Tuesday, 29 May 2012

First Matalan Spend!

Matalan arrived in my town a few months ago but I hadn't been til yesterday. I was so excited to finally be going as friends had told me good things about it and I sometimes see their clothing pop up on blogs. I'd had a quick skim on their website so knew some bits I was after. Mum said I used to go in there when I was little but I have no recollection. We moved from Devon when I was twelve so I haven't been in one since then. I'm really pleased with what I picked up and can't wait to wear them. 
 Palm Tree empire boobtube £8, Floral empire boobtube £8, Fruit Bikini, top & bottom £3 each
 Palm Leaf kaftan £8
 Parka in a bag £18 
 Seahorse blouse with sequin collar £18
 Swallow print pink blouse £12
 Purple lace dress £25

I've wanted a parka for ages but never been able to find a print I liked. Primark have had some recently but always been in big sizes. Couldn't resist this star one. Still obsessed with Peter Pan collars and so the two tops were obvious. They also had a horse print one in lilac the same as the swallow one but it didn't look as nice on :( the kaftan was the only one left and my size! Had gold thread running through it, probably should have got the matching bikini too. So I finally found a lace dress and in one of my favourite colours! The camera hasn't picked up how truly beautiful this dress is. I love the empire boobtube prints and really wanted a parrot print one but they didn't have anywhere near my size. I love that shops now do bikini pieces separately as I need a 10 bottom but 16 top. Its a really skimpy one so upsized on both pieces to contain my blushes.
I also made a trip to the Range where I always find loads!
 Love frame £3.99, The Range 
Can't wait to put some photos of me and the boy in here.
 Beach Hut cool bag £5, Matalan
Can't say no to anything with beach huts on. I think this being a rucksack also sold it as my current cool bag just has a carry handle and drinks can be heavy. Hopefully this will make it easier.

 Eiffel Tower cushion £8, Matalan, Beach Hut cushion £4.99, The Range
 Buddha candle holder, £3.49, Rose bucket, £1.29, The Range
 Teal flowers, £2.99, The Range
 12 photo frame, £7.99, London print words, £5.99, Home floral print words, £3.99, The Range
Recipe book holder £4.99, The Range 
Some of the bits from the Range will be in the loft until I have my own home to put them in.
What do you think of my finds?

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