Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunday Summary #18

Sorry this post is a day late. Had today off work, as I just couldn't go in. Lost my voice and feel absolutely rotten. Its been another quiet week, lots of family stuff going on so just been working and being at home. My auntie and Nana have just been told by my Mum about my tattoo. I'd kept it hidden til now as they aren't the sort to approve, like my Nana went mad when my auntie got my cousins ears pierced and she got her second hole done, but both were remarkably fine about it. Just like my Mum they've said as long as I'm not covered they're fine with it, and less is more. I booked my second tattoo this week too, my artist is very popular and gets booked up very fast. Take into account some work can take most of the day, his diary quickly fills up. I'm getting a swallow done on my ankle, he helped me pick a design and I'm really excited to get it done now. Slightly worried about the bone, but like my wrist its the same sort of area and its worth it to get it done. Discovered I may actually be allergic to red onion yesterday. It's always given me a really sore throat and I bought a sandwich in town. I was meeting my boy for lunch and it never even occurred to me until I took a bite and discovered a massive slice of red onion. It was too late then and I just assumed I'd have the usual sore throat. By about four my throat was absolute agony, felt like I was swallowing knives and nothing would soothe it. I tried antihistamines, mints, mouth wash, brushing my teeth, fruit juice, fizzy drink, squash, food, sweets, chewing gum, everything I could think of. I was up most of the night as every time I swallowed as I fell asleep the pain woke me up. Couldn't wait for my alarm just so I could try a hot mug of tea but I was so tired I fell asleep after my alarm. Somehow got ready in just over half an hour, absolute record time! I can't believe I didn't think about checking my sandwich, I always check salads in restaurants and pick it out because I know the pain isn't worth it.
Had Chinese Thursday night which was so good. I love it so much more when I haven't had it in a while. Several online orders arrived this week but I will blog separately as some exciting bits to show. Had a wonderful Sunday with my boyfriend. We won a little bit on the EuroMillions this week so treated ourselves to a pub breakfast, a little shop in town and then back to his for roast with his parents and chilling. I was uber attractive falling asleep in his bed with the Vicks stick up my nose. I'd kept us both up Saturday night as I couldn't breathe and as I didn't sleep Friday night either I was shattered. His Mum is also poorly and had kept him awake Friday night. I've been in bed all day and my voice has returned just a very sore throat, a mans voice and a wheezy chest. I always get ill in May, I get hayfever really bad and am convinced it is linked somehow.
Topshop order. Superdrug order (part of). Primark purchases. Maxi dress, alternative colours. George earrings. Primark blouse. Bite and sting cream. Red hair. Dixie with my Dorothy Perkins order. New bedsheets from my Mum. New, unusued toiletries. Topshop order. Vicks to help me breathe. 
My Superdrug order actually came in two boxes and I haven't photographed all of it as half was for my boy. I got him a suncream for his holiday to Spain in June, deodorant and body spray, a present (which I can't say because he reads this haha) and some toiletry bits for me. I finally got my hands on the Lynx for Her. Like an idiot I let the spray pass me by, even though my brothers girlfriend bought one and let me smell it. Then someone at work had it and once the smell has settled its a gorgeous fresh watermelon. Cue me on a mad hunt everywhere to find it. Of course being limited editon and coming out about 3 months ago, its not to be found. I randomly googled it while I was picking my Superdrug order and it came up as being half price on their website. I had to force myself to change the basket quantity from 4 to 2 though...
Really annoyed as I found a biker jacket on Dorothy Perkins website that they didn't have in my local store. Avon had sent me a 25% discount card so I waited until I could use it online and ordered the jacket. I was gutted to receive it and find its a fabric jacket not as I imagined pleather. To be honest I don't want to pay £38 for a bit of fabric, I've now ordered a proper pleather biker jacket from Miss Selfridge online. Loving the collect+ system for returning online orders, coming in very handy recently especially as I particularly detest using the Post Office = sorted! Bought hardly any clothes this week, which is very good as I am bursting with clothes. My Mum is donating the top third of her wardrobe to me so I can store winter things in there and then switch for summer items as necessary. Had a re-shuffle of where I store certain clothes and happy with how I've organised it. Even managed to have a massive bag of clothes to donate to charity. Dyed my hair red again which I am loving. Pretty sure I last did it in October which is so long ago. I'm going to try to go a brighter red for my next time. I dream of going peroxide blonde and then red, but it would probably destroy my hair so much more than just my red dye job. 
I am off work next week YES so I'm hoping I can be well for that. Hoping for nice weather so me and the boy can make little trips in the sunshine instead of rain. Plus I am absolutely desperate for a seaside visit. 
Hope you've all had good weeks, 

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