My Tattoos

This is a page all about my ink. I love seeing what other people have and their reasons behind them.

My first was an anchor on the side of my wrist. This is very special to me as it symbolises my family and the stability, security and love I've grown up with. When I have children I want them to have the same childhood as I did. I thought this was quite painful but it was my first and I had been quite nervous. I blogged properly about it here with the background behind anchor tattoos. 

My second tattoo was a swallow on my ankle. I love him so much. I wanted shading on him which my artist said was unusual as most are colour but I am beyond happy with how he turned out. It was very painful, on the bone was excruciating. However after a while the pain  numbed out and although it hurt more, it was easier and more comfortable than my first. Swallows were a signal to sailors that land was close so they'd be safe soon and if a sailor had a swallow tattoo it was believed the swallow would carry their soul to heaven if they drowned. I think the symbolism behind swallows - they mate for life so symbolise loyalty and fidelity is something very close to my heart. I got my swallow to show freedom and security. I wanted him to be facing the same way as me so we're going the same way in life and I wanted him to be swooping. 
Its so me to have a nautical theme going on as I am mad on all things like that. I've loved anchors for years and it was an obvious choice to those who've known me a long time. I would like more but I am only getting ones I am one million percent sure about and that mean something to me. I am after a pocket watch but not too sure where or what design apart from it being roman numerals on the clock. 
I've found a beautiful design with roses blooming around the watch but it is quite big. I will update this page as and when I have more :) 

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