Saturday, 1 September 2012

Instagram #2 August

I can't believe its been a month already! I haven't instagrammed as many photos as I would have liked this month but the ones I did have such memories for me :)
 Train station. What dreams are made of. 
 Pizza love. Everytime I wore something Team GB we got gold...
 Ronnie <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
 Hilltop view. Mint green obsession continues...
 Avon getting me excited for Halloween. Union Jack grazebox!
 New pink Pom Pom flower. Love travel minis.  
 Which lipsticks for holiday?! Bye!
 Seaside must. Winning in the arcades :) 
 Beach. Pleasure Beach. 
 Scary as hell. Food stop, need the sugar. 
 My boy is up there! Lost count of the rotations and swings. What sea air, sea water and heat does to my poker straight hair. 
 Ice cream! We got soaked on this. 
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 Winter wardrobe additions. Treats from Mum. 
 Clouds. Favourite text this week, take me back on holiday please. 
 Union Jack. Treats from my boyfriend. 
 The sky is crazy, made my eyes hurt like a kaleidoscope, no filter. Fast asleep like this!  
 It may be cold but the sun is so bright! Miss trunchballs house?
 More cloud sky patterns. My babes. 
Worn out after loads of play time with my boyfriend. 

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  1. Lovely pics! im also getting excited for halloween :) x

  2. I saw Claire's Accessories have their halloween stock in already! Love it :) xx

  3. Nice post and blog!
    Wanna follow eachother?
    Love, Anne


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