Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday Summary #66

I've had the nicest chilled out time off work and hoping I'm not really back tomorrow. I had a really big spring clean and enjoyed the sunshine. I went to Norwich yesterday for a day of shopping with my boyfriend which was perfect and I got some really lovely bits even though we only got round a fraction of the shops there. We found the most amazing takeaway Chinese called "Wox" which is near Primark. The food was insanely good. My boyfriend picked thai caramelised chicken - I wish I'd known how good it was! Norwich Primark is awful! I don't know if it was just a bad day but it even pushed me to the limit. They have more tills since I last went but all the queues were SO long and I had to queue for about 45 minutes, at one point I considered abandoning my basket!! I stayed though and paid and then had to lug that damn heavy bag around, although my boyfriend carried it after a while as it really was so heavy. Our friend recommended we visit the Television and Movie store near the Forum which was amazing. It had everything from Marvel to Doctor Who to Game Of Thrones stuff. I had a fan girl moment at the Harry Potter section and got a little something. We made a trip to Cath Kidston as I was after a bag or two and could spend my entire pay packet in there, I love everything!

My hayfever has started to kick in which I'm hating, today I've been sneezing loads and a runny nose. I've started taking my tablets but will have to dig out my Allergy Reliever. While in Norwich my boyfriend really wanted to track down a copy of Captain America and possibly Thor but HMV didn't have either but we stumbled upon a shop called "That's Entertainment" which we've visited before in Great Yarmouth and has CDs and DVDS at ridiculous prices (second hand) and new stuff too. There will always be CDs I feel are missing from my collection, I like so much music. We were browsing the new section and my boyfriend spotted both DVDs! Talk about a find and only £7.99 each he was so happy. We watched Thor today, we're going with friends to see Iron Man 3 on Tuesday evening and we're watching Captain America next weekend. So after last weekends Iron Man 1 and 2 catch up I'm all Marvel'd up. I'm getting the hype now and understanding it all better as they're all linked in together. I almost feel sad this is the last Iron Man film as I have a little soft spot for RDJ.

My boyfriend's Grandad's party is formal so I'm in a bit of a tizz what to wear but found some cute choices in Primark. I was hoping New Look would have something as I have a credit note for there that needs to be spent soon but I couldn't even find a blazer I liked which was disappointing. I've placed a big Matalan order online which has a purple blazer in which I'm hoping will fit and look great. Hopefully it will turn up in the next few days.
Small cool bag £3.50 - Sainsburys 
When I want a small cool bag I always have to ask my Mum to dig hers out from the garage so it seemed a great idea to get my own. I loved the design of this one, its very me. 
Rope bikini top £8, bottoms £4 - George at Asda 
I think I said last week I was struggling to find a bikini I liked when I stumbled upon this online. I instantly ordered it and love it so much now its arrived. It has two tiny anchors hanging from the top and looks so nice on I can't wait to wear it! 
Maxi dress £10 - George at Asda
I wasn't sure about this but thought as its so easy to return I'd take a gamble and order it. Its lovely material, like a cotton silk, so will be cool for the summer and really looks nice on. My boyfriend isn't a massive maxi dress fan but even he loves this. I didn't see if it said online but this is a bandeau maxi dress that comes with four straps so you could tie them over your shoulder or just use the front two for a halter neck tie. I would recommend checking George out as they have some gorgeous summer items at the moment. 
Paris door stop £5 - Asda 
My Mum got one of these for our kitchen and being a huge Paris and Eiffel Tower lover I had to have my own. Its so striking and feels quite light but actually holds the door perfectly. We tested it out as we have two back doors, a front door and a side door, we only use the side door to get in and out of the house so last weekend when the back doors were open for the lovely weather and our cats to come and go whenever the side door got opened the kitchen door would slam shut. I didn't think this would work but the door didn't even move when this was in place. 
Follow Your Heart wooden plague £1.50 - Morrisons
I went to Morrisons with my Mum to do a little shop on Friday and when I spotted this on the shelf in the home section it got snatched up instantly, plus the tiny price tag means this was a complete steal. I'm not sure there's anywhere to hang this in my room but it'll be a nice thing to keep for when I move out.
 Soap in a box £6.99 - TK Maxx 
I was killing time before meeting my boyfriend from work and thought I'd have a little look in TK Maxx as sometimes they have great bargains. My eyes fell upon this beauty in the middle of other soap boxes, but this being so pretty and curved really stood out. I love adding little trinket boxes to my dressing table to put rings and earrings in. The soap is green tea and white lily scented which isn't my thing but it should benefit someone as I've added it to my charity bag.
 Strawberries carry all open bag £24 - Cath Kidston 
 Sailing boats zip bag £30 - Cath Kidston 
I adore both these bags, I nearly died when my eyes fell upon the boat print when the new catalogue dropped through my door last week. I just had to have something with it on as I love boats and lighthouses and the sea. My boyfriend liked it too and helped me pick which bag to have. I went for the zip bag as it will be ideal for travelling but not too big for shopping. I have a zip shopper bag with the cherries print similar to the strawberries one but they're so handy and ideal they get their use.
Yankee Candles £1.80 each, Yankee holder £2.99 
We found the sweetest vintage shop and my lovely boyfriend bought me these. I haven't seen the holders for sale in a shop before and as I use mine constantly I thought I should get another to have a different scent in for a change and when I move out. My boyfriend has his eye on the big Yankee jars for when we move out.
 Hamsa long necklace £4 - Peacocks
I spotted a white crochet jumper in the window which got me in the doors but then I only left with this, I love long necklaces and this is so dainty and pretty.
 My Little Pony £14.99 - Television and Movie store
I am a MASSIVE MLP fan and couldn't resist this vintage tee. I often go for t shirts with quirky things on and this being the original MLP I just fell in love with it instantly. Its black which is a shame as I'm sure pink would look cuter but beggars can't be choosers.
 Hogwarts emblem mug £6.99 - Television and Movie store
Argh! I have to go to the Harry Potter Studios as I know I'd simply love every moment but for now this will do. They had the house emblem mugs too but I went for this one. They also had framed posters of The Daily Prophet front pages with Sirius and Harry both wanted among others. They were so cool.
 Kanye West albums - That's Entertainment
I don't have these in my collection so as I'm a huge fan of Kanye (his music, not his current love life choice) I wanted my own copies. I particularly like the 808s and Heartbreaks LP.
 99p store
We randomly wanted in here and I came out with these. I haven't been able to find the Cherry Blast anywhere and this was the last one so it became mine.
All Primark 
Tie dye maxi dress £14 - George at Asda 
My Mum found this for me and its gorgeous. Its quite a flowy maxi but very summery.
Songbird pencil case £3.99, multi colour pen £2.99 - WHSmith 
I made a quick stop for newspapers and these two popped into my hands. I've been after a pencil case for ages as my pens are loose in my drawer and it drives me mental searching for one. I love this design and can't wait to use it. 
I placed an order on Superdrug as they had their sun protection better than half price. I used the Ambre Solaire clear protect last year and it was good but it is very greasy and makes you pretty sticky. I needed a new after sun too and then found lots of little bits for holiday. A friend recommended the almond and coconut products to me and for a travel mini there is loads in these!

So that's my week, lots and lots of shopping but necessities :) 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday Summary #65

So this week has been rather exciting as me and my boyfriend have finally booked our summer holiday. It's been on the back burner since New Year and I knew by Easter we had to sort something. We had planned on a week in Cornwall but certain factors mean it's not feasible this time plus with so many other things happening this year and saving for a house deposit we started looking closer to home. A work colleague of mine has a holiday home in Norfolk and after looking at the location I asked her if it would be free for our week and it is! The added benefit of mates rates means we'll get a week of sun, sea and sand at a tiny price. I've been making a list today as its self catering so we need to think more practically of things we'll need. My excitement at shopping for summer clothes is out of control, I've been looking online constantly this week and waiting for some discount codes to fly my way. It seems I am a very fussy person when it comes to bikini shopping as there are some lovely ones out there but nothing that is a must have for me. I'm hoping to get some more maxi dresses in my wardrobe and some shorts too. I'm also on a mad fruitless hunt for a floral kimono. I found a nice one on River Island but its sale and out of stock :( our holiday is the end of June and we're so looking forward to it. Its been a lovely week of weather and the sunshine makes me so happy. I'm only in work Monday and Tuesday this week although its not sunk in yet which is probably a good thing as work drags when you're so close to time off. I'm planning to spring clean my room and wardrobe and shopping with my boyfriend, with a trip to Norwich on Saturday, yay!

 We watched Ironman 1 and 2 today ready for the 3rd release later this week. I am certainly getting into all the Marvel films as my boyfriend is a massive fan and I'd never really watched them. My brother bought him a huge wall art collection of the Marvel comic covers. Its so big I've no idea where we'll keep it til we have our own home to put it up. I'm itching with anticipation for the Great Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio. I read an article yesterday and may read the book too, I need to find some beach reads to take so that could be one of them. My boyfriend has already decided what he's taking - the new Dan Brown (out soon) and The Hobbit. I'll probably go for lighter reads and a sneaky Heat.

I've been very restrained spending wise this week in view of Norwich shopping but I went back for some more storage from WHSmiths. I'd been sorting out under my bed and realised all my scrap book and card making bits are kind of everywhere. I wanted a box to keep them all together and WHSmiths do some lovely designs.
 Storage box £6.99 BOGOF - WHSmiths
I really liked this design and its a shoe box size but deeper so lots of room.
 Cupcake photo box £4.99 BOGOF - WHSmiths
I didn't know what else to choose as it seemed silly not to get a free box. I love this design but no idea what to keep in it yet.
Cross Stitch Crazy magazine £4.99 - WHSmiths 
I have been thinking of starting to cross stitch again as I loved it a few years ago. I still have some sets to do and as I looked around at womens magazines I spotted this one and it has beach hut stitch designs inside. I LOVE beach huts and just had to get it for those. I will probably change the stitch colours to pink or a brighter blue and if they look alright might frame them for my bathroom one day. Having a flick through here once home there is so many designs to stitch its crazy value for money. This one includes an A-Z guide which would be perfect to stitch for a child for their room. I stopped buying magazines as my New Years Resolution as I was wasting so much money and never reading them but I'll get these for the designs if it takes my fancy. 

I've just placed a Superdrug order online as not had a chance to go in this week and they have bargains on. I also got some holiday bits, I can't resist minis! 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Summary #64

The sun has finally appeared!!! Sunshine makes the world such a better place. I feel so happy and motivated and less tired when the sun is shining. Not even getting caught in the afternoon rain yesterday could dampen my mood. I made the error of visiting Primark this week and walking out £119 poorer. I got some lovely pieces though but their sizing is just terrible. I'll have to refund or exchange half of them. I also accidentally found myself in New Look giving in to their buy one get one free on jewellery. They have their swimwear section out but nothing very summery clothes wise yet. I am dying to buy summer clothes!!!
Me and my boyfriend have been discussing having our friends over for a barbeque as soon as possible and what to have on our table spread - haha not premature or anything! I've re-started epilating (OUCHIES!) as it can be time consuming and during the winter it was easier and warmer to shave in the shower. I forgot how much it hurts but its amazing for long lasting hair free legs. Plus when I epilated last summer my hair got to a point where it grew back patchy and finer so it got easier to epilate as the hairs being pulled out are smaller and took less time as the hair doesn't grow everywhere anymore. I'd recommend epilating to anyone as the pain gets better and the results are incredible. Lovely bit of personal grooming update for you there.

I am just so excited to see some decent weather and not having to bundle up like Michelin man everyday. Plus I am desperate to dig my leather jackets out. I've also been invited to my first ever wedding in September, words cannot describe my utter excitement at the prospect. I'm already looking for dresses and thinking of hair, make-up and nails for the day.

I watched The Voice last night and really enjoyed it. I've never taken to it, I watched last years on and off so wasn't too bothered for its return. I loved some of the acts on last night and think Jessie J is quite lovely. I loved her green talons last night. My boyfriend had been to London yesterday so he got back late and we caught up with Britain's Got Talent today. Another show I can take or leave but it happened to be on and my boyfriend enjoys it. Again there was some great acts and I adored Jack. Attraction were one of the best I've ever seen.
 Lace top with printed cross necklace £8 - Primark
This is cheating a little as Mum got me this. I usually steer clear of lace as I love it but not sure it looks right on me. I think because this is white its not as hard to pull off as black lace - says the girl who used to wear lace tights, fishnets, mini skirts and lace tops all in black to under 18 clubs.
 Cool bag £5 - Primark 
This pretty print caught my eye and with the sun being out it seemed appropriate to get something for picnics and what not. I'm not sure how good the lining will be for keeping food cool being from Primark but I shouldn't need it to keep cool for long periods of time.
 Nivea Stress Protect £1.50, Revlon lip butter in Sorbet £7.99, Models Own in Purple Pukka £5, Natural Collection blush in Pink Cloud £1.99 - Boots
I used some 3 for 2 offers with my Mum as she wanted some stuff too. I love when Boots do 3 for 2 on almost everything. I love using the Revlon lip butters so couldn't resist this new shade as its a bright pink. The blush is ridiculously cheap but lasts on me all day and gives a lovely flush.

 Contrast jacket £25 - Primark 
I really like these jackets and have been debating getting one for months. I don't think khaki is great on me so when I saw this lighter camel version I snapped it up. I'm not sold on it on me as I think it looks too harsh on me. Plus I never wear my jackets done up and this looks odd undone so I'll most likely return it.
 Pink blouse £12 - Primark
This caught my eye for the pretty detail along the top but on looks very plain so I'm not sure if I like it so much anymore.
 Navy polka dot blouse £12 - Primark 
I love navy and polka dot so I had to buy this but its too big for me so it'll have to go back.
Floral dress £10 - Primark 
I LOVE this dress. It looks so pretty and summery on and I can't wait for an opportunity to wear it. 
White and rose tiered top £12 - Primark 
My Mum found this and it looks so pretty on, I love the watercolour effect that's still quite bright. My boyfriend's Grandad is having a party for his 80th in May so I need something lovely to wear so depending on the dress code it could be this. 
Bright flower top £10 - Primark 
I can't wait to wear this with bleached jeans or shorts in the summer. 
Jewelled jumper £10 - Primark 
The jewels on this got my attention and I'm hoping it looks nice on as I haven't tried it yet. 
 Denim shorts £10, frilly socks £1.50 each and Owl wash mitt £1 - Primark 
I found the cutest pair of green shorts with pink flamingo print but they didn't have my size so I got this pair instead. They look quite baggy so I'm not sure how they'll look on. The Owl mitt was too cute to leave and the socks remind me of being little at primary school! I love them teamed with Mary Janes.
 All £4 - Primark 
I think its outrageous how similar these are to the Topshop ones and at a fraction of the price. I already have 3 or 4 so wasn't going to get anymore but liked the pastels and I love teaming t shirts with skinny jeans and Converse.
 Midi rings £6 (pack of 6) - ASOS 
I've been searching for some of these for ages! I never know how to search for them as different places call them different things. I had been frustrated at everywhere being sold out and finally found ASOS had some in stock. Some are twisted and some are plain and I prefer the twisted ones.
 Monochrome flower long necklace £5.99, Owl pendant £5.99 BOGOF - New Look 
I can't resist a cute Owl necklace that much is clear. Its getting ridiculous how many I have but this one is quite different with his turquoise belly. I thought the monochrome flowers would be great with anything so would be a very versatile piece. I tend to wear long necklaces and pendants in the summer with blouses and tops.
 Peace two strand necklace £6.99, multi cross necklace £5.99 BOGOF - New Look
I ummed and ahhed over both these necklaces. I love both peace signs and crosses but wasn't sure if either of these were very me. Being on offer definitely made the decision easier and I got them.
Anchor earrings and double finger ring £2.99 BOGOF - New Look 
I already have items very similar to these but the low price and BOGOF meant I just had to get them. I love anchors as you'll know if you've read about my tattoos. I only got the earrings as I couldn't find anything else and I don't have a gold pair. 

I'm already excited for Broadchurch and Made In Chelsea tomorrow night so here's hoping my 4'o'clock finish rolls around quickly tomorrow.
Hope you've all had good weeks

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