Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sunday Summary #3

Had a very quiet week as I could feel a cold coming and managed to delay it coming out until Friday. It only lasted the day also, I dread colds as I get really ill from them and can't go into work or do anything for that matter. Spent every evening in bed watching tv, actually really impressed with the BBC. Monday was "Protecting Our Children" all about the work of social workers. I love documentaries and this one is a three parter I think. It wasn't nice to see the neglect of the child they featured but with hard work and determination the child got removed from the parents. The mother also gave birth to another child who got taken into care straight away and at the end they interviewed her and she said she'd decided to give them up for adoption. Whilst it was the right decision for the children it was still quite hard to know she would never see her children again. 

On Tuesday it was "Prisoners Wives" with a really impressive performance from Emma Rigby. Thursday night was "Inside Men" with Ashley Walters, making it a must see for me. Also stars Kierston Wareing who I love. She's such a convincing actress and I loved her in Fish Tank. Still to watch the Martina Cole adaptations for Runaway and The Take but I'll get there. Top Boy which she also starred in is out soon so looking forward to getting that in my DVD collection. 

I should watch more tv and film because if it can hold my attention long enough I really enjoy it!

Not only do I have a blouse obsession but I have a shopping addiction. Not too sure about the first blouse, Mum said its too "grannified" haha. Been lusting after this chain blouse for weeks, finally managed to convince Mum to let me spend. We get stuck in a complication of me wanting to spend, her telling me not to, so then I don't and some items I will just keep wanting everytime I see it so she lets me. Trying so hard to spend less on clothing but as you can see it isn't going so well! Loved the bird print blouse, soon as I saw it I had to get one. Pretty colours in my trusty favourite blouse. Making up for not getting a fake McQueen scarf in Camden last year with a Primark version but liked the navy and red more than the black and white, cute socks, boat ring and butterfly charm. Pretty summer tops from Primark with the Peter Pan collar I adore. This week's nails, see my Purple Rain post for info. Sainsburys recipe cards for my recipe folder. A new wardrobe rail!!! The best chocolate ever! If you ever fell in love with Snowflakes these taste exactly the same! I hope they are around for a while. Also wanting to get my hands on the new Kit Kat chunkys, can imagine the white chocolate one will win my vote. 

The snow finally arrived today! Woke up to the thickest blanket of snow! Did go out to play for a short while, intended to build a snowman but the boy declared the snow too "crumbley" and proceeded to hurl snowballs around haha. 

Hope you've all had good weeks and are enjoying the snow while keeping warm. 

Em x 


  1. you're nails look awesome :) I love the cadburys bubbly chocolate too mmmm <3

    1. thank you :) i love having them on that design. the bubbly is to die for! i havent even tried the milk version, white all the way haha! x

  2. Ahh we have the same blouses! haha :) I bought the light floral coloured vest one yesterday and have one of those pink ones in purple :) I'm obsessed with blouses too! x

    1. I have a blouse obsession, I own every colour I can find, they are really pretty :) x


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