Saturday, 12 November 2011

Pinky Brown

Had such a hard time trying to photograph the colour on my nails for this post. Literally near impossible! It seemed better the further away the camera was...which kind of defeats the object! I'm onto my second Beetle Juice polish, Pinky Brown. I originally wasn't interested in this colour because I don't like brown. Or green. I'm working on the green, but I don't think brown will ever enter my wardrobe let alone my nails. I can wear this because of the pink shimmer. It's a really striking colour and definitely an ideal shade for a party outfit. 
 models own pinky brown 
My memory card arrived for my new camera. I ordered a 4GB as I have a 1GB and 2GB but I want a card purely for my blog photos to make it quicker to import them. It takes so long if my blog photos are at the end of a card full of photos. Took some random posey photos tonight...I'm toying with the idea of growing my side swept fringe out. I keep getting so far and then chicken out and get it cut back in. Boys tell me my fringe is my appeal, girls say change it up. 

As Joey Essex would say...what YOU saying?! 
Also toying with getting a tattoo on Friday. It'll be my first and my friend is coming with me as she has holiday from work. I have wanted to get it done for absolutely ages but time always runs away and it's so hard to find someone to come with me (I'm too wimpy to go alone for my first time). So I'm thinking it could be ages until someone else will be available and I should just bite the bullet and do it. Plus Friday will be one year since I lost someone extremely special to me. In a way it'll be marking the day for him but also getting something done that'll be with me forever. I did have a design planned for him which isn't what I'll be getting done on Friday...decisions! I can be so indecisive sometimes it drives me mad! 

However I'm not indecisive when it comes to buying. I needed to post a parcel to the lovely Jodie on Thursday and I had a refund so decided to go into town after the post office. I had been after a black blouse for a while and on Monday drove my friend Amy mad with how fussy I am with clothes! She kept pointing out black blouses and there was always a reason it wasn't suitable haha. I found one that would do the job in Primark on Wednesday but I needed the next size up, le sigh, not enough room for the boobage. Ended up buying the purple version too. I have this thing where when I like something a lot, I buy it in all the colours I can. 
I decided I needed to stay out of town to avoid spending more money. But I've placed several online orders in the past two days...I'll blog the exciting ones when they arrive :)
So sad my week off is almost over. Finally seen the Coca Cola Christmas advert. You know its Christmas when you've seen/heard it. Can't wait to watch all my Christmas films and get into the Festive spirit. 
Hope you've all had a good week. 
Em x


  1. I love your nails *-* so beautiful!
    I follow you :) ♥

  2. @Marta thank you :) the trick is to not cut them too short haha, i try to look after them and have them look nice xx


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