Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Valentine's Day Single Ideas

I've only had one wonderful Valentine's Day (last year) so I know all about how it can feel as the day approaches and arrives. I'd always wish I had someone special to pick a card for and seeing the red and pink aisles of love and little gifts for a loved one made me envious.
I don't fully buy into the day as I think love should be an every moment thing not once a year effort. I really enjoyed my single years but couldn't resist the excitement of romance, red roses and doing something on the day. If anything Valentine's Day excites me less now that I'm with my boyfriend which is rather odd but probably down to the fact we are very loved up and aren't going out of our way for a special day. 

When I was thinking up a post about inexpensive but wonderful ideas for those in love I thought of all my single Valentine's Days and thought I would share some ideas of what to do. 
Some of my favourite Valentine's have been spent with my friends. A memorable one was spent with my favourite people: two girls and three boys. We were inseparable in sixth form and it made perfect sense to go on a friends triple date. The boys all got us a rose each too and it was at Pizza Hut. It doesn't matter where you eat, you'll have a great time with your best friends. 
A more recent Valentine's was spent with my friend having a girlie sleepover, a pamper session, a DVD with pizza and nibbles and then hours of girlie duvet talk and laughter. Nothing can beat a night in with your bestest. 
Another alternative with friends could be drinks at your favourite pub, a night at the cinema or ordering a takeaway and watching a film on the sofa. 
And if you're looking for love you could arrange a night out with friends to meet new people or find a speed dating night.
I spent my last single Valentine's Day at work and then in the evening, watching tv and tidying my room. The boy I called boyfriend at the time didn't bother to see me, letting me down at the last minute. So the only other option is to ignore the whole thing altogether and certainly don't waste your time on someone who isn't worth yours. 
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