Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday Summary #53

Eeee January is nearly over. I have quite a few birthdays in February and after Christmas I can't think of any great presents. The easiest one seems to be for a three year old! I'm sure it will all come together in time. The shops just seem so full of sale rubbish, same old stock or nothing special enough. I've been stressing also as I placed an order with HMV (a rather big one I might add) that they emailed me saying it had been dispatched the day before they went into administration. They can debit your account once they've sent it out, except none of the items have turned up. Now I'm panicking incase they have taken my money but I don't have any items. If it was £10 I wouldn't mind so much but its much more than that. The website is shut down, their email no longer works and I can't ask in-store as it isn't anything to do with the staff there and besides I'm sure they're having a bad enough time as it is. I would go into my bank to ask for an early statement but when I did that in November they weren't overly helpful. So I'm waiting for my statement to be posted and going from there. My Mum had an order with HMV also that they emailed a dispatch email but she hasn't received anything either. I'm hoping its an auto thing and we haven't paid. If this has happened to you too let me know!
Me and my boyfriend went with our friends to see Gangster Squad on Tuesday. My boyfriend treated me beforehand to my favourite Chinese restaurant and then to popcorn and an ice blast at the cinema. Gangster Squad is an epic film, I was so excited to see it and it certainly didn't disappoint. Ryan Gosling is an absolute babe, what a beautiful man. He is so good in it and Emma Stone is really impressive too. She really suits the 1950's era. It is quite gruesome in places but they are gangsters after all but the comedy one liners lighten it. I bought Lawless on DVD this week as HMV haven't had any stock. I also tracked down a Les Misérables soundtrack as it had sold out online! I've felt so tired this week and falling asleep at every opportunity. I'm hoping its just a phase or I'm run down as its not fun having no motivation to do anything. My boyfriend was away this weekend and I ended up sleeping for 14 hours last night! My boyfriend is a very early riser for work during the week so doesn't sleep in too late plus why waste your day together sleeping. Although we have the occasional bed day :) I'm so happy it rained as its washed away all the horrible ice on the pavements. It was weird looking out the window to a green garden again as its been white for over a week now.
I really got into watching Celebrity Big Brother this year as Heidi and Spencer of The Hills fame were on it. It doesn't seem they've changed as I had wondered if they played up to create drama. However they still isolated themselves and did horrible things on CBB. My heart was in my mouth when it came down to those two and Rylan. So pleased Rylan won, he was genuine and really likeable.
I'm desperate to get my hands on the Rimmel Apocalips after swatching them on Friday but the two Boots in my town didn't have the stock to make the most of the 3 for 2, sigh. Honestly the main Boots is terrible at stocking their make-up counters. I often end up waiting weeks for items. I know if I overlook the offer they'll stock back up and I'll wish I waited and got more products for my money.
Aussie Frizz Miracle conditioner £2 Boots clearance, Nivea Smooth Nourishing hand cream £2.25 (on promotion) 
I've decided to try Aussie as I have seen people raving about it for years yet somehow never thought to actually buy it! It seemed too good a chance to miss grabbing a reduced bottle to see how I like it. I bought this Nivea cream in a travel size and love it. I was so happy to buy the full size bottle on offer, I love saving money haha. 
 Bird house with detachable roof £1.25 (sale) Evolution 
I'm not sure what I will use this for, maybe even fill it with gifts for a birthday present, but I love the florals and for the ridiculous price tag I couldn't walk away.
Daisy felt box £1 Evolution
Another steal! I love daisies and couldn't resist this little box. I'm not sure what I might keep in it but I'm certain I'll find something, I originally thought lipsticks as my lipstick drawer is getting a little full....
Anchor oversized scarf £4 Primark 
Now I haven't spent in Primark this week but my Mum did. I LOVE anchors which you probably know so I'm so excited when the spring comes to wear this :)
Free with O2 Priority Moments 
I cannot believe this was free! What a bargain, quite the penny saver this week hey. Its from 2012 so very recent. I haven't used Davina workout DVDs because the 3DS is the holy grail in my opinion. I'll give this a whirl as Davina has a cracking body. 
Claire's Accessories Bird hairband £5
I went in with intention of birthday present finding/buying and ended up with some goodies for me. I did buy A birthday present might I add. I've been wearing bows in my hair this week and my boyfriend really liked it. I always used to have bows in my hair of some variety but last year felt I should stop. Plus washing my hair much less meant most days my hair was up, and I struggle to keep hairbands right if my hair is up as they just fall back. 
Claire's Accessories navy polka dot hairband £3 
 I couldn't say no to this one. I love nautical themes and navy is one of my favourite colours. Claire's are typically the best for hairbands because they always have such a huge variety but New Look can be good on occasion too.
Claire's Accessories Sideways silver cross £3
I bought the gold one ages ago and when I saw the silver I thought, well for the days I'm wearing silver...I don't wear my gold one too often as I work with some very religious people and I don't want to offend as one is a Catholic. £3 is a steal though remembering the prices when they first became popular and the reason I could never part with such expense. 
 Claire's Accessories multi-chain ombre pink beaded necklace £7
I don't know what it is about long necklaces, I love them. This is quite different to anything long I have, most are pendants or a single chain. They are great in the summer when you have a plain blouse on. I rarely wear these in the winter because I'm bundled up and they get trapped under the layers and pull on my neck, plus I don't want to break one.
Les Misérables soundtrack £9.99 WHSmith and Lawless DVD £10 Asda
Disney Marie iphone case ebay 
My Mum got me this so I don't the seller or price, but leave a comment if you want the link 
Pamela Mann love seam tights £7.99 Amazon
I saw these on a girl on Saturday night and NEEDED them. A few days later they arrived. I haven't worn them yet but I can't wait for some warmer weather to. I'm certain Primark sold these types of tights last year and like a fool I didn't purchase them, and now wish I had!  
Avon Daily Shine Shine Supreme range 
I had a thought today that despite being an Avon Trendsetter and getting my hands on new products before anyone else I never post about them! This is the latest Advance Techniques launch and I'm really excited to see if they make my hair shiny. AT products have the same amazing smell and are really nice to use so I'm sure these won't disappoint. 
Avon SuperShock gel eyeliners in Frost and Aqua Pop 
These gel eyeliners are incredible. Since they launched I have used nothing else and swear by them. They're so creamy, smooth and long lasting. I was so excited for these new colours as previously they've done grey and a deep purple. 
Frost is a very champagne "highlight" colour while Aqua Pop is a kingfisher blue. They dried instantly on my hand and have stuck fast despite me scrubbing at them in the shower. Frost is ideal for me as I think white would be too harsh on my waterline although I've wanted to try it so this softer pearly will be a nice alternative. I know the blue will be amazing as I used to wear the No7s teal and blue eyeliners on my waterline but they didn't last through my work day so I stopped even though they looked amazing. 

I haven't really got any plans for this week, just work. Feeling so tired I don't much fancy going out after work. We'll see how it goes, hoping me and the boyfriend can do something near the end of the week maybe if I'm not still feeling so drained. If the weather wasn't so cold I'd be off to the beach for some fresh air. Such an old lady :)
Hope you've all had good weeks

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