Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Summary #50

Wowee week number 50! Its been odd but amazing each week watching this number increase and can't believe I'm almost at a whole year. I'm really glad I've come this far though as I don't like giving up on things.
I'm really surprised New Year was Tuesday, only a few days ago but already it feels like ages ago. I had a chilled night in with my boyfriend, a buffet to nibble on and rubbish tv! I wouldn't change it though as it was special to see the New Year in with him and let all the turbulence of last year go. There aren't words to say how supportive he was to me but I truly believe we met so he could help me get through it all.
I finally saw Up on New Years Day, I've got the DVD but never got round to watching it which saddened me being a huge Disney fan. I cried like a baby after the first ten minutes, I won't say why incase it spoils it for anybody else, but it really pulled on my heart strings. I can't say I was overjoyed to go back to work but back into it now and making lots of plans to give me things to look forward to.
On Friday I did a little dash around town taking refunds back and then popped to Matalan. I got sale items so I'll put it into my sales post which will be up soon. Went with my boyfriend and our friend Joe to see The Hobbit last night. I wasn't too sure what I would make of it having never seen any of the Lord Of The Rings films but as soon as The Hobbit credits started rolling they wanted to know if I wanted to watch them. It has definitely intrigued me because Gollum is in there and you see The Ring/A Ring? I tried my best to follow the story and feel I did ok. At almost three hours long it was a very long time especially when I needed a wee after forty minutes, I'd bought a large cherry Ice Blast which I couldn't stop sipping and that can't have helped. I'd already had a drink in the pub before and a drink in the chinese before. I'd nipped to the loo before the film but you know you'll still need the wee pretty bad because you don't want to go for one! I kept feeling hot and cold too which didn't help the impending bladder situation. Anyway The Hobbit is very good, some breath taking beautiful scenes and quite easy to follow whats going on. I didn't understand the Gollum/ring scenes but my boyfriend explained a little and I guess if I watch the films I'll understand completely. I bought him The Hobbit book as he's misplaced his and as soon as we got home his nose was in it! Astounded that The Hobbit has been split into a trilogy but I can't think of anything that could have been left out of the film. And its left on a scene that makes you want to see what happens next!
I am far far far too excited for Les Miserables! I saw the musical last year and it was INCREDIBLE. I'm hoping for great things from the film. I'm not sure it will be able to capture the magic and atmosphere of seeing it performed live in a theatre but I'm prepared for a different feel to it on the big screen.
Me and the boyfriend should be seeing it as we've planned a date like our first date (same restaurant, then cinema) and it will have just come out when we've set the date night. We've been such social butterflies recently that we haven't gone out just the two of us, just shopping, so it'll be lovely to just be a couple for an evening.
Barry M Gelly in Prickly Pear £3.99, magnetic polish in 344 Gold Sparkle £4.99 and free LE glitter polish!
 I nipped into Superdrug on New Year's Eve to stock up on cherry Batiste (£1.45 instead of £2.99, I LOVE the scent, and I haven't pictured the sickening number of cans I bought...) and I always have to do a quick reccy past the make-up and spotted the glitter polish, sparkling away, calling my name. And it was free when you spent £ justification needed! Its a clear polish full of red, green and blue pieces, very festive looking. I couldn't resist the Prickly Pear and I've wanted to try the Barry M magnetic polish for ages. I always wanted the one in the ad campaign (gold with black stripes and could never find it. I took a gamble that 344 was "the one" and hurrah it is! I've got a NOTD to post for it separately.
Matalan Ditsy Floral Canvas Stool £20 here
I don't know why this is called a stool, as I'd say its more a bin or storage box. Its quite sturdy and big inside. It's currently holding my Christmas presents in our hall until I get round to putting them out/away in my room. I've wanted this since the summer and always resisted as I have so much in my room already but its an investment and I'm sure it will look fine in any future room/home of mine.

Just posting a few random iPhone photos as I haven't anything else to show you!
Forgot to post this on last weeks summary, I bought Mum a cake from M&S as I didn't have time to bake one...amazing! Chocolate dream!
New Year Eve's buffet 
Ronnie was hoping to nab some buffet food! 
Keeping to my new years aims - a lush bath! The Think Pink bath bomb has loads of tiny heart confetti! 
My Ronnie
 Boyfriends cat casually in a bag!
Getting in the way of tidying!
So that's my week. Quiet but nice all the same. I feel more tired but that could be the extra time off. I've rested and slept much more and it seems to have made me realise how busy I've been lately and not taking moments to stop. I really want to continue this year at a slower pace. Today may just be too slow as I was in bed til three, and then back in bed at five. But I have been dressed since three so that's something! 
Hope you've all had good weeks

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