenhams online and in London. I've let the collections pass me by and the ones I did look at never impressed me enough to part with any money. Probably helps that I haven't a MAC stockist for miles. The two closest to me are in counties above and below mine. 

I visited the MAC website to look at the paint pot shades. I've recently fallen in love with my Bare Study paint pot. I rarely wear eyeshadow as it creases quickly and my lashes curl better if I apply my mascara immediately after using my curlers. When I use eyeshadow I curl my lashes before anything else and then mascara last. Plus I'm not getting up at the crack of dawn five days a week to do eyeshadow for work so like something quick for my eyes. I manage to apply Bare Study after all my mascara and liquid liner. 

The Glitter and Ice collection caught my eye and once I started googling swatches of the paint pots I just had to buy one. I settled on Let's Skate but then wanted Morning Frost too. In the end I just bought both as I was looking at Rubensesque but not sure if it's too coppery for me as I don't suit it on my eyes.
The packaging is silver and so bright and eye catching! These paint pots also have a white lid which is different to the usual packaging. I still can't get enough of the sound of paint pots as you open and close the lid haha, the simple things. 
l-r MAC Morning Frost & Let's Skate
They both look so pretty and Let's Skate has a golden shimmer to it but the camera hasn't picked it up. I didn't want to ruin their perfect state by swatching on my hand. I want to feature them on my eyes for you at some point. 
I also had to purchase a lipstick. I absolutely love MAC lipsticks. The vanilla smell, the formula, the packaging, the look and feel on my lips. They keep going up in price and much as I'd love more colours I can't justify it. I'm sticking to buying colours I have to own and haven't found a cheaper alternative to. 
Mac Pervette
I first fell in love with this in Selfridges when I was in London. I was swatching on my hand and stumbled upon this. I queued for ages only to be told they had no stock of it :( so off I went around London in the next few days on the search for one. I didn't get one but it remained on my list to buy as soon as I could. Its a glaze the same as Hue which I'm unsure if I want/need. The bullet has to be one of the prettiest I've ever seen, the magpie in me adores the multi colour shimmers running through it...LOVE. 
love the free samples Mac send too :) 
I also caved and purchased the MUA Heaven and Earth palette. The hype over the Urban Decay Naked palette really made me think I was missing out on something amazing. I don't have an Urban Decay stockist anywhere near me so while I was in London I tracked one down. As soon as I laid eyes on the palette I was so disappointed. The shades were quite ashy and wouldn't suit me. I've seen other girls say the same so don't feel like I'm crazy! I then read a blog post somewhere saying if Naked wasn't for you Heaven and Earth would be. For £4 I decided to give it a go. Superdrug are finally offering free delivery for once so it seemed the perfect excuse. Not too sure when I'll wear it as I've said above I'm not really an eyeshadow girl but maybe that'll all change?! 
MUA Heaven and Earth palette 
I love wearing gold on my eyes especially gold glitter, it really suits my green eyes and dark hair and I get so many compliments. Heaven and Earth looks more gold toned and sparkly than Naked so I'm hoping they look good :)
Love Em x

Take Care

Post title inspired by Drake's second album. I am completely in awe. He is so talented and his voice is out of this world. I love the way all the songs link seamlessly into each other. Have to admit I'm not Rihanna's biggest fan but love her "We Found Love" track. Again the same with Nicki Minaj however I love the "Make Me Proud" track on Take Care. Haven't listened to anything else all week and don't plan to change that :)

Onto my next Models Own Beetlejuice polish Purple Blue.

 It's multi-dimensional with pink, blue and purple appearing. I am convinced it has a finer Disco Mix glitter in it, looks like it to me. Even though I have one more Beetlejuice to wear I think this is my favourite. I saw something about Models Own releasing another collection at the end of this month. I will leave my Mum the details this time!
This week has been about raising money for Children In Need. I love our charity bake sales at work. Had coca cola chocolate cupcakes yesterday although I couldn't taste the cola! I was planning to post a picture with my ears on but have gone sans make up and top knot today. Didn't get my tattoo today after all. Had the most awful headache Wednesday which was still epping away Thursday and as it'll be my first didn't want to push myself (imagine I faint or something haha). 
Hope you've all had a good week, can't believe we are closing in on December. This year has flashed by. Going out tomorrow after work for a meal and drinks. Actually so excited, feel like I really need a good meal, cocktails and social time. As usual was planning on wearing heels but yesterday had a really strong pain in the ball of my foot, almost like I've pulled a muscle beneath it. Hoping it goes away, not noticed it today but been at home so haven't been walking much. 
Love Em x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I Got The Remedy...

Although this post title is inspired by Professor Green's track Remedy, he has been cast aside for Drake. Almost had an absolute diva moment in HMV yesterday when I couldn't see Take Care anywhere, eventually spotted it lurking on the bottom shelf of the cd drop. I used to order all of my cds online but made a decision last spring to buy everything I could in person. I love the feel of shopping physically and with the high street struggling so much I would hate for it to disappear. Just doing my bit to help the economy :)

I think I may be becoming a little obsessed with health supplements. I have been trying to grow my hair for years but never get there or lose patience. My hair is fine and when it starts to get long it gets really dry and brittle on the ends. I had long hair during high school but when I left after Year 11 I got it styled by a hairdresser and it was a much shorter, layered style. I really regret it now as I can't seem to get it back to before. I decided to take a multi vitamin to see if it helped my hair growth. I originally wanted a supplement I read about from Holland & Barrett. However when I couldn't find it in the store and asked the girl she told me it was a weight loss product (looking me up and down disapprovingly). I don't want or need to lose weight so decided to leave it. During the summer I get really tired. I previously put it down to hayfever medicine but they're non drowsy nowadays and last summer I ended up at the doctors it had got so bad. I would feel drained constantly and would struggle to stay awake especially at certain times of the day. He was puzzled and put me through quite a few tests to determine the cause but they all came back negative. I don't eat any red meat or have much protein so my diet was probably lacking iron. I invested in some iron tablets and I would say they have helped. 

Then I read about a tablet for "hair skin and nails" so this morning I got off the bus a stop early and as I wasn't starting work til 9 popped to Wilkinsons. I wanted to see their prices and if they were too much I'd go to Sainsburys. I was also after some zinc and folic acid as I've seen good things about them. Wilkinsons had a 3 for 2 offer and they had all three items I was after! 
I wouldn't say my diet is lacking in the slightest but I think the first two supplements I took made a difference so I don't see why making sure I'm getting my full whack of everything I want in my system could be bad. I also want to keep my immune system as well as possible. I've suffered pretty bad with being ill in the last year due to stress and upset. 
l-r iron, skin, hair & nails, multi-vitamins, zinc, folic acid
I feel a little crazy getting my five pots out and lining all the tablets up! The hair skin and nails tablet is positively huge. I hate swallowing tablets anyway but it has to be the biggest thing I've ever had to swallow, and I've had some big medicine in my time! I'm also washing my hair every other day which must be helping too. My hair feels thicker and looks better for it. It is so hard sometimes to resist the urge to wash it but mostly I appreciate an extra half hour in bed before work. 
made some buns for our cake sale at work for pudsey :) they had jam in the middle, they went down a treat
I'll have to report back in a few months and see if my hair suddenly grows like Rapunzel ;) 
Hope you are all well 
Em x
p.s. is it just me that loves to say 'multi-vitamin' in an american accent? "mul-tie vite-a-min" :) 
p.p.s. i didn't only take 6 buns into work haha, i took several tubs, this tub was on the top so was the photographed one 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pinky Brown

Had such a hard time trying to photograph the colour on my nails for this post. Literally near impossible! It seemed better the further away the camera was...which kind of defeats the object! I'm onto my second Beetle Juice polish, Pinky Brown. I originally wasn't interested in this colour because I don't like brown. Or green. I'm working on the green, but I don't think brown will ever enter my wardrobe let alone my nails. I can wear this because of the pink shimmer. It's a really striking colour and definitely an ideal shade for a party outfit. 
 models own pinky brown 
My memory card arrived for my new camera. I ordered a 4GB as I have a 1GB and 2GB but I want a card purely for my blog photos to make it quicker to import them. It takes so long if my blog photos are at the end of a card full of photos. Took some random posey photos tonight...I'm toying with the idea of growing my side swept fringe out. I keep getting so far and then chicken out and get it cut back in. Boys tell me my fringe is my appeal, girls say change it up. 

As Joey Essex would say...what YOU saying?! 
Also toying with getting a tattoo on Friday. It'll be my first and my friend is coming with me as she has holiday from work. I have wanted to get it done for absolutely ages but time always runs away and it's so hard to find someone to come with me (I'm too wimpy to go alone for my first time). So I'm thinking it could be ages until someone else will be available and I should just bite the bullet and do it. Plus Friday will be one year since I lost someone extremely special to me. In a way it'll be marking the day for him but also getting something done that'll be with me forever. I did have a design planned for him which isn't what I'll be getting done on Friday...decisions! I can be so indecisive sometimes it drives me mad! 

However I'm not indecisive when it comes to buying. I needed to post a parcel to the lovely Jodie on Thursday and I had a refund so decided to go into town after the post office. I had been after a black blouse for a while and on Monday drove my friend Amy mad with how fussy I am with clothes! She kept pointing out black blouses and there was always a reason it wasn't suitable haha. I found one that would do the job in Primark on Wednesday but I needed the next size up, le sigh, not enough room for the boobage. Ended up buying the purple version too. I have this thing where when I like something a lot, I buy it in all the colours I can. 
I decided I needed to stay out of town to avoid spending more money. But I've placed several online orders in the past two days...I'll blog the exciting ones when they arrive :)
So sad my week off is almost over. Finally seen the Coca Cola Christmas advert. You know its Christmas when you've seen/heard it. Can't wait to watch all my Christmas films and get into the Festive spirit. 
Hope you've all had a good week. 
Em x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


So I managed to get the Models Own Beetle Juice collection after some confusion. I originally thought the boxset would come back into stock but after reading some of the Models Own tweets it seemed once they were gone they were gone. The website had sold out of Pinky Brown but I knew ASOS was selling a trio with it in. I then had some more confusion as ASOS didn't list the colours and the blue in the trio looked the same as the two blue ones on the Models Own site. 


It's making my head hurt just remembering. So I ordered the ASOS trio and then ordered the rest on Models Own with the exception of Pinky Brown and Golden Green. I then ordered some other colours and ended up £2 off free post. I HATE paying post if I can help it. So many websites offer free postage on any amount that I really begrudge it on other sites. Plus the Royal Mail are hardly of a good standard either. So I ended up spending another £5 just so I got free post. Bit of a false economy but I reason I got something for that money. Now that we're into November and winter is taking hold it is so hard to get pictures that are true to real life. I'm going to work through the Beetle Juice collection so you'll see the colours on my nails in the next few weeks.
 ASOS Trio l-r Golden Green, Emerald Black, Pinky Brown
 l-r Aqua Violet, Purple Blue, Emerald Black 
a closer look l-r Pinky Brown, Emerald Black, Aqua Violet, Purple Blue
It ended up it was Emerald Black in the ASOS trio so I've doubled up on that colour, but I'll ebay it with the Golden Green as it really isn't a colour I wear (it's green, enough said). When I first opened the box I was most taken with Pinky Brown, which is unusual as I cannot stand brown! In the picture it shows the pink sparkle really well. Aqua Violet looks like it'll be really sheer and take numerous layers and Purple Blue I'm almost positive has Disco Mix in it! Cue excitement from Disco Mix's biggest fan!
 l-r deep purple, feeling blue, scarlet sparkle, silver fox
deep purple close up as it looks black in the above picture :-s
I've got this week off work. I'm in desperate need of some sleep and rest. I feel so much older than 23 sometimes. It's been a mad year and the last few months especially so. I couldn't wait to not have my alarm going off between 6/6.30am this week but it hasn't quite worked out that way. I had a dentist appointment at 9.30am Monday so was up at 7.30am. It was made better by my teeth being perfect :) they offered me a free cleaning session, included in my appointment cost. I couldn't take any of the appointments for Monday as I was meeting my friend for lunch and shopping so took a Tuesday afternoon appointment. It was quite an experience...a thorough water jet clean followed by a polish. Can't see much of a difference if I'm honest but I feel good for it. I had a lovely lunch with my friend Amy on Monday. We have been in a bit of a rut in terms of eating at the same place endlessly so after some bad service last time we decided to go elsewhere. Ended up in Frankie & Benny's which was really nice! Opted for the lunch menu and managed to just about squeeze three courses in! I don't think I've ever managed that before! More of a main and dessert kind of girl. Did so much nattering and catching up we had barely any shopping time! Tuesday I was up just after 8am to help my Mum do a supermarket shop aka buy clothes and lots of munch for me! Couldn't resist the Disney Princess wrap for £1. Even though I have endless rolls of Disney paper in the loft this one is updated with Rapunzel and Tiana :) also got some glitter musical notes and some acorns. Love Christmas puddings so these earrings were a must. I have a slight thing for jelly beans. 
Check out my new baby! 
It was time I upgraded my camera. My old one is perfect but I've wanted this blue one for ages. The reason I got my old one is a funny story looking back but at the time it was awful. I went to Disney in December 2008 with my Mum and she was taking a photo of me in Belle's Christmas Market when she dropped my camera. For the record my Mum is the most careful person ever. She's so careful with all of her own and other people's possessions. If I toss my Blackberry onto my bed she'll tell me to be more careful haha! It was instilled in me and my brothers to always have our camera straps around our wrist incase we dropped it (a good idea also for when one is drunk or in heels or laughing till it hurts, I've had some close misses!). So imagine my shock at that moment when it hit the frozen ground. It was heart breaking as it was near the start of the holiday but Mum still had her DSLR. I remember her being so upset about it. It was a genuine accident, almost freak as the one time she hadn't put the strap on her wrist! It hit the ground weird too as it hit on the zoom lens and knocked it at an angle so it wouldn't go back in. 

I haven't set this new one up yet. I'm waiting for some memory cards to be delivered as I'm selling my old one to my best friend. She's needed a new digital camera for ages and as she has a bubba I don't want her to miss out on photos any longer. I text her the other night in total excitement as I'd found the box and everything is still sealed as I obviously used my dropped cameras charger etc. We spent last Friday having a right girlie day. We laugh so much together and like best friends say/think the same thing. I've got a collection of her bubba at the park which are so adorable. She'll be two in February, the time has gone SO fast! Literally feels not so long ago she told me she was pregnant, I can still recall the bubble of excitement that got me inside. 

I then had training at work this morning. It was so hard to get up at 6.30am knowing that really I should still be staying in bed. Kind of glad I did it when I could go home afterwards as it was a lot of information to take on board and I had a quick nap when I got home. So now I have four days remaining of holiday and I'm hoping to sleep in till my body wakes me and just be lazy as the next two months will be manic. Definitely into party season already and I want to get lots of sleep in preparation for the early starts and late party nights. I can usually survive on about four hours sleep but after a week or so I'll crash. Also desperate to avoid being ill this year as last Christmas I was in bed from Christmas Eve until the 28th. I have never felt so ill in all my life! Still not sure what I had but it was horrible and I hope never to experience it again. 

Plus I would love to enjoy Christmas properly this year. Its my favourite time of year and I love everything, and I was gutted to miss it all last year. 

previous nails - no7 minty fresh 320 and models own juicy jules
current nails - models own emerald black 
tonight's sunset
Hope you're keeping warm, the temperature has dropped significantly the last few days. Starting to feel almost panicked about my Christmas shopping, probably because previous years I'd have everything sorted by now. Except this year I've barely made a start! And no matter how many times I rack my brains, look online, wander around shops I can't find anything remotely good enough! Although I've just decided on some Avon goodies for some of the ladies I work with I've still got my long list of friends and family! I'll keep you updated...
Em x 

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