Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Shake It Out

Check out these sparklers! Barry M Cyan blue with Models Own Gold Finger glitter = so sparkley! I scheduled this post as I have no other time! And I don't want to post several posts all at the same time. Anybody remember Bernard's watch on citv back in the day? I could do with that watch ;)

 Post title inspired by Florence & The Machine, too excited for the 31st October and the release of her next album. Professor Green's is also out the same day, as a fan of both I'll be purchasing both. It'll be interesting to see who gets the most sales. Drake's album was due to be released next Monday but has been pushed back to the 14th November :( I hate waiting and I hate waiting even more when there's a delay!

Em x


  1. i love those two colours together :)x

  2. @rebeccalucyh i know they are really striking aren't they! Cyan blue is one of my favourite barry m shades :) xx


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