Monday, 18 June 2012

Inside Your Love

My boy asked me the other day why I hadn't done any nail posts recently. It was so sweet he'd noticed. Anyway the reason is I've been pretty boring with my nails, either all the same colour and nothing else or it's a colour I've blogged about before. And I don't want to graze over old ground. So I decided it was time to get creative again and do something interesting on my nails.
Models Own: Lilac Dream, Soda Pop Pink and Smash-Up Black
I painted my ring finger and thumb nails pink and the other three lilac. I then used Smash-Up to create the crackle effect followed my a clear top coat. I love the Models Own crackle, I'd only used Barry M ones before and they aren't a patch on Models Own. I was lusting after a lilac shade while shopping in town on Friday but didn't buy one. Just as well as I have Models Own Lilac Dream. On a very happy update my local Topshop is finally stocking a little of the make up brand. If you've followed my blog for a while you'll have noted my frustration at only being able to get the make up range out of town or online. I prefer shopping in person for such items. They only have nail polishes at the moment but I am hopeful they will stock more. They had a lilac shade in Topshop and I so very nearly bought it!
I bet once the sunshine comes out I'll be more creative as I love wearing glitter during the summer because it catches the light so well. Here's hoping...
My blog post title is inspired by the Delilah track. Her voice is insane, almost slightly Adele at the start of this song. Plus it reminds me of my boy <3.

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  1. I love Barry M polish. The layout of your blog is fab :0)


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