Saturday, 26 May 2012

Fluorescent Adolescent

After trying to resist owning/buying the entire Hed Kandi collection from Models Own I've pretty much caved and just have one left to get, Disco Heaven. This has to be the brightest, most neon shade I have ever worn. Its pretty much a fluorescent orange. I applied it at night, and although my laptop was making it glow I didn't realise until daylight this morning how extremely bright it is. It is certainly attention grabbing: I received so many comments today about my nails. I always seem to get men commenting on my nails too not just women. This is very much a statement colour, perfect for a night out or the beach.
 with flash 
 without flash 
beach party 
Oddly I think this makes me looked tanned. I'm pretty pale and some colours like this look awful on my nails but this suits me I think. Its quite a cool toned orange which is probably why. I can't wait to try Hedonist as it always looks so nice on other people, so fingers crossed!
What do you think of Beach Party?

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