Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Summary #70

Aside from the awful weather I've had a lovely week and some very dumb moments. I forgot to mention that last Saturday when I was feeling very close to the border of drunk we were discussing weird food combinations and we got onto the Love/Hate of Marmite. I was raving about Marmite with cheese and our friend said she once had Supernoodles on toast with Marmite, when I asked how she ate it cue about an hour of laughter. It was a stupid question but in my head I was thinking you pick up toast and noodles would go everywhere. On Thursday I asked work colleagues if the world was flat. Someone had been whistling the British Gas advert tune and I said the world looks weird as the car is so big driving over it. I also came to the conclusion that cookies are very clever indeed - I can be innocently browsing a news website and it will have adverts rolling for make-up and clothes - all the items I was looking at yesterday. So that's how the week has gone. I mentioned last week I was after a Pikachu 3DS XL but they have suddenly become completely unavailable everywhere sob sob.

My boyfriend met me from work on Tuesday and we went for a pub tea before meeting friends at the cinema. I've been eating clean for a good few weeks now and I decided I'd treat myself so picked a chicken new yorker. I really couldn't finish it and left most of the cheese, bacon and chicken so no idea why I bothered in the first place. We went to see Star Trek and having not seen the first film I had no idea what to expect. I enjoyed it however as it wasn't too hard to work out what was happening and I loved seeing two of my favourite actors Simon Pegg and Noel Clarke.

On Wednesday while watching the Apprentice I decided it was high time me and my boyfriend tried the new Cadburys Marvellous Creations and we started with the Cookie Nut Crunch which was ok but nothing I'd buy again. It reminded me of the shortcake one they did years ago that I adored but it wasn't around for long. We then tried the Jelly Popping Candy one and my gosh it is yummy!!! I am dying to get the big bars of it! I'd heard mixed reactions about them as it does seem my friends like one or the other. I love the Apprentice being back but it really gets me how they attack each other especially in the board room. Next week in Dubai looks amazing.

On Friday I met a friend from work as she is part time and my boyfriend works early mornings so we went for a late lunch. After a long chat over jacket potatoes and baguettes my boyfriend left us girls in the pouring rain to shop and then we went to see The Great Gatsby. There aren't words for how much I have been looking forward to seeing the film and it was heart stoppingly amazing. Leonardo DiCaprio is such a dreamboat and the costumes were stunning. Carey Mulligan was so good as Daisy and the story is told by Tobey Maguire. I already have the soundtrack and it was amazing to see how the songs were used and in what scenes as it ties it all together nicely. I thought throughout the film how much Jay-Z and Beyoncé songs featured and then I spotted Jay-Z as the executive producer on the credits - how cool is that?! I didn't know he had been working on movies but The Great Gatsby is one to be proud of, they did such a good job of it. My boyfriend has said he'll accompany me to the cinema to see it again before it goes off and I cannot wait! And to add more Leonardo Dicaprio to my weekend Titanic was on last night, I can't bear the bit where Jack dies and my boyfriend had suggested Monsters Inc so we watched that and then tuned back into Titanic right at the end where the old Rose drops her necklace into the ocean and I STILL cried! That damn music!

Today was spent with my boyfriend's sister in law and nephew while my boyfriend, his brother and dad went to see Star Trek together as they are all massive fans. Me and Sarah had a leisurely drink at Costa followed by an amble round shops as her maternity leave is about to end and she was looking for some new clothes. It was a gorgeous day and sunny the entire time. Its got so warm so quick too I was caught out with my jacket but kept it under the buggy which was handy. I'm so sleepy after sunshine and walking, I love the smell my skin gets after its been warm, it reminds me of summer.

I'm hoping this weather continues as I'm fed up of cold and rain and wind. Summer please!
I have finally entered the world of disco pants...I have coveted a pair for ages now, well over a year but had never been near an American Apparel at the right time to try a pair and ordering online seemed a no-go as it wasn't possible to return. I happened to find a pair in Primark this week and it was love. They look amazing on but I hadn't the right size and in a moment of madness I found a Boohoo discount code and ordered four pairs because they do Collect+ which would mean free and easy returns. I am yet to decide which ones to keep but I will show you next week - exciting!
 Bits for making bracelets - all eBay 
I'm not sure if I've mentioned on here before making bracelets but I love doing it and it goes down a storm when I give them as presents to friends. I'd recently made some and noticed I had a few gaps appearing in my box.
 Organza gift bags - eBay 
These are so sweet for popping bracelets into as it looks so much nicer than just in tissue paper or wrapping paper.
 Disco Pants £16 - Primark 
These are the beauties I found! The ankles could be tighter as they're too loose on me but as I'm short I can sort that out. They are really thick material and if you can find a pair I recommend them!
 Brighton beach pj shorts £4 - Primark 
I had to have these the second I laid eyes on them they're so ME! Just a word of warning if you do buy them the label in mine said £4 but the till comes up £6 - the girl changed it but they had to remove the tags and the receipt says sold without tag.
 Trousers £9 - Primark 
I'm not sure what type of trousers these are as they're loose on the leg and cuffed at the ankle. The pattern is pretty crazy but I got them for holiday if there's an evening that's a bit chilly or even a day I would wear these. They have pockets too which will come in handy.
 Flower tea dress £5 (sale) - Primark 
This dress may look plain but it looks so sweet on and with a shot of colour and accessories will look fab.
 Oblong doileys £2.99 - QD 
I stumbled in here look for something and found these. I have a thing for doileys and they're so hard to find nowadays as they're quite old fashioned and vintage so I only find the paper ones. I was so pleased to find fabric ones!
 Wooden box with shelves £2.49 - QD 
I went in looking for these as my Mum got some years ago and I then wanted one as I got a Swarovski duck  that needs protecting until I move out and get my own cabinet. I don't have anywhere yet to sit this unit so its staying in the loft until I can make space.
 Blue crystal door frame hooks £7.99 - TK Maxx 
I fell in love with this and even though I already have a door frame hook I got this as I'm hoping my boyfriend will have it on his door (he is currently resisting) as we don't have anywhere to hang anything in his room. He thinks its too girlie!
 Peter Rabbit mug £3 - TK Maxx 
It is rare to see anything like this so I picked it up instantly. I don't know where he'll go as I'm not using him as a mug but I do need a pen pot so could be for that.
 Bows £2.49, die-cuts £2.69 - Rymans
I was killing time and popped in here for a quick browse. I actually found loads and couldn't resist these pastel scrapbook bits.
 Card toppers £1.59 - Rymans 
I can't wait to make my best friend this New York card as she has been and loved it. I'll probably use the other two in my scrapbook but Paris will have to wait until I visit again!
Card toppers £1.59 - Rymans 
I am making an Acceptance card for the wedding in September so think I'll use these silver hearts and of course I need a wedding congratulations card so will use the other set for that.

So that's my week and the odd bits I've bought. Hope you've all had good weeks

Monday, 20 May 2013


I haven't posted a NOTD in so long, I miss doing it so much but I have taken photos recently just never got round to posting them.
 Models Own Utopia with Boogie Nights 
 Models Own Lemon Meringue, Pink Pop Soda and Lilac Dream with L'Oreal Confetti topcoat
Topshop AWOL with Ice Crush 
I'm majorly obsessed with Iggy Azalea at the moment and have been replaying her mixtape over and over. Her songs are so catchy and are great in the morning when I'm sleepy on my way to work.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sunday Summary #69

When are we going to see summer?! This week has just been windy, cold and raining! And hearing the weather report earlier this week will get colder :( I worked a lot of extra hours this week but didn't notice too much until this weekend when I was just so tired. Me and my boyfriend spent last night at our friends house with him and his fiancée and 10 month old and our mutual friend and her partner for dinner and a night in. I took Cluedo as we weren't sure if we were going to watch Eurovision, play games or just chat. Their baby is just so cute! I love children and its still so novel to hold a baby. However I am still perfectly happy to hand them back after a short while haha. I still feel so very young to have a baby and I want me and my boyfriend to be as stable as possible in all aspects. Our friend cooked us the nicest spaghetti bolognese ever! He only did it as he uses turkey mince and I agreed to try it (I only eat chicken and fish) and I really enjoyed it. He said turkey mince has hardly any fat and is so much healthier than beef mince and he used wholegrain pasta so with all the tomatoes, peppers, onions and mushrooms it was a pretty clean meal. My boyfriend made garlic dough balls which were heavenly but I only had a couple. Our mutual friend brought cookie crumble cheesecake which was a naughty finish to the meal topped off by plenty of alcohol we got down to some competitive rounds of Cluedo. I was too tipsy to even think straight and attempt to guess. We then had a hilarious hour talking about the upcoming wedding and hen/stag do's and then his fiancée tested us all for diabetes as she had it during pregnancy. I REALLY didn't want to as I am terrified of needles and blood (despite having tattoos!) my boyfriend held my hand haha while she did it. It wasn't as bad as I feared and my result was 6.2. Considering the cheesecake and cocktails I was happy as it should be below 10.

My week was the same old routine. I spent Friday on a naughty retail therapy trip but I did have to go to Matalan to return some items from my online delivery. I then found more to buy as always seems to happen! I made use of The Body Shops 40% off deal in store and I have traded my Nintendo DS in as I think I was a 3DS XL for my birthday. I never want anything for Christmas or birthdays anymore as I can afford most things myself. I have wanted an iPad for a while but my boyfriend has talked me out of it as I would probably only use it at home or on the odd travel trip and I don't have enough free time. I have my laptop for YouTube, iTunes, blogging, online shopping and the occassional Sims game and my iPhone for the occasion where I might play an app. If I commuted further to work it would be a better investment for me. Plus I always see the 3DS games for sale and know my DS Lite wasn't compatible. It seems a 3DS would be appropriate for my life and I used to love playing Mario Kart and whatnot.

My eat clean diet is still going so well and although I don't look like I've lost weight this week I know in the few weeks I have been doing it I have so I'm not too concerned. I started the 30 Day Shred today and although I will struggle to find time everyday to do it I will attempt it as often as possible. When I did it last year I really lost weight and toned up and I was eating normally. With the added eating clean it might help that I can't manage it everyday. It really burned today, I know after a few runs it will be easy and its crazy how quickly your body adjusts to it and your endurance goes up.
It really is so easy to change your diet and I am gathering photos of my meals and snacks so I can blog about it but there's not much to it.
 X Mini II 2nd generation capsule speaker £15.22 - Amazon here
I bought these for my holiday as now I have a new iPod its not compatible with any speakers or docks in my house. I'd seen these around but to be honest because of the low price tag thought they were rubbish! I started browsing for something to take away with the hope of something small and compact - enter the X Mini. It only took the endless rave reviews to realise I had seriously underestimated how powerful these would be. I was astounded when I connected it to my iPod and the quality was just ridiculous. I am so happy with these and I know I'll use them for so much more than being away from home. The price has slightly gone up since I bought them but I would pay full price for these.
 Stripey top - Primark 
I have several of these now and they'll be lovely for warm weather as I cannot stand those cotton vests, I feel so manly in them. The bows on the shoulder are cute and being loose will be cool.
 Dragonfly top - Primark
This top is so pretty when on but has a flare from the arm pit down but I can forgive that as you'll never know if I have a cardigan or jacket on and if I do take it off the top is sheer so you'd see I'm not actually that wide!
 Dragonfly cardigan - F&F at Tesco 
Mum got me this when she went shopping and its so pretty. I always need a little cardigan during the summer as I get cold so easily especially in the evenings and they're so handy and light to take around with you.
 Black top with monochrome bow - Primark 
Nothing can beat black with a touch of class. It looks so sweet on.
 Shorts - Primark
I've never been too much of a shorts girl but these are almost like a skirt as they are quite flowy and soft material. They're really flattering and are quite long on my short thighs.
 Shorts and lace shoulder top - Primark 
Another pair of those shorts because I love this blue colour! The top was so nice on but so tight on my chest I've had to return it.
 Blouses - Primark 
I bought this mostly for an occasion I may need something smart but plain. I have endless blouses with animals and floral patterns but nothing plain but smart. The yellow is so nice and I wish my store had more colours in this design. The blue has a pussy bow but is cut quite low.
 Batiste £1.49, Nivea Express Hydration Primer £3.99 - Superdrug
I get through Batiste so fast and always stock up when its on offer. They only had a few cans so I left some at work and brought the rest home. I got another primer while they're on offer as I'm using mine everyday and really like it.
 I know this is kind of breaking my new years resolutions not to buy magazines but I am a huge fan of Disclosure and I'm so pleased they're getting noticed now and becoming popular. Plus it had a CD on it!
 Pj bottoms £3 and £8 - George at Asda 
I love the Disney pyjamas at Asda and got the top to go with the Aristocats bottoms a few weeks ago but left the bottoms as I wear shorts more. With the colder weather I've discovered I've only got one pair of bottoms and asked my Mum to get this pair on her next visit. She also found the star pair for half price.
 T-shirt - George at Asda 
Mum also found me this in the sale. I love having a few t-shirts that are loose and this is glittery - win win. 
 Summer dress £8 - Matalan 
I bought a different colour of this dress online and really liked it so when I saw these two colours in store I snapped them up. I've been so disappointed by Primark this year as they used to do lovely summer dresses and I found two in Norwich and that's been it.
 Neon bat wing tops £6 - Matalan 
These were both half price and it might be the fit. They are snug to the waist with bat wing sleeves - I really like them and the flash of neon is subtle. I wish I had more statement necklaces in my collection as they'd look great with these but I didn't get on well with them as I feel uncomfortable with them on blouses.
 Gem collar top £12 - Matalan 
This caught my eye from afar and the magpie in me just had to have it. It's an odd fit as its tight to my chest and then goes out at the waist but not too much because its a jersey material. The collar is gorgeous and some of the beads have a Swarovski look to them.
 Satsuma body butter, Indian Night Jasmine body mist £7.50 (for both) - The Body Shop 
I used the code in store to get these so cheap. I hate the way most items were on offer but the voucher can only used once on items not in a multi save. I would have bought so much otherwise!
 Maybelline Color Show in Rain Forest Canopy and Shooting Stars £2.99 (BOGOHP), Models Own Tropical in Aqua Splash, Mermaid Tears and Pink Paradise £5 (3 for 2) - Boots
I am unable to walk away from new polish. This was a very restricted pick as I had so many in my hand originally that I had to force myself to leave some behind. I can't wait to try the Tropical ones as they'll look amazing in the summer. I got the Maybelline purely for a quicker manicure then painting my nails and then using the L'Oreal Confetti topcoat.
The Great Gatsby deluxe soundtrack £10.99, Perks of being a wallflower £7, Les Miserables two disc Sainsburys exclusive £12.99 - Sainsburys
My friend told me ages ago she had pre-ordered a two disc Les Mis DVD from Sainsburys and I assumed it was going to be everywhere but I soon realised I couldn't find it anywhere and a work colleague told me Sainsburys had it. I happened to look online and if you spent £30 you got £5.99 off the DVD so I pre-ordered a game and then added the other two and I got my discount. The soundtrack is amazing and I can't wait to see the film!

So that's my week. I am getting so excited for my holiday I just want to pack and go now!
Hope you've all had good weeks

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

April Favourites

I'm finally getting round to this post well into the middle of May, I always think every month I'll get it up in the last few days of the month or the first week at least but then life happens and it gets left til tomorrow. I haven't got too many favourites this month, I've been so busy running the house and being nurse its left very little opportunity to indulge. I hardly need any new products as I'm bursting with stuff to use!
Ultrabland £6.75 - Lush 
I was having a nightmare with my skin recently being incredibly sensitive particularly my eyes when removing make-up. I was bordering desperation to find something to soothe my skin and eyes. I'd already changed all make-up products incase it was any of them and it was still happening. I was in Cambridge with my boyfriend and although I have a Lush in town now I hadn't been done recently. We dashed in just as they were closing and a girl asked if I needed help so I explained the situation and she suggested Ultrabland or the 9-5 Cleanser. I was torn between the two and she said Ultrabland had cleared up her acne over the course of a year and her skin had never been better. A friend uses this religiously so I thought I'd try this first. Its a beeswax and oil formula so smells like honey to me (if you have read my hayfever story you will know I virtually cannot stand honey anymore) but I was brave and took the plunge. It felt super weird to be smoothing this into my made up face and rubbing it in (effectively melting the make-up off with the oily product and the warmth) but I persevered and then wiped it off with a wet cotton pad. Its hard to put into words how amazing this product makes your skin feel and look. My skin was brighter, softer, subtler everything you want your skin to be. Its made putting make up the next morning easier as your skin is so much more easier to work with. I love this so much it has seriously made me consider dropping all my usual Garnier/Body Shop/Clean and Clear/Simple products in favour of fresh, good products from the likes of Lush.  
 Ted Baker Origami body spray £5 - Boots
I got this at Christmas and thought I'd end up leaving it in the work locker room as I didn't like the smell. I used it for the first time before I was going out and my gosh I couldn't stop smelling myself! Its the most intoxicating scent I've discovered in a long time. Its described as "a blend of juicy raspberry, a touch of vanilla and delicate rose and sandalwood" I'm not sure which addition it is but it has a spicy, almost cinnamon type smell to it and as a massive fan of musky scents this is right up my street. I can't believe I haven't discovered this sooner as I really love wearing it! I wish they did a perfume as I would buy it in a second.
Nivea deodorant £3.29 (on offer in Boots for £1.64)
Its taken me a good few years to find a deodorant that I get on with. I remember being a teenager and certain deodorants stinging my underarms literally for the whole day but I couldn't not use it for the fear of smelling. I switched to roll ons as they helped reduce irritation and sting - it became a nightmare to shave as my arms always had red irritated spots. My skin calmed down with roll ons whether it was a sensitive one or they improved formulas. I began working in Debenhams as a Visual Merchandiser and decided to try spray deodorants again as they're stronger and I wanted to have protection. For a few years I only wore spray deodorant during the summer and then roll ons in winter. I bought Nivea on offer when I need an anti white on black one for a party and I had a black dress and this is back when deodorants never dried and smeared every clothing item no matter how much powder you put on or how carefully you pulled the item on. I was amazed at how good it was from no white marks to the protection it gave me and the smell - not the awful alcohol/chemical smell I was used. I also think certain deodorants smell like sweat! To me anyway. The Nivea ones are all nicely scented and I've never had any problems using them. Its become one of my most trusted everyday toiletry and I wouldn't dream of changing it. I always get them in bulk on offer in Boots as I never pay full price for everyday items because they are always on offer, somewhere, at some time. My favourite is probably the pearl and beauty one (pink) or the double effect one (purple) the smell stays all day.
Lynx shower gel £2.99 (also always on offer for 99p/£1 somewhere! Currently Superdrug)
Yes I am a girl and yes I love shower gel targeted at men but hear me out. The Fever one pictured here is "Brazilian Hot Mud and Red Dragonfruit" it is the most incredible feeling in the shower, its feel warms like cinnamon and has tiny exfoliating beads in and the smell is just insane! I was hoping to get some today in Superdrug as they are 99p but they were completely sold out of all of them! The new Apollo one is nice and I love Excite. I can't find it but I just used up with the Lynx Thai Massage with Tigergrass Oil and Bali Sea Salt, its like a cooler version of Fever and also has exfoliating beads in it. They don't have an overly man scent which makes it much better when its the first one to hand in the shower with three brothers and a boyfriend!

So that's my favourites, not too many but as you can see some items that I really do love and would highly recommend.

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