Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday Summary #20

After a week off work I am feeling very chilled and wishing I wasn't going back soon. I was a very happy bunny to be reunited with my boy after his weekend away. I couldn't wait to spend time with him as work does take up most of our time during the week. The weather started scorching hot on Monday but cooled down considerably on Tuesday. Wednesday was another warm one but its been cool and grey ever since. Its rained a lot today but we spent most of the day cuddled in bed watching tv, mostly the Thames Pageant for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.
We saw American Pie: Reunion Wednesday (the boys choice) but I did enjoy it somewhat. Haven't really seen the previous films, just caught parts but could get the overall gist of things and would ask the boy if unsure. Cineworld kindly mixed salted (bleurgh), butter (bleurgh) and sweet popcorn so it was a taste sensation. We gave up after a while because it tasted so weird. We didn't realise until quite late and then didn't see the point in complaining as we've never had a good experience with Cineworld, which is a shame being the only cinema in my town. However we are looking to invest in unlimited cards as there are so many films coming out this summer and we both really enjoy going to the cinema. Got my second tattoo on Wednesday which I absolutely adore. I am beyond happy with it and can't wait for it to heal. I then did a little Primark shop which was a little naughty as trying to stay away. Being so cheap I can always justify every purchase whether I want it, need it, like it or am unsure. I'm going to try just visiting a few times a month to see if it cuts back my spending in there. I wanted a beach trip this week but it rained Thursday and Friday was another cloudy/rain spots day. I will wait patiently for the hot weather to return. The only good thing about the rain has been I have been bitten far far less since. I was so good this week and did hardly any shopping despite being paid. I've been meaning to go to Matalan for months so it doesn't count!
 Purple Primark Mens hoody. Summer hat. New Look hoody. See the ears! Aztec print. Banana Pjs. Teal skinnies & Swallow shirt. Tresemme. Primark jewellery. Dream Catcher and fruit. Matalan! My Ronnie. Long hair for a twisted round bun. Bunnies! Cinema. First ever curry! Kinder surprise <3 My boys cat. Swallow :) Milk bottles. Union jack love. Chinese. Cocktail in a tin! The boys cider. Panda mug. New cushion from my Mum :)
I love the purple hoody so much, its the prettiest shade. My boy stole the blue one I bought so I got the New Look one to replace it because it has ears! Its so nice for me to see all these photos from the last week and remember how good its been. Hasn't happened before! Had to sit through Lord of the Rings last night, really is not my kind of film. My cocktail helped and I was perusing my facebook. Woke to my Mum making me and the boy breakfast this morning which has to be one of the best starts to a day. I used my panda mug for my hot chocolate, he doesn't get used much as I don't often drink hot drinks. Love my London cushion addition, and lusting after a telephone box one I saw in Primark so I'll be back for that this week. Going to be good this month and attempt to be frugal. Having said I've just ordered a new littlest brother wants to buy mine off me. As I work full time and he just has a paper round I feel its the sisterly thing to do by saying yes and upgrading to a newer one. I can't wait to pick it up in a few days. Just discovered one of the tops I got in Matalan has a tag left in it! How I didn't notice before, so need to make a trip to get that taken out, so annoying. I would cut it out, but its pretty much on the seam. The weird thing is we didn't beep when we left as I waited for it because I dread it! My tattoo has started to heal much faster than my previous and friends have commented how fast its healing. Might be I've always worn leggings pulled up or a skirt this week so its had more air. Its now entering the itching/dry/peeling stage. I'm hoping it doesn't last long as I've had enough of itching from bites!
Hope you've all had good weeks

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