Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sunday Summary #46

Another week closer to Christmas, yay! I love this time of year so much. The weathers been pretty mad this week with frost, ice, snow, rain and wind. I had to dig out my Nike high tops for the snow as my wellies are buried somewhere in one of our sheds. Leaving for work at 7:30am didn't give me much time to go and get them. Plus could you imagine how cold they'd be?! However my Nikes fared amazingly well. I didn't slip once and actually felt more secure in them. I find my wellies are loose around my legs whereas my Nikes were holding onto my ankles. Plus wellies can be such a who ha to get on for me as I have to wear so many pairs of socks in an attempt to avoid frost bitten toes.
I'm feeling a bit crushed by the whole Picasa web album being full and Google wanting me to pay $2.49 to continue posting to Blogger. It's made me feel like I can't blog which is pants. Determined to find a way!
I've been so good shopping wise this week as I'm fully focused on searching to the ends of the earth for Christmas presents for others. Plus I've got a massive project that is making something for my boyfriend's Christmas present and our anniversary (two separate things but they go hand in hand). I can't say what it is as he could read this and surprise ruined! I'll obviously blog about it when it's all finished as one project might appeal to others and where I've sourced items for it.
I made a quick dash into Primark as one day my feet got soaked on the way into work and luckily I had spare shoes there but no socks. My feet were so cold and the radiator decided not to work! So I went over on my lunch to get some thick socks and found some other bits. I'm now about to place a cheeky order on Debenhams for MAC. I treated myself to some Ann Summers lingerie too as I found a 20% off code but that really is it.
The Weeknd Trilogy & Jessie Ware Devotion
Absolutely OBSESSED with both of these! I haven't listened to anything else all week. Trilogy is incredible, I usually find myself wanting more from an album but because this is 3 CDs worth of lovely, smooth, sexy vocals by The Weeknd himself it takes a long time to listen to all of it. I've watched Jessie Ware slowly creep up into the public eye and she truly deserves the attention she is getting. Devotion is so much more than I could have hoped she'd release. I also got the Katy B Danger EP, if you are a fan it is a must listen, its been a long time since her first album so this is a nice stop gap until her second is released. 
iPhone case Amazon £1.29 
I can't resist a new phone case and this is sparkly and pink and glittery. I needed no other encouragement. 
B&Q 120 Gloworm Rainbow Fairy lights £18 
If you have watched Silver Linings Playbook you may remember a scene towards the end of the film Pat and Tiffany are getting ready for their dance competition in his loft room and there is loads of rainbow fairy lights...well since that scene I've been dying for my own. I told Mum and my boyfriend (who didn't remember seeing them haha) and the mission was on to find some. Mum found some old ones in the loft but decided they could be unsafe so found me some new ones :) I was going to put these up in my room but since putting my Christmas tree up I've discovered I've lost the fibre optic plug for these may go on the tree for a month. 
Warm socks Primark £2-£2.50
New Look Panda ear muffs £4.99
New Look Peter Pan collar £4.99
Because I need another bottle...Lush £10.25
New Look hair clip free (BOGOF on Jewellery)
Photos albums WHSmith £14.99 each (BOGO£1)
Primark boots £6 (I was desperate! This pains me as I hate such boots but have searched everywhere for winter boots and I can't take my feet being so cold a day longer)
This afternoon's winter sky! 
That's it for this week. I should have included a picture of my tree but will do that next week when hopefully there will be lights of some variety on there. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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