Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year Nails

I've put two NOTD's together for this post as they are both perfect for New Year. It's one of the nights of the year you can really go all out and wear whatever you like. I've had some crazy New Year Eve's in the past but it seems to have calmed down now I'm older. I wouldn't say no to a night out but for this year I'm chilling with my boyfriend and Mum at home. However that's no reason not to have sparkly, eye catching nails!
First up we have Models Own True Blue with Freak Out! from the Mirrorball Collection. 
 When I wore this it made me think of Fireworks, because there is glitter particles, flakes, little uneven triangles and tiny rectangles in purple, light blue and a darker blue. This is quite a difficult one to describe because it isn't obvious like glitter but it still sparkles and catches the light. The bigger particles can be hard to get to lay flat on your nail, and a top coat is advisable because the nail can be quite uneven. I have one other Mirrorball polish but I'm not sure they're quite me, as I really love my glitters!

This is my second inspiration from Barry M in 354 Amethyst Glitter.
I had so many compliments the first time I wore this. It catches the light and is a very attention demanding glitter as its so solid. It contains black, purple, gold, hot pink and turquoise glitter pieces with tiny turquoise glitter. I've got two coats on and it sparkles at every angle. I've previously worn this over a purple and only one coat which was nice, but it makes much more of an impact worn alone. There is nothing else like this which is why I bought it, even if I was unsure how it would transfer onto my nails. However this is a favourite of the year which is saying something as I've had many, many favourites to pick from the incredible number of polishes I've bought. 
What will you wear on your nails for New Year's Eve?


  1. Love the second look! really pretty x

    1. The second is what I wore for New Years, so sparkly! Definitely a party one x


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