Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Summary #52

52 weeks of these! A whole year, wow wee! This week has been crazy with the UK being snowed under. I've loved having a white blanket and even though the temperature has plummeted I've been wearing six layers inside, adding my Superdry coat, hat, gloves and snood for outside. I've been toasty with just a cold face haha. Luckily transport wise its been ok getting around, the roads could have been better but could have been worse. Its been snowing all day today so it isn't going away anytime soon. 
I made a little trip back to Primark this week to get a refund on some of the items I showed you last week. I hate the way all shops size their clothes differently and Primark are truly awful. I always have to look at the design and material to work out the size I might need. As I haven't shopped there for a while I'd forgotten how to size myself, my favourite item the blue bird shirt didn't fit my bust, wah. I did look at it buttoned up to under my bust but it looked hilarious. Praying I find a bigger size as they're currently sold out of it. I kept popping into Boots this week for cold relief and throat soothers for my boyfriend and nasal sticks, make up and eye drops for me and resisting the Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick in 107 even though I want it so badly. Since seeing it pop up on Instagram I want it even more and think I should just be brave and go for it - I can wear red so surely I can wear this deeper purple red?! 
Last night me and my boyfriend finally had our long awaited first second date (the same as our first, but second time round to celebrate reaching a year) and we had an amazing meal before cinema. We went to Frankie & Benny's and I picked dough sticks for my starter - INCREDIBLE! Who knew such pleasure. My main was ruined by the overuse of salt, I hate salty food and I just couldn't eat it :( I went for the cajun chicken melt wrap and had such high hopes too. We skipped dessert and headed to the cinema. It was so cold even though I was bundled up that as much as I wanted an ice blast I didn't get one but also as we were seeing Les Miserables I didn't want to need a wee as I refuse to leave during a film. We got a bottle of water because my mouth felt horrible from the salt and we didn't have any gum. The film was amazing, I wasn't sure what to expect having seen it in the theatre but it is so well done. An amazing cast, playing their characters spot on. I loved the little Cosette, so cute but outstanding in her role. I can't believe Russell Crowe can sing, or Hugh Jackman or Anne Hathaway! A must see especially for Les Mis fans. I want to go and see it all over again. Should be seeing Gangster Squad on Tuesday which I'm excited for as I love Ryan Gosling and I think Emma Stone is really doing well for herself. 
I've had the worst period pain this week. It started on Thursday and honestly I can't remember it being so bad recently. I've always suffered and tried every medication including IBS tablets (to relax stomach muscles, suggested by a doctor, they did ok) Nurofen Plus has been doing the job for the past year or so. I don't remember much pain from my first pill prescription. I had to change following a health scare and my current pill has been ok but I've still needed a high dosage of painkillers. This time was so bad I couldn't sleep and have ended up with a badly burnt stomach from so many hot water bottles and a burnt arm, where I fell asleep clutching the bottle to me one night. My boyfriend has told me not to have such hot water in the bottle but nothing else helps. If anyone has any tips or ideas I'd appreciate them :) I've also tried raspberry leaf (natural remedy). 
This weeks buys:
Hello Kitty Liberty Of London shopper bag £12.99 (£6.49 at WHSmith, not online I just looked so only in store)
It has lots of London landmarks on it and Hello Kitty and her friends dotted around :)
Variety Club Monsters Inc pin, I got mine in Cineworld 
 Schwartzkopf Osis Dust It Texture £8.95
Dorothy Perkins cat hat £8 - I live in these in the winter and not bought one this year!
Dorothy Perkins Pearly bead collar £7.50
Dorothy Perkins Peace bracelet £2
Dorothy Perkins Reindeer earrings £2
 Boots VO5 Give Me Texture spray £3.49
 Primark nail wraps £1
Primark Anchor pumps £6 - I wanted these SO bad, my Mum got me a pair the same day I did so I have two :) which saved me going back for a second pair haha
Primark lace and stud collar £7
 Primark hoody £8 - I changed the grey one for this and sized down
Primark polka dot and bow vest £8 - love the bows on the shoulder
Primark cotton polka dot skater dress £5 - bargain or what! This looks so cute on and will be perfect for a more casual occasion when I still want a dress
Ted Baker shopper £22 ASOS - This should be £29 but is set at £22 on ASOS. I love this little puppy print and I couldn't resist it. I love the little details on this bag such as the city names down one side of the bag and "no ordinary designer bag" down the other side. The puppy is on the back like the make up bag. I love little shopper bags as you can tell! I rarely take plastic bags and if I do its because I've gone shopping by surprise or mine are all full. I wish we had the law like Wales to pay for plastic bags as I bet we'd cut usage so much
Minnie Mouse shopper 99p Card Factory - another bargain!! This bag is quite strong and sturdy for the money (that light plastic with a foamy backing) its slightly bigger than A4 size. I used it to carry a days worth of clothes about the other day and they only filled it about two thirds with a bottle of drink and at one point had my bulky snood and hat in too. I look bag obsessed also in this post!
Models Own ASOS Exclusive Models Own in Party Pieces £5 - I found this by accident and am so pleased with it. Its full of rainbow coloured glitter pieces which I expect will look amazing on. Reminds me of OPI's Rainbow Connection, for a much lower price. 
ASOS collar tips £4 (sale) - I love collar tips and wish more tops came with them. I found these in the ASOS sale and they are so beautiful. They have pink, blue and clear crystals so will go with almost any top I attach them to. They had ones with different coloured stones too. 
Primark heart fleece blanket £3 - another bargain. Mum got me this. I already have about ten blankets but they are so useful as I get cold so I've always got one in the bed with me, on the bed over the duvet while I sleep, my boyfriend often sleeps with one, and we put one on the end of the bed frame because its metal and its cold on my boyfriends feet and for when we're watching DVDs in the lounge.

And some snow pictures -
So that's my white week. Hope you've stayed safe in the snow and its not affected your day to day routines too much.
Hope you've all had good weeks

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  1. Cute polish! And i love the bag!


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