Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Summary #51

I've had such a rough week being ill I can't wait to be back to my usual self. Losing my appetite has to be the worst thing about being ill and my weight always plummets so fast from it. I seem to get such rotten colds nowadays. I was smothered in Vicks Vaborub the last few nights which helped me to fall asleep but I was blocked up a few hours later. So tired and weak, woe is me. My boyfriend has been a gentleman making me smile and suggesting food to encourage me to eat. Its definitely an illness thing to become clingy and I just want my boyfriend or my Mum. He even watched the Notebook with me this week which I've been asking him to ever since we got together and he's always said no. He told me he'd watched the start years ago and thought it was boring but was wrong after all. I was crying my eyes out so much at the end, because I knew what was coming. My boyfriend had the snottiest, soggiest arm! I also forgot to say we finally got round to watching Michael McIntyre's Showtime, I have never laughed so hard. At times my whole body was tensed up and I couldn't breathe and laugh at the same time - odd but worth it. I had such jaw ache by the end and its not even that long a show. I'm quite difficult with comedy as I only find certain people/shows/films funny. For example I HATED the film Bridesmaids, yet everyone else seems to love it. Lee Evans used to be my favourite but Michael McIntyre is closely rounding on him.
I was so naughty this week and happened to trip into Primark. Since spending a fortune in Oxford Street in November I hadn't gone in. Curiosity got the better of me - I just had to know what beauties they had. I wasn't disappointed as it seemed like they had loads in. I couldn't remember my sizes as it varies on the type of top, material and if it has buttons (they seem to have not realised girls with boobs need extra room!) so I may not keep everything.
I was waiting for my boyfriend's train to get in last night so watched Sleeping Beauty. I can never find anything on TV so was great to watch an old favourite Disney film. We watched The Adjustment Bureau today which was quite good. Took me a while to get my head around what was going on and its such a clever story. Doing really well on watching more films! Just placed an order on HMV for the LOTR trilogy and some other dvds so looking forward to those arriving. Plus lots of films appearing at the cinema so as I've got an unlimited card can't wait to get down there and see them. We're seeing Les Miserables next Saturday so excited for that and really want to see Gangster Squad.
 Why do they make these tops so wide and floaty at the bottom?! Makes me look wider, so if I keep this I'll run it through the sewing machine to bring it in. 
 I couldn't resist this little blouse with bows on 
 Look at the cute little hearts and beads on the shoulders!
 This looks a horrible colour with the flash, its a very dark grey, very American Apparel. I tend to size up as I prefer my hoodies baggy
 Panda pjs!
I LOVE this shirt! So so so pretty and looks divine on 
I adore the top part of this but the bottom is just so baggy :(
Love the horse shoe print on this
The collar detail is just too cute 
I'm a little on the fence about leopard print. I like it but not sure its really me. Reminds me of Kat Slater haha
I love the flowers on this chest section and will look so cute dressed up and down
I love blouses and bird prints so this was an obvious choice 

I couldn't decide about this one but got it to try on anyway. Loved the leopards on the collar :)

And the worst part of my week was discovering the Body Shop have discontinued my FAVOURITE perfume! Gutted isn't the word. I bought two more bottles as I got one in my sales order and my boyfriend bought me a huge bottle for my birthday which I've only just opened but I don't use it everyday. Everytime I find a perfume I love it gets discontinued!
Love etc £7 each, half price
So I've done really well again except the little big Primark slip. I've just placed a few orders online but they are all for things I know I'll use/enjoy/love so I feel better about it. Nothing worse than spending hard earned money on something that gets wasted. Its ridiculous that we're already halfway through January. Time certainly does go quicker the older you get. 
Hope you've all had good weeks

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