Thursday, 10 January 2013

Instagram #6 December

Instagram still remains one of my absolute favourite apps, I scroll through it numerous times a day and I'm always looking for new people to follow. I didn't post as much as I would have liked to during November and December but attempting to post at least once a day in January, so far so good! I've seen people saying they're going to post every day for the entirety of 2013 which would be epic!
 Cinema treats! Boy did good :)
 Birthday boy breakfast - lucky charms! Waiting for our roast dinner 
 Treats from Mum. Addicted to M&S food 
 Jessie Ware & The Weeknd <3 p="p" snow="snow">
 Pretty sun rise in arctic weather. Panda gloves :)
 Cheese toasties. My 21st birthday castle cake made by my Mum 
 Good morning pretty sky. Good morning frozen bus. 
 Spider-Man! Sunday bun 
 End of the world meeting place. Making bracelets as personal gifts for friends
Impressed with my wrapping skills! Everything ready for Christmas Day!
 Spoilt. Aftermath. 
 LOVE prawn cocktail! Favourite present. 
 Best meal of the year. Its been a long day for some. 
 Can I end my month long listening of The Weeknd Trilogy?! Sparkliest nail polish ever!
 ASOS goodies...and a Halls Soother. No time to lace my high top wedges properly :( 
 Woo Woo & Goldschlager <3 :=":" anniversary="anniversary" card="card" nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

So thats my December Instagram, I love remembering what I got up to. It whizzed past and can't believe its mid January already! My username is dolliegirl7 if you would like to find me :)

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