Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Recent MAC Additions

I'm continuing to expand my collection of MAC lipsticks. Due to not having a counter in my county I am quite careful about my purchases as I can only go by googling colours and swatches. I never seem to be near a counter when a collection is released which is really annoying and when I do manage a visit I'm often pushed for time. I usually opt for popular or pink colours. This time I was a bit braver and went for colours I wasn't too sure about but felt really drawn to.
 l-r Naughty Saute, Creme Cup, Nicki Minaj, Hue
I also received Costa Chic as a goodwill gesture after I complained to MAC. I haven't swatched this as I don't think it will be a colour that suits me. I'm planning to include it in a giveaway or give it to a friend.
For the life of me I can't make this photo go on here the way it should be (landscape) fail! This is Pink Popcorn from the Reel Sexy collection.
l-r naughty saute, creme cup, nicki minaj, hue, pink popcorn
I tried to resist buying the Nicki Minaj lipstick as it was described as a yellow toned pink. Being pale I've always stuck to blue toned pinks, I love this colour so much though. Its a very bright colour that I think suits me. I really want to show these on the lips but finding the time is impossible and I've been off sick from work today and I can assure you, my face isn't pretty. I bought Hue due to the amount of hype it gets. The bullet looks very nude and even on my hand it looks nude but on the lips its more pink, which I've fallen for. I can finally see why its so popular. Creme Cup is quite similar in the bullet, but on the lips quite a stronger pink. It looks so nice on I bet I will repurchase this pretty soon. I haven't worn Naughty Saute yet but it is right up my street - a bubblegum pink. With all the rain recently I've been sticking to Hue and Creme Cup, I had been wearing Nicki Minaj during March as we had lots of sunshine. I definitely think the weather affects the colours I want to wear.
I haven't worn Pink Popcorn yet either, only just arrived on Saturday. Its a lilac pink and looks like a more pigmented Pervette. I desperately want Heroine, but I just don't think I'd be brave enough to wear it!
I'm now looking to get some more daring colours. My boyfriend is going on holiday with his  friends in June so I have a list of MAC lipsticks I'm hoping he might be able to pick up in duty free. I'm going to try not to buy any until I see what he brings back...

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