Sunday, 4 March 2012

Sunday Summary #7

Not been up to much this week, just getting back into work. I didn't want my week off to end so much, was gutted to be back on Monday. Made me feel so tired after a chilled out week off and then back into full time, already highly anticipating my next week off haha. Wednesday was an odd day, my brain kept telling me it was March. There was loads in the media about ladies proposing to their man but I'm a traditional girl and want the man to do it. Until I met my boyfriend I'd pretty much decided I wasn't a marriage and children girl but he has changed all of that. I know he'd look after me and be a perfect husband, so I'm not scared like I used to be of getting married. Its such a commitment and so many people treat it so lightly. It outraged me that Kim Kardashian ended her marriage after such a short time, and it was reported it was a sham anyway for more viewers. I personally can't stand the Kardashians but to do something like that for publicity is disgusting. It seems marriage and divorce is all too easy for people these days, but I still want it to be a special, magical life event. 
Primark yellow chinos, george jade and blue skinny jeans, for a bargain £10! White lace collared top, dotty blouse. Long strawberry necklace. Hair doughnuts and kirby grips. Two of my March wishlist items! Photo holder Mum got me :) this weeks nails in Models Own Beetlejuice Purple Blue. 
I've managed to get pretty much all of my March wishlist, my MAC is on its way. 
Hope you've all had good weeks. 
Em x  


  1. what is the fit like on the asda jeans? :) I want some green ones! x

    1. Really good, I usually hate jeans but these are soft and the sizing is always good in Asda. The only thing is they stretch, which is a pet hate of mine, but really nice fit, got so many compliments! Get some quick as they are limited edition and currently £10 but go to full price (£14) from the 8th xx


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