Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunday Summary #35

After a glorious work free week, I am certainly wishing I wasn't returning tomorrow. Another week please. I've had a perfect mix of rest and play, with my birthday on Thursday. Went to see Lawless on Monday with my boyfriend, so good! The trailer had intrigued me but the film was just much more than I had expected. Tom Hardy and Shia LaBeouf were outstanding and the rest of the cast were perfect for their roles. Monday night Mum trailed me round Asda and Tescos, I love shopping but it was so much in one evening! I found the sweetest pink coat in George at Asda with black bows. I got some mermaid green court shoes which I instantly fell in love with. They have a short enough heel that I could wear them all day, probably. I currently only have stiletto height heels in my wardrobe which are great but sometimes not that practical. My Mum got me two more pairs of courts today in red and pink, they'd be perfect for an interview too as they aren't too high but flats can look too casual sometimes.
I used to love Florence + Fred at Tesco but I haven't found anything in there for ages. When I looked it was all very mumsy and casual, which is fine if that's your style. On Tuesday I saw my best friend and her little girl. We had fun watching kids tv and her little girl going through all the bracelets my Mum has been making. After lunch we went to my local park and I had my workout pushing the swing two million times. Then one of the slides had two platforms to get up to it so I stood on the middle one to assist reaching the slide. Much more arm muscle workout ensued as I pulled and then pushed up. Wednesday I visited my Mum's best friends with her and we stopped at Matalan on the way home. I got some great bits and everything I'd seen on their website I found in store, yay to that! I went to see Dredd 3D with my boyfriend and two of our friends on Wednesday evening. I felt it was pointless in 3D as barely any of it was 3D, but it was a good film and the boys enjoyed it. Thursday morning I was woken by my Mum bringing a HUGE box into my room. My boyfriend had sent me a massive crown balloon! He was at work so wouldn't be with me until the afternoon. I had breakfast and lunch in bed watching my Hills boxset and then went to meet my boyfriend from work. One of my brothers should have worked til 9pm but got off at 8pm so I waited til he got home with his girlfriend to open my presents. It practically goes without saying we always have chinese takeaway on my birthday, I love it! I was feeling quite rough though as I felt I had a cold coming. By the time we'd eaten and I'd opened my presents it was time for bed. Didn't do my cake til last night as Friday I spent relatively bare faced and feeling sorry for myself. I haven't had a cold come out and have now decided its hayfever. At the end of September. Yup, sucks to be me. Piriton has stopped my sneezing and constantly running nose thankfully. I spent yesterday shopping and got some bargains in New Look. In other random news I got Sims 3 quite a few months ago now. My boyfriend got it and it seemed worth a buy. I struggled so much to play it I ended up forgetting about it. I've loved Sims since I was younger and thought both Sims and Sims 2 were excellent and I spent hours tending to my neighbourhoods and families. I'd asked for some Sims 3 expansions for my birthday as I didn't have anything else to ask for. Since installing them I have totally turned into a Sims 3 lover. There are certain aspects of the game I don't like but for now I'm enjoying it. Sims Vacation, Makin' Magic and Sims 2 Seasons are my all time favourite expansions so I am super excited to get Sims 3 Supernatural and Seasons. I love the fact on Sims 3 Pets you can have a horse, childhood dream!
 Stole my chair! Pink coat.  
 The balloon is longer than my arm :)
Sleeping Ronnie
 My Balloon :) 
 Beach Hut birthday cake 
 Never too old for party bags! 
 Some presents from my Mum 
 Star charm bracelet and heart earrings 
 Sims 3 Expansions and Me To You Beach Hut photo frame 
 A few presents from friends and Me To You bear from my brother 
 Dixie <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
 Presents from my boyfriend <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">
 Plant pot becomes my brush pot 
 New Look dog print dress £12 (sale) 
 Union Jack "Converse" New Look £6 (sale)
 Cross rosary 
 Primark finds, the Vaseline tin has Cocoa Butter in! 
 Hair treats from Boots, currently 3 for 2
 Matalan Chelsea boots £10 (sale)
 Matalan candy Skull bracelet 
 Socks, £1 each 
 Matalan Galaxy vest £12
 Need to see this before part two comes out! 
 George at Asda Leopard jeans £8 (sale)
 Primark Leopard boots £8
 George at Asda Dalmatian pjs 
 George at Asda Barbara Hulanicki dress £16, this looks amazing on!
 Matalan Quilted jacket £15 
 Topshop bird ring £7.50 and Mischief lipstick £8
 Primark Owl hat
 George at Asda court shoes £10 each 
So that should be everything, don't think I have forgotten anything. Very excited for more autumn/winter wardrobe additions. Wanted a quilted jacket for years and finally got one! Never thought I would be a chelsea boot owner or wearer but I think its the plain ones I dislike not the boots themselves. Couldn't believe the Primark leopard print boots. I found a pair in Internationale last year but the last pair was too small. How I wanted those boots and now I have a pair for £12 cheaper. An evening of X Factor is ahead of me and the thought of work tomorrow. My boyfriend spoilt me on my birthday and got us tickets to Grease the Musical on Friday. I'm very excited. I love musicals and Grease is so iconic and the songs are beyond catchy.
Hope you've all had good weeks :)

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  1. I have the owl hat! I love it so much! :D


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