Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Summary #57

Another week down, just one week left of work before I've got a week off with my boyfriend - seriously need it so bad. I've come down with the most rotten "thing". I call it "thing" because I don't know what is wrong with me. On Friday I had the worlds most sore throat, Saturday I was having sneezing fits, watery eyes and shivering and today I feel like I can't breathe even though there's nothing in my nose! I did cough up some mucus from my chest so it could just be a type of chest infection. I was up nearly all night last night so have napped almost all of today. My boyfriend has been wonderful looking after me. My week has been pretty boring, just my brother's birthday on Wednesday which we had the most amazing home cooked meal for and my Mum's birthday cakes are heavenly. We watched the Brit Awards which I don't enjoy so much these days as it only seemed to be about One Direction, they had so many nominations and I don't think they're very good at all. It would have been nice to see more deserving acts win but I guess everyone has different tastes and opinions. I especially cringed at Taylor Swift, I kind of like her music but she doesn't suit dubstep and she seemed to be struggling at the few times she was singing live.
It's been another great week spending wise. I'm trying to keep as much money as possible for shopping in London next week and our other trips.
Treats from my boyfriend - this Milka Daim is meant to be amazing! Plus my all time favouite Yankee candle Black Cherry and going to try a tartlet. 
Colgate Max White One £1.95 Superdug
Giving this a whirl as I would love pure white teeth without the pain of whitening. 
My boyfriend got me these as you can't get Apartment Life anywhere anymore. We never buy anything in CEX and he bought himself two games, one of which is unplayable so they shouldn't have sold it. According to Trading Standards is illegal so I've sent off an email as the store didn't help so I'm hoping the website can. If not, hello Trading Standards. These two additions have helped me play more as I made it a New Years resolution to take more time out and chill. Sims is a game I've loved since a child and you can play it endlessly forever. 
MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle, Archie's Girls collection lipsticks in Ronnie Red and Betty Bright and Pink Pearl Pop from the Cremesheen + Pearl collection (permanent)
I was going to swatch these in this post but my digital camera has run out of battery and I can't find the charger. I've taken the pictures on my SLR but I always get a shadow under the lens so will post separately once my digital has battery. Archie's Girls sold out so fast on MAC (obviously) but Selfridges still have stock. I bought the MSF and normal lipstick from Debenhams as they often have 10% off beauty and it justifies a MAC purchase more. I only bought the regular lipstick as its a favourite and I lost it the other week when I was out. Gutted isn't the word as it was virtually new too.  
Primark purchases - Dork tee £4, navy hoody £8 and raspberry skinnies £7.90 (reduced)
Its insane Primark are doing these rip offs of Topshops tee especially as they cost in the £38 mark I believe. I'm not sure the fit is great on me, its a very straight cut and makes me look curve less, but theres something about them that I like. I can't resist anything navy so this hoody was made to be bought by me. I love coloured skinny jeans and have wanted a pair this colour for ages. It was reduced to £9 on the ticket but went through as £7.90 which is a crazy bargain - just hope they fit!
Primark pumps £7 
Navy, Converse style, sold! I am loving wearing these types of pumps. I originally bought a pair in New Look as I want some Converse but wasn't sure they'd suit me and my feet rub ridiculously so I wouldn't get my wear and I don't want to waste £50 on a pair I never wear in. 
Mixmag and chocolate!
I haven't bought one magazine this year because I never read them but I simply adore Chase and Status so with this having a CD too of their label signings I had to find a copy. The disc has gone wonky in my shopper bag for some reason and if you're going to read you need nibbles yes? I love the Oreo chocolate and the Egg'n'Spoon is selling out everywhere. It was £3 in WHSmith so I grabbed one of the last boxes. They shouldn't sell Easter chocolate so early - so tempting! 
So that's my week. I'm hoping I've shaken this horrible "thing" soon, preferably by tomorrow but we'll see. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sunday Summary #56

Another week has come and gone. The light is starting to draw out, which means spring is on its way! Horray. Feels like so long since the summer ended. Its been pretty cold again this week, warming slightly this weekend and the sun has even made an appearance. I love how much happier you feel when the sun is shining. I didn't spend much this week as I was planning my Valentine's meal and sorting out birthday presents for next week. Its one of my brother's and my oldest youngest brother's girlfriends birthdays. Its been so hard to think of things after Christmas. My brother just got an iPhone so he asked me for a case and an iTunes voucher as he's always downloading music so that was easy. The girlfriend was hard as she's not as girlie as me so I can't cheat and buy her make-up. I had a brainwave on Saturday to buy her a travel guide as they're going away in the summer and my boyfriend found a huge mug as she loves coffee and hot chocolate.  As a family we bought her a go karting experience so finally all birthdays are done until June (I think!). I spent Tuesday evening at my boyfriend's for his Dad's birthday. We got a Chinese takeaway on the way home from work and I got the most amazing chocolate cake from Marks and Spencer's. Honestly their cakes are insane. I adore their food as you certainly get what you pay for. Their prices aren't too high and when the quality is so good it justifies the slightly higher price of a supermarket. I definitely got good girlfriend points for the cake as it went down a storm. Having Chinese on Tuesday meant we didn't want it again Thursday so opted for a three course home cooked meal. I wasn't too excited on Thursday despite decorating the dining room the previous evening as I was rushed off my feet at work. It wasn't until I was on my way home that I felt excited. We had a prawn cocktail for starter as we both love them. My boyfriend wanted steak so I had salmon and I got gastro chips, green beans and carrot, garlic mushrooms and mushrooms we fried in butter (naughty but heavenly). I got a cheesecake for dessert but we got the fondue out and we were so stuffed after a few fondue bites. My boyfriend doesn't like salmon so it was so nice of him to prepare it and cook it for me even when I insisted I'd do it. My lovely gentleman was very naughty as we agreed one tiny present, and he surprised me with a beautiful bunch of roses and a Me To You ornament (well over budget). It was so unexpected and I hadn't seen it yet so it was a huge surprise. I can't wait to have my own house with an ornament cabinet for all my treasures. I think it'll be amazing to have a collection you can look at and remember who got you what and when for.
We had a chilled evening in last night with a massive Dominoes order. The dough balls they do are SO good and I love their potato wedges. We started the Lord Of The Rings boxset last Sunday but I fell asleep halfway through so we watched what I'd missed and the rest followed by Toy Story 2. I am so excited to watch Toy Story 3, it could be my favourite of the three. We woke to a beautiful sunny day this morning and then we went to see This is 40 at the cinema. It was funnier than I expected but I hope my life at 40 isn't like that! There is one truly hilarious scene where they get room service...there was a trailer for a film called Side Effects that I can't wait to see. It stars Rooney Mara, Channing Tatum and Jude Law (babes!) and looks like its about a new drug affecting a Rooney's character and getting her into trouble. I originally thought it was the follow up to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as Rooney was the first you saw. I haven't got to the cinema much lately but there's not been anything much on so really looking forward to getting back into it.
River Island satchel £35 (ASOS)
I have wanted a satchel for years but I'm so fussy none have ever been bought. When I saw this I really liked it and being from ASOS knew it would be easy to return if I didn't like it after all. I literally gasped when I opened the box. I'm not a nude girl but there's something about this, I love the detail and the contrast between smooth and texture. I'm anxious it might rub on my thigh and get that awful dark mark but I'll try to walk more with it in my elbow than on my shoulder. This bag is so big too, I'll be able to fit loads in.  
 River Island "love makes the world go round" bangle £6
I made a cheeky order on River Island as my bag browsing led to me finding some jewellery I just had to own. I really like this types of bangles but some can be so expensive so I thought this was a great alternative.
River Island Anchor ring £3
An anchor ring was obviously going to be mine. I love this little one so much. 
River Island Luck & Hope rings £4
More rings. I used to always go for big statement rings but am swaying more towards little ones recently. 

 River Island Heart thumb ring £2 
Bit of a long story but when my Mum got her first full time adult job pay packet she bought herself a gold ring with four hearts in a row, two up and two down and she gave it to me when I was little. I've treasured it and its so special but I've never seen anything remotely like it. I won't wear this as a thumb ring but on my fingers. Its the most similar I've ever found so I just had to buy it!
My only purchase this week was for these! I only bought these two colours and went back the next day for the green and pink ones have sold out. I'll get them I'm sure. Mine were 2 for £6 in Superdrug and usually £3.99 each. Boots won't have them for a while yet so Superdrug is the place to go!
 My wonderful boyfriend spoilt me on Valentine's :) 
I'm working more hours again this week so I've definitely got the Monday blues tonight. Sigh, its all money in the pot. Me and my boyfriend are thinking of our summer holiday destination so that's getting me excited and it seems Spring may just be starting to creep in. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

Friday, 15 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

50 feels like a big number and not sure I can reach it but here goes...

1 - I have to think what age I am when asked...

2 - I used to be a bad/light sleeper and even cured myself of insomnia

3 - I sleep better next to my boyfriend

4 - My dreams are always really vivid and I wake thinking they really happened

5 - I am addicted to buying make-up

6 - MAC lipsticks and nail polish are my weakness

7 - I don't look out of windows at night...incase someone is outside looking back at me

8 - When I was younger at night I was convinced there'd be a monster under my bed ready to bite my foot/ankle. I used to leap into bed from across the bedroom and I'd have to work myself up to get out for a wee

9 - The O.C. is the best TV show ever

10 - The O.C. is the only TV show I've watched every single episode of several times, I own all the boxsets and books

11 - I am a MASSIVE Disney fan

12 - I love Banksy

13 - I wish I could eat Lucky Charms everyday

14 - I want to work in Lush

15 - I love wearing dresses

16 - I have two tattoos and want more

17 - I hate people who slurp or eat noisily

18 - I want to live beside the seaside

19 - My dream car is an Audi or Mini Cooper

20 - I instantly get annoyed with people who have no manners, it doesn't cost anything to say excuse me or thank you

21 - I want babies but I'm scared to give birth

22 - My Superdry jacket has to be one of the best purchases of my life!

23 - I didn't want to get married until I met my boyfriend

24 - I used to cut up old Argos catalogues and pick all my dream items for my future house

25 - I've been saving for a house deposit since I was 17

26 - I can't stop buying things on ASOS

27 - I would love to own a Chanel chain bag

28 -  I think Cadburys chocolate is the best

29 - I always want popcorn and an ice blast at the cinema

30 - Chinese is my favourite naughty food

31 - I hate wine since getting terribly drunk on it and being sick for hours

32 - I always get Jack Daniels and coke on nights out

33 - I used to be a vegetarian but brought chicken back into my diet a few years ago, I haven't eaten red meat for 13 years because I don't like it

34 - My favourite shops are New Look, Accessorize, Primark, Cath Kidston and Claire's

35 - I'm allergic to every lip balm except blue Nivea and Vaseline varieties

36 - I love to read but rarely do it these days 

37 - Before my boyfriend I'd never eaten Burger King (chips is all I've tried so far), Subway, KFC, Dominoes pizza or indian

38 - I can't stop buying cases for my iPhone - reminds me of owning a Nokia as a teenager

39 - I've never weighed myself

40 - I never wanted an iPhone and now I couldn't be without it

41 - When I was little I used to have the same nightmare when I was ill that skeleton burgulars broke into my house and stole my family at night

42 - I hate needles but I'm fine with tattoo needles

43 - My middle names are Lauren and Kate

44 - My nickname at school was washboard abs

45 - I cried when Geri quit the Spice Girls

46 - I adore the Sims games

47 - I budget my money every month so I can afford everything I want to do and buy whilst saving and paying into my pension

48 - Pinocchio, Dumbo, E.T. and the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp really scared me as a child. I still haven't been able to watch them

49. I HATE being sick and will do anything to avoid it happening

50. I can't watch the Argos adverts with the aliens 

That took some brain power! Some really odd facts in there so hope you enjoy knowing a bit more about me :) link me to yours if you've done one as I love reading them! 

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Summary #55

This will be a quick post as I'm feeling sorry for myself. Had an amazing Saturday night with my boyfriend at our friends house for a quiz night. We played Scattergories which is where you roll a dice with the alphabet on and then you have a list 12 things to think of beginning with the letter that was rolled on the dice. The timer gets set and off you go! To score points your guess can't match anyone else's. We played it for hours its so addictive and hilarious. Me and my boyfriend definitely want our own for our house. We also played The Best of TV and Movies. Its a board game but we were reading questions off the card with boys against girls, the first to raise their hand and get the right answer got the point. I was on fire during Harry Potter questions and kids programmes. I also got other random ones, its amazing what you know without realising it. A mixture of alcohol, curry, laughter and racing to beat six other people to score points was great until I got home and pretty much projectile vomited everywhere. Luckily I just made it to the bathroom. I've only just introduced indian food to my body so it could be a rough ride for a while until it gets used to it. I had the same issue with Chinese food. My boyfriend really looked after me, bless him, I felt so disgusting! But I'd had stomach ache all night and I felt so much better for getting everything out. Spent all day in bed with a tender tummy and falling asleep. I just got out of bed briefly to get a drink and I was going to photograph the other bits I bought this week but will add it into next weeks summary. I took some photos on Friday so I have some ready.
Its been another quiet week as I've worked more hours and its really taken it out of me. Its amazing how just a few extra hours of looking at paperwork and numbers can exhaust you so much. By Wednesday my eyes felt so sore and irritable. Its now only three weeks til I'm off work and I am certainly counting down the days! The weather is starting to pick up with the light seemingly longer and it hasn't been so cold. We've had a little layer of snow fall this evening and a crazy flurry earlier in the week. I can't wait to get all my little jackets out. I feel the cold far too much so have to wrap up until it starts to reach about 15 degrees which is probably still a way off!
I can't resist when Ministry of Sound bring out their Anthems albums and the Hip Hop III came out at the end of January and I decided to treat myself. I had a browse through the Asda website and found a pair of skinny jeans which seem identical to some pairs I got years ago that are my holy grail. I love wearing skinny jeans but they're so hard to find skinny enough for my legs. The Asda ones fit me like a glove everywhere, keep their tightness wash after wash and I just love them. I ruined one pair by sitting on a car battery and the fluid dissolved them :( to say I was heartbroken would be an understatement. I started wearing the two remaining pairs I have sparingly, desperately seeking another pair to stock up on. Its been three years to no avail but as I browsed the George jeans section I suddenly spotted a pair that looked awfully similar. The description was right and the ratings are all five stars, with women raving about them. I ordered three pairs and although the stitching is slightly different I think they could be just the ones! I haven't tried them on yet but I'm praying they're right!
I made a cheeky dash into Primark this week and found some little gems. I spotted these and couldn't resist. They also had a bright blue colour. I really want a pair of Vans but always wonder how comfortable they are with the deep sole. For £6 I thought I'd give these a whirl and see how I feel in them, plus I always worry about my skinny ankles so before I blow my money on Vans...
I love these claw clips. I've used them so much while growing my hair as they don't break your hair and are so easy to use to keep hair off my face. If I've worn my hair down for work I often want it off my face by the time I get home and always put one of these in. The plastic is much thicker and smoother, whereas the cheaper black and brown ones weren't great in my hair. The spring also caught on my hair so I really recommend these. 
A momentous moment this week..I GOT MY HAIR INTO A DONUT! I've finally got it long enough to wind it round and over one. I have waited months for this! It looks tiny on this picture but on my head is massive! I couldn't stop looking in the mirror. Its love. I grabbed another one and got some bright hair ties as I wear my hair up half of the week in some form and these don't snag or break your hair. 
 Way over done but I don't have many cross jewellery items. I pick and choose what I get plus its on everyone else I don't want to fit in. My boyfriend said when he first met me I wore black a lot of the time with crosses and skulls. I feel comfortable in black but it drains my pale skin and I look so much nicer in colours that I made conscious effort to bring more colours, florals and patterns into my wardrobe. I still can't resist some things though ;) as I've got older I've got more comfortable with myself and really enjoy wearing brighter items now.
I have such a thing for little dainty rings. These look so cute together but will look great alone too. I particularly like the bow and the gems are very Swarovski-esq. 
A charm bracelet. With an anchor and a wheel and a shell and a seahorse and a swallow. Well obviously I NEED it, it has all my favourite things on. Honestly I am so bad at justifying purchases to myself! However I lusted after a charm bracelet all my life, and when I reached 18 they didn't do them like they used to. My Mum has made up for it in years buying me ones with hearts on and stars etc, but it'll never compare to having a bracelet, getting a charm and having to get it soldered on. I do not like Pandora bracelets, at all, so I'm out of options. I just like to soothe my soul sometimes with a costume one. 
Navy is one of my favourite colours and I just had to buy this hoody. Its from the mens section and I have a few colours now. They're so cosy around the house, the womens ones just aren't as nice. 
 Primark are doing their t-shirts in this style with the rolled back sleeves which I'm not sure I like too much but it was Minnie Mouse.
 I've been after a jewellery wrap for years! I finally found one in WHSmith for £1.49! What a crazy bargain!
 Its got so many pockets and sections I can't wait to go on holiday so I can use this! I've taken my jewellery on holiday in clear plastic bags in a make up bag for years if you're wondering.
 Another crazy bargain from WHSmith. This book was£6.25 down from £25 - how can it be so cheap!? Anyway its probably because it got slated a lot and didn't sell well but when I flicked through it has so many party ideas that I had to buy it. I love parties and all the little extras but sometimes I find it hard to think of something new and different. It'll be a great book to refer to over the years especially when I have my own home as it spans the whole year from Christmas to summer to Halloween and Fireworks night.
 I actually went into WHSmith for storage. I need somewhere to keep recipes out of magazines and got a little carried away. I loved the pink Forever wallet even though I haven't really anything to go in it. However I've over half filled the box file with the recipes I do have so no doubt will have to go back again soon.

So that's my week! Not too exciting with a delightful end. I am so looking forward to Valentine's Day. I have lots of little surprises planned for my boyfriend and I can't wait to see his face! I popped up two posts this week on Valentine's Day for ideas for singles and couples if you need some inspiration! As for games night I would say its one of the best nights in I've ever had! I might just dig out my Battleships for Valentine's (not even joking!)
Hope you've all had good weeks

Friday, 8 February 2013

January Favourites

February is going in a flash, how can it already be the 8th?!
I didn't have too many January Favourites as I was spending my money in sales and not really on new beauty products. I spent late Sunday clearing out one of my wardrobes. My boyfriend had run out of his hair wax and I said I bought some more. I have a stock of toiletry back ups and it had got so messy I had no idea what I had and where certain things were. So it all came out of the wardrobe and I had a good sort through. Its now in order and I really must try not to buy anything more. I've set myself a challenge for February to use products lurking in there rather than buying new ones. Its going fine so far but I've still a few more days left in the month to resist! 
 Lee Stafford Sun Kissed Lightening Spray £7.99 Boots (bought in multi-buy offer)
I went on a splurge in Boots when I got my Soap and Glory Best Of All set and this was one of the items I treated myself to. It had caught my eye as it can ombré hair. I'm too scared to use bleach on my hair as I'm trying to grow it plus the amount of red dye still hanging on despite it being a temporary dye would make my hair look odd. I mean red and blonde, I don't think they'll go. I don't want to dye my hair brown just to ombré it. I'm trying to avoid dyeing it this year to see if it grows any quicker. This seemed the ideal solution as although it does contain hydrogen peroxide (used as a bleach) it would be kinder to my hair. The bottle warns "this is a grower not a show-er" and it really is. I've used it three times now (very lightly the first time) and the result is below. After washing your hair and towel drying it, before you blow dry spray this in the desired places. For me this was halfway down, with more sprays on the ends. Comb it through and blow dry. It was quite hard to blow dry my hair after so long of avoiding heat on my hair but I'm so pleased with the results.
 Please excuse my dishevelled appearance - I'd been at work for ten hours, been blown about in gale force winds waiting half an hour for my bus. I pinned my fringe back it had been blown out of place. 
It could just be me but it takes absolutely ages to get your hair completely dry after using this spray! The spray really smells and its sticky, but once fully dry both fade. Plus I have the desired effect so I can't complain. It just feels gross when its sticking to your neck and you are touching your hair while blow drying it. I didn't use a brush during drying as I was worried the sticky spray would cause breakage so I ruffled it with my fingers. It's almost brought the red back out in my hair as my roots are coming through (on a 24 wash hair dye?!) and appearing very dark.
 Avon Far Away Exotic EDP £13
"An inspiring journey of chai spice and lavish saffron rose entwined with the exotic richness of ambered musk"
I've only discovered Avon perfume in the past year or so. Everytime I find a perfume I like it gets discontinued so watch this space ;) I found I really liked Far Away and liked the sound of this. I definitely like my musky smells but sometimes they can make me feel like an old lady. This is perfect as its a girlie almost fruity musk and so nice to wear. Plus it looks really pretty sitting on my dressing table.
Garnier Complete Cleansing Milk £3.15, Garnier Refreshing Toner £3.15, Boots
I love Garnier products. They feel so good to use and always smell lovely. The pink milk has been a firm favourite for years, it really gets all the make-up off my face and leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. I got the Garnier Toner to try and love that too. I tend to use something different all the time but I used these consistently through January. As I'm appraoching my mid twenties skin care is definitely becoming much more important to me. I am trying to moisturise everyday and use products appropriate to my skin. 
Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream £3.16 (currently on price promotion in Boots)
I bought this hand cream as a travel mini in Primark for £1. Its ridiculous what I buy in Primark for a £1 sometimes. I thought it would be ideal in my bag during winter as my hands get SO DRY! I've never found a hand cream that's been perfect for me. It gets a pain to have to apply hand cream every hour especially as I hate having greasy hands. I used this and was amazed at how quickly it sunk into my skin and how long lasting it is for me. It smells divine too and even my boyfriend likes it!
Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioners, around £4 but often on price promotion and I found some in Poundland!
Now I'm washing my hair less I appreciate products that really clean and nourish my hair. Herbal Essences stand out as lovely products. They smell amazing, leave my hair soft and shiny and I love using them. They lather up really well and don't tangle my hair.
Barry M magnetic polish £4.99, Gelly polishes £3.99
I've fallen back in love with Barry M nail polish after abandoning them completely for Models Own. I love the magnetic effect, its so striking. I love how easy it is to do as the 17 ones I'd used previously had been quite difficult with me re-doing certain nails to get them right. Plus the Barry M can be more than one coat which definitely makes them last longer. The Gelly polishes are just amazing, so shiny and pretty. Pomegranate is such a beautiful colour however I would strongly recommend a base coat as I think this would stain otherwise. I'm still using my peeling and brittleness solver from my previous favourites post so its acting as my base coat.
So that's another month done. I don't know what I'll have for February as I'm saving for several shopping trips and days out with my boyfriend in early March but I'm trying to get through my stash of toiletries so that will help. I found last years Soap and Glory set so I'm working my way through that :) 

Valentine's Day Ideas: Loved Up

It's just under a week now until Valentine's Day and I have so many ideas for inexpensive and wonderful ways to spend it with your loved one I just had to share. I don't buy into the whole thing of spending money to make someone feel special. I prefer memories and little momentos of an occasion as opposed to a big fancy gift.

These are my favourite ways to treat your Valentine without spending ridiculous amounts of money.
A card is priceless. There are so many designs and content to pick from you'll be spoilt for choice. I love cards as you can keep them forever and they mean so much because it was picked by your loved one for you. My boyfriend is a gem and always takes great care choosing cards for me because he knows how much I love to receive them.
Next up is sweet treats. There is no end of goodies to choose from. I even saw a giant gingerbread bear in Greggs today with a pink iced heart, so cute! If you have time you could bake your own treats such as heart shaped biscuits or pink iced buns/cupcakes. The shops are full of treats particularly bakery sections. 
 I found the chocolate heart lollipop in Marks and Spencers for £1. They also have little bags of love themed sweets such as jelly hearts or pink white chocolates. The heart of Cadburys chocolate were £1 in Asda and Love Hearts are around 50p a packet. My boyfriend gave me a 'Dream Girl' love heart when we first went out as friends (I didn't realise he liked me ha) so they're special to me now and I'll be putting these into a bowl for our evening in :)
Going for a meal out is always nice but on Valentine's I prefer a quiet meal for two in the comfort of my own home. Plus it'll cost less to eat in whether you cook a meal from scratch, buy ready made food or order in. Marks and Spencer are doing their "Dine in for 2 for £10" deal again and most supermarkets do multi buy offers on their selection of ready meals. Me and my boyfriend are getting a chinese takeaway like we did last year as that's what we both fancy but the options are endless. For afters I'll be getting my fondue kit out. All you need is chocolate (Cadburys Dairy Milk or Galaxy is nicest) with marshmallows, fruit, biscuits and wafers.
Another alternative for food although this is more appropriate for lunchtime because of the weather and time of year is a picnic in a park or on the beach. Now February can be rather cold so it would need to be a mild day with no rain or snow forecast which could be a lot to ask of England! I've never done one but an indoors picnic sounds romantic. All you'll need is a space to lay out your rug and then you can have whatever food you like. 
If you get home from work before your loved one you could run them a candlelit bubble bath, leave a trail of rose petals to the dining room where you've laid the table or to their card/present. 
My boyfriend surprised me with a bunch of roses last year which was my favourite part of Valentine's apart from him obviously! There'll be no end of flowers available and every girl loves flowers right?!
On the Wednesday night I'll be laying my dining room table ready for our romantic meal as we're getting our takeaway together from work so I won't have time when we get home on Thursday, I'll be using the following
 rose petals £1 poundland, love single red rose 99p card factory 
 glitter hearts on sticks £1 poundland, heart doilies £1 asda
 heart napkins asda (last years) red felt coasters asda (last years)
red heart confetti £1.50 m&s, heart crystals (christmas present, but suspect it was the range), red heart ballons asda (last years)
 This was my table last year. The candles in the holder were lit and we had the chinese on the middle mats. I scattered the confetti I had and put some chocolate ladybugs out too. Theres no right or wrong way of laying a table, just place what you need where you need it and then place the extra around. Candles would usually sit in the middle but because the chinese cartons were going there and our arms would be moving over it I didn't want any burns. 
So that's it. Valentine's Day doesn't have to cost much but you can still have a romantic time. All I want to do is be with my boyfriend so it doesn't matter what we do. Most people will be at work so will be limited for their evening options like us. Hopefully this will give you some ideas :)
Hope you have a lovely Valentine's!
*images with purple background, and bottom two, are my own, all others are from weheartit

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