Monday, 30 July 2012

Instagram #1 July

Since getting an iPhone I have found Instagram to be one of my favourite apps. It's crazy its free too! I take no end of photos and have enjoyed using the multiple photo apps I've downloaded to change the way they look.
These are photos I instagramed during the month of July:
 Jacket potato and salad. Sloppy text to my bf. 
 Home scampi, chips and peas. Converse love. 
 Walking to the cinema. Front garden love. 
 Coming home from work, rains just minutes from my stop. Parcels and shopping from my Mum.  
 Mum gave me "a bit" of cider. Blue morning skies at the bus stop. 
 My boy bought me this tin <3. Ronnie slept on the bread bin!
Peekaboo! Ronnie enjoying the summer. 
 Models Own collection. Hello rain. 
 Posing. Love these old buildings in my town. 
 Waiting for my Boo. Just chilling with his tongue out.  
 Glitter nails. Angry clouds. 
 Best apple juice in the world. How many stamps?! 
 That days face. Ronnie pulled the tablecloth down to sleep on.  
Lantern. Dixie. 
 Bed cushions. Peachy shoes.  
 Ronnie. Blue skies and white fluffy clouds.  
 My first ever Pop Tart! Picnic in the park with my boy. 
 Bibby peek. New blazer love.  
 Summer storm.
Town hall with bunting and flags. 
My username is dolliegirl7 if you want to follow me :) 

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