Monday, 21 May 2012

Recent Online Orders

With my being tired and feeling ill I've been spending a lot of time online, and this often leads to the internet equivalent of window shopping.
My first few orders were with ASOS and New Look and everything got returned due to me buying the wrong sizes. I'm always over cautious and tend to go for a size up, I got a pretty purple dress from New Look in a medium that absolutely drowned me. I was tempted to run it through the sewing machine to bring it in but the fabric was so fine, I knew it would probably pucker under the needle and go wrong. I bought a River Island black lace dress from ASOS and again sized up thinking their sizes are on the small side. I have wanted a lace dress forever, like literally years but they are so hard to get to fit me. I got a gorgeous one from H&M last Autumn but it zipped up the side and although I exchanged it for the next size up to get my bust into it meant the dress itself would have been like a tent on my body. H&M I have found however do not allow for boobs. The ASOS dress arrived and again was far too big, plus it didn't look as nice as it did online.
As I work for Avon they often send out vouchers for other companies. Of late they have done some Dorothy Perkins one. The first I made use of was 20% off here, but the next one was 25%. A quarter off is pretty generous, as usually you get between 10%-20%. I just had to make use of it! I looked online and found a navy biker jacket. I have a cheap black one from Primark that is quite creased but navy is one of my favourite colours. I even showed the boyfriend the jacket and we popped through my local store on the first day of the voucher and they didn't stock it. I just had to have it! I ordered online that night and got two sizes to compare. I also found a block colour clutch that is being returned as its too big for me to hold and has no handle or chain. I got a pretty bunting necklace too and wish I got this one too.
 Excuse the creases but it actually arrived like this! I thought a biker jacket meant it would be a bit tougher than this fabric. Maybe I should have read the description but if you look at this link, I feel it looks like navy leather/pleather. To me it does anyway, but lesson learned. Its actually a really nice jacket, but I don't really need it and I want a proper biker jacket.
With the Olympics and the Jubilee this year the country has gone mad for all things British and Union Jack. As a massive lover of this kind of thing I am loving it. My friend Kelly got a bunting necklace from Forever21 but neither of us have been to London since, its not on the website and its too hard to ask others for what I'm after. Hers is beautiful, made up of red, white, blue and union jack flags and I lust after it so very much. This is an attempt to satisfy that lust. Not as striking and not obvious (to me at first) its bunting but beggars can't be choosers.

Superdrug ever so kindly emailed me to tell me they had 3 for 2 on cosmetics. To me, that's more than enough bait to go and look. And if I look I always find. I had a little big massive list of bits I'm after. Now believe me when I say I had to be very restrained. Also I was buying bits for my lovely boyfriend, my littlest brothers favourite man scent for my Mum (I already have him a bottle for his birthday in October and Mum wanted one to give him for Christmas) and a few toiletries for me.
MUA palettes in Glitter Ball and Starry Night. The names are pretty apt for these palettes as they are what they say on the tin. Glitter Ball is a selection of intense glittery colours. I can't wait to wear these as I love glitter and they look pretty pigmented. Starry Night is your usual smokey eye palette, perfect for creating a dark smoulder with a lilac and pink shade too. 
Maybelline Colour 24hr Tattoo shadows in Immortal Charcoal and On and On Bronze
 I just had to get my hands on the Maybelline Color 24 Hour Tattoo shadows. I chose two colours I thought I'd wear the most. These have been compared to MAC paint pots which I find very exciting as I am pretty obsessed with them. I'm hoping these could also act as a decent primer to hold eyeshadow to my lid. I want to get the purple and blue colours in these as they look amazing. 
 I ended up getting a Maybelline Pop Stick over a Revlon Lip Butter as I want to see the colours in person. Bit disappointed with this Pop Stick, in shade Pink Sugar, I swatched it on my hand and it came back clear. I'm hoping as I break into the bullet the glitter will come out more. I also just had to add an Essie to my basket. So excited how easily available Essie is in the UK now! OPI next please. I got Lapiz of Luxury, bit obsessed with blue/lilac/bluey purple nail polishes. I tried this over Models Owns Beths Blue and its a few shades darker.
Maybelline Pop Stick in Pink Sugar
Next I stupidly went onto Topshop's website. Obviously going to spend! However the nail tattoos I have wanted for ever and regretted not getting when I had them in my hand in Topshop Oxford St! I bought two Fashion Targets Breast Cancer bracelets. At £2 each they are amazing value while helping a worthwhile cause. The hair clips were so adorable, I love carousels and I've never seen anything like them before. I finally caved and bought a Topshop lipstick. I've bided my time as there hasn't been colours that I just had to own. Add to that my local Topshop don't stock the range and I've never been too taken with ones in stores I've visited I never got one. Brighton Rock had always appealed to me but I had never found it anywhere or online so just assumed it was limited edition. I couldn't believe it when I saw it on their website and immediately added it to my basket. So really I needed all items, and two are helping others...
Topshop Brighton Rock - a bright pink, that looks very similar to Nicki Minaj Viva Glam. 
Then I managed to find what looked like the perfect biker jacket on Miss Selfridge online. I literally couldn't order it fast enough, and it arrived today. It is so very perfect. I am so excited to own this. Its slightly creased from being folded in the bag but I've left it on my dress mannequin. Plus it adds to the look. 
 This necklace I've been eyeing up in Topshop for weeks but can't bring myself to part with the £14 for it. When I needed a little something extra to give me free postage I found this and added it.
I love it so much! Long + peace sign = perfect combination for me.
Such a long post but I think I need my password book taken away from me and my card details erased from my head.
I have a basket on ASOS as I write this...but I am going to save it for later.


  1. i love your jacket and the make up kits well its worth reading the article too so inspiring lets follow each other

  2. I looked at those pop sticks in boots today. They're really weird, don't really get them haha! The orange one has a lot more colour to it than the glittery one! xx

    1. Very bizarre, I haven't tried it out properly yet but I did go for that one because of the glitter so I'm hoping it shows when worn! :) xx


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