Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I keep hearing David Guetta's track Titanium on the radio every morning. I'm not the biggest Guetta fan but he's good to dance to on a night out or getting ready. I LOVE the vocals on this track by Sia, she makes it for me. 

 models own black crackle and barry m nails paints - 307 lemon ice cream, 304 mint green, 308 berry ice cream

The boy suggested I do yellow nails with black crackle but it felt too boring for me, so I used lilac and green too. He did the lilac crackle and kept saying it didn't look good but it did! Crackle tends to differ naturally. 

I really wish Models Own did a white crackle as I really want one so may have to go for the Barry M version. Models Own have just launched their Kaleidoscope collection which looks nice. It has a purple which I will no doubt buy (because its purple) and a yellow. I really want a bright summer yellow so this might just be the one! I'm looking to place an order pronto. 

Em x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday Summary #6

Been on holiday from work since Tuesday which has been amazing. Had such lovely spring weather, been very lucky for February as its usually a very rainy month. Wednesday we doubled dated with my brother and his girlfriend. We went to see Chronicle which I really enjoyed. I wasn't too sure if it would be my sort of film but I really liked the storyline and the actors were cast well for the characters. It had a slightly random ending but also fitted. We went to Frankie and Bennys for tea and ended up getting a main course and all our desserts free! Then we went to see The Woman In Black. Unfortunately it was a packed screen with lots of kids (due to the 12A rating) which meant every scary moment or even slightly scary moment was ruined with lots of screaming followed by endless laughing. As scared as the film made me I loved it. Daniel Radcliffe is such a babe and it was very odd seeing him play a father. Its definitely a must-see and if I can sit through it all when I hate scary stuff then anyone can! We walked home because the buses are irregular in the evening and it was pretty eerie walking through a park cut through. Thursday I got the boy geocaching with me although we failed to find the two we set off for but we ended up with a nice country walk and cakes and magnums on the way home. Friday we had another chilled day with a pub lunch and another box of Magnums. I also suffered the trauma of a cut foot with an overly dramatic bandage due to no plasters in the house! Its still sore today but healing well.  Spent yesterday in London with my boy which was amazing. We managed to fit so much into the day but will blog about it separately as I got some bits shopping.

Ridiculous spring outfit for geocaching. Country field view. Horizon. Pretty church. Three tops with that collar I can't get enough of. Topshop heart ring and Primark Kate engagement ring dupe. Butterfly blouse. Dixie on my rolled back duvet. Pub lunch. Cut foot. 

Got another box of Magnums after lunch today. Three in the past four days, the local shop must be so confused haha. Off to bed soon I'm still so tired from London and back to work tomorrow, wah. 

Hope you've all had good weeks

Em x 

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Born To Die

I am so obsessed with Lana Del Rey and her song "Born To Die". I have watched the video SO many times! Possibly my biggest girl crush at the moment. Her album is on my shopping list so should get it soon. Trying to avoid town this week although I need to get a hair donut and a Tangle Teezer, so might pass HMV. Thoroughly enjoyed my first day of holiday from work, me and the boy had a lay in and then occupied the sofa in our pjs for some hours watching music channels and the news. Had my brothers 19th birthday yesterday, was so tired to get home from work and discover Mum was really behind with his birthday tea. Luckily my boy was a few minutes behind me and between the three of us got it all served up. Finally got a bottle of Baileys in the house and couldn't wait to have a glass. Didn't drink all of mine and ended up with my Mum's too as she's not drunk in ages because of medication. Watching the Brits tonight with some coke and amaretto and birthday cake. 

Date day/evening tomorrow with my boy. Two cinema trips with a Frankie & Benny's wedged in between. We're seeing Chronicle and then The Woman In Black, quite looking forward to a good scaring, I rarely watch thrillers/horrors. Its probably only because Daniel Radcliffe is in it and I'm an epic Harry Potter fan. We saw Rupert Grint twice in the Lego House video, he will always be Ron Weasley to me <3 

I am overly impressed with my nails this week. I painted my hands in reverse to each other in No7 nail polishes Minty Fresh and Me Me Me. I was going to use my trusty old bottle of Models Own Juicy Jules glitter but the boy arrived and said crackle. I decided to try out a black Models Own crackle I bought cheap off ASOS a few months ago. The boy was laughing at me saying I looked in awe of it, but literally it IS the most amazing crackle I've ever seen! I always just assumed the Barry M was the best you could get, how wrong I was! I can't wait to get more colours of the Models Own crackle because they look incredible. I find the Barry M looks messier compared to this one and leaves a texture that I really dislike that not even a top coat can get rid of. 

These photos don't do justice for how clear the crackle is, I guess the Barry M as it separates leaves residue behind whereas the Models Own leaves it clear so it leaves a better effect. My black Barry M really needs to be binned as its gone gloopy. 

Any excuse to buy more Models Own and seeing as they launch their Shop in a Bottle soon I will obviously be looking to visit, and if you visit its rude not to spend. 

As I was about to publish this Lana Del Rey won a Brit Award! So happy for her she really deserves it. 

Em x 

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Summary #5

Another quiet week. Time is speeding by so fast. Not done much except Valentine's. Had the loveliest night, the best Valentine's ever. The snow has finally all gone thanks to rain during the week and the temperature has finally risen so I'm not moaning about it being like Moscow outside. At one point I was wearing 5 layers into work and still feeling cold with the heating on. Still had no luck finding the Kit Kat Chunky Champions, might just vote for the white chocolate one anyway haha then I might get one! 

 My Valentine's card. LE Love Hearts tin, I had to get one as they are my favourite sweets and remind me of my boy. Easter chocolates, the last bag of mini Love Hearts in the shop and M&S cashews nuts <3 I always wish graze would just send me cashews, chocolate & honeycomb flapjack and the herb garden haha. Panda pjs and knickers. Valentine's red roses <3. Skinny chinos addiction, the pink colour look amazing in real life! Dolls hosue necklace. My two babies. 

Scheduled this post on Friday as today is the joint birthday party of one of my little brothers and my brothers girlfriend. Me and the boy will be helping my Mum set up and do all the food etc. By this time I expect to be stuffed full of buffet food, face ache from smiling for dozens of photos and feeling grateful for my amazing family and boyfriend. Hope you've all had good weeks. 

Em x 

Friday, 17 February 2012


Just a few lip products I'm loving at the moment. I finally bought two Barry M lip crayons after a year of sitting on the fence about them. I'm pretty certain they launched just before last Valentine's and I originally went into Superdrug a few weeks ago for a Barry M lipstick. They had a promotion on for any two lip products for £7. I swatched the crayons out of curiosity and fell in love instantly. They then didn't have stock of the colours I wanted! I'm pretty certain Boots and Superdrug don't re-stock during promotions. My local Boots never ever replenish their No7 counter during 3 for 2 or the £5 voucher. I guess it makes some customers buy less popular products. I finally got the crayon colours I wanted at a different Superdrug and even got to use £1 off my beauty card! How I got to £1 I'll never know as you don't get very many points and I pretty much buy everything from Boots. 

 Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayons in Ballet Pink (bottom) and Candyfloss (top)
 Ballet Pink on the left is a pale pink with blue/lilac shimmer tones to it. It's very pretty and reminds me of MAC's Pervette which I love. Candyfloss on the right is a bright pink with pink glitter and blue shimmer. These are similar to a lipgloss in texture but slightly thicker. Their staying power is pretty impressive and Candyfloss does leave the pink behind once the shimmer has gone. 
 Lush Celebrate and Snow Fairy Lip Tints
I have been a fan of the Snow Fairy lip tint since it was first released two Christmas' ago. Its a perfect bright pink that smells insanely amazing. When my boy first smelt it he asked how I didn't eat my own face haha. I always get comments on the smell when I wear it, even if I've had it on for a few hours people can still smell it. Its not the easiest of products to work with as its quite thick and isn't smooth so the trick is to work it to create heat so it goes on smoother. Sometimes I use Vaseline over the top for a smoother look. The Celebrate lip tint was a new launch for last Christmas and smells amazing too, exactly like champagne. It has popping candy in which I'm trying to keep for as long as possible. Its a neutral colour which reminds me of 17's Mirror Shine in Bee Hive, a nudey pink, except Celebrate has a golden peachy tone to it. 
 l-r snow fairy, celebrate, ballet pink and candyfloss
MAC Pretty Please
This has to be the most impossible colour ever to photograph. Its a lustre which probably explains a lot. I failed epicly to capture this anywhere, and even this shot doesn't show it true to life. This is a pale pink with a light gold shimmer to it. Its very pretty and a nice addition to have. I love having lightly glittered or shimmered lips so this was a perfect choice for me. 

My post title inspired by Jakwob's track which is getting a lot of airplay. Its taken time but he's finally getting the recognition and credit he deserves. I first found him when he remixed Ellie Gouldings Under The Sheets and Starry Eyed which is a good few years ago now. Very excited for more material from him. 

What lip products have you fallen in love with lately? 

Em x 

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Summary #4

It's been a relatively quiet week due to the snow. I barely did any shopping this week as I couldn't bear to venture far on my work lunch. Me and the boy had a pizza hut trip planned but ended up ordering it for delivery with my family so we kept warm and dry. The night we planned to go the temperature was meant to be minus 6! Couldn't resist a MAC order but only allowed myself one item, I'm very impressed with how restrained I can be sometimes. Very excited for Valentine's Day, got a romantic night in planned. Also excited for Easter already, the selection of chocolate is going to make me so fat. Already had several Malteaster bunnies and a few Creme eggs, nom. On a mission to find the Kit Kats Chunkys Champions. Really want to try the white chocolate one, and I saw them a few weeks ago and never got any and now can't find any anywhere! Had another great weekend, had a run of them lately. Only got a week and a day left of work before I have a week off. Can't wait to just chill out, spend lots of time with my boy and not have to get up early.

Another blouse! MAC lipstick in Pretty Please, will blog about this soon as it was too dark to capture today. Also have some other lip products to talk about. Getting excited about the 2012 Olympics and collecting the coins, although I don't want all of them :-s. RED HAIR AGAIN! :) Jewellery holder from Claire's Accessories, my standing one has too much weight to see what I have and turn so hoping this solves some of the problem. 3 for 2 on jewellery at Claire's, the middle necklace I got for my Mum, although I now want one haha. My baby girl Dixie on my bed. Barry M Bright Purple & Gold Crackle nails. Pizza hut delivery. My boy Ronnie stealing not only my seat, but my blanket too. The view from my bus stop on Monday morning. 

Hope you've all been enjoying the snow and keeping safe and warm. Although it snowed last night, rain this morning helped clear a lot of the pavements. It's not been a lot of fun trying to walk on compacted ice and snow, so the patches left I can work my way around. 

The year is going so fast, can't believe its the middle of February already! 

Em x 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Summary #3

Had a very quiet week as I could feel a cold coming and managed to delay it coming out until Friday. It only lasted the day also, I dread colds as I get really ill from them and can't go into work or do anything for that matter. Spent every evening in bed watching tv, actually really impressed with the BBC. Monday was "Protecting Our Children" all about the work of social workers. I love documentaries and this one is a three parter I think. It wasn't nice to see the neglect of the child they featured but with hard work and determination the child got removed from the parents. The mother also gave birth to another child who got taken into care straight away and at the end they interviewed her and she said she'd decided to give them up for adoption. Whilst it was the right decision for the children it was still quite hard to know she would never see her children again. 

On Tuesday it was "Prisoners Wives" with a really impressive performance from Emma Rigby. Thursday night was "Inside Men" with Ashley Walters, making it a must see for me. Also stars Kierston Wareing who I love. She's such a convincing actress and I loved her in Fish Tank. Still to watch the Martina Cole adaptations for Runaway and The Take but I'll get there. Top Boy which she also starred in is out soon so looking forward to getting that in my DVD collection. 

I should watch more tv and film because if it can hold my attention long enough I really enjoy it!

Not only do I have a blouse obsession but I have a shopping addiction. Not too sure about the first blouse, Mum said its too "grannified" haha. Been lusting after this chain blouse for weeks, finally managed to convince Mum to let me spend. We get stuck in a complication of me wanting to spend, her telling me not to, so then I don't and some items I will just keep wanting everytime I see it so she lets me. Trying so hard to spend less on clothing but as you can see it isn't going so well! Loved the bird print blouse, soon as I saw it I had to get one. Pretty colours in my trusty favourite blouse. Making up for not getting a fake McQueen scarf in Camden last year with a Primark version but liked the navy and red more than the black and white, cute socks, boat ring and butterfly charm. Pretty summer tops from Primark with the Peter Pan collar I adore. This week's nails, see my Purple Rain post for info. Sainsburys recipe cards for my recipe folder. A new wardrobe rail!!! The best chocolate ever! If you ever fell in love with Snowflakes these taste exactly the same! I hope they are around for a while. Also wanting to get my hands on the new Kit Kat chunkys, can imagine the white chocolate one will win my vote. 

The snow finally arrived today! Woke up to the thickest blanket of snow! Did go out to play for a short while, intended to build a snowman but the boy declared the snow too "crumbley" and proceeded to hurl snowballs around haha. 

Hope you've all had good weeks and are enjoying the snow while keeping warm. 

Em x 

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