Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Summary #54

So its February! January usually drags but for me it went by in a blink. I've very excited for Valentine's Day in 11 days. I've got a post planned to go up this week with ideas how to make it special without spending a fortune. For me its more about just being with my boyfriend and doing something special. I love how its started to get milder although its been a cold weekend. It even snowed yesterday morning! I thought we wouldn't be seeing it again for a while.
Me and my boyfriend have been making our plans for our week off work soon. We'd toyed with the idea of staying in London but its so hard to find hotels with good reviews! Plus the annoying reviews put on that mention every other detail about that person trip (the weather, the travel, the sightseeing, the food, etc) but not the actual hotel! Infuriating! We've settled on a day trip to London, a weekend or a day in Cambridge and then a trip to Colchester Zoo. The remainder of the week will be rest and relaxation. I'm so excited to go shopping and treat myself. We're not sure if we'll see a show in London but my boyfriend wants to go to Madame Tussauds so we may try that. However there is so much I want to do, like get a Boris bike in Hyde Park, ride a red Sightseeing bus and I love Camden so thats always on my list.
These are insanely good! £1.99 at the Co-op is a steal. I've been sharing with my boyfriend but they're so addictive I'm sure I could manage on my own ;) 
 My wonderful boyfriend bought me all three to try! YES! I've been less than impressed at my failure to find any!
Now get ready for some SERIOUS bargains! Claire's often do offers on their sale items, last year it was 5 for £5. This year it was 10 for £10, so the same principle but taking more items. 
 These are my bargains. Originally £9 each!!! Now my hair is getting longer and I'm washing it less its always nice to wear it different ways. I've watched video tutorials on free hand french twists but never even attempted them. I've looked at kits before but never thought I'd be able to get such a sleek look. For £1 each though it would be mad to miss these. I already have several hair donuts, but I liked the extras in the Updo box. 
 This was the only one left and so up my street. They had loads of cases and my brother just got an iPhone but doesn't have a case yet so I found an orange plain jelly case to tide him over for now. He actually really likes it and so does my boyfriend. 
 I first thought these were bracelets but they're for buns. You could probably get away with them as bracelets though. 
 More hair bows! Well it'd be rude not to!
 I didn't notice the band had a tooth missing but never mind I'm sure it'll still do for around the house. I love navy and stripes so this little bracelet was a find. 
 These weren't in the sale but I love little sparkly earrings for my second hole. It sits slightly more into my cartilidge so smaller earrings look better plus I sometimes wear big studs in my bottom holes.
 Primark are definitely ripping off Topshop as these next few pictures show. I love this cat top so much as my cats are this colour. 
 Look familiar? 
 Oddly these tops are sized S, M, L etc and the smalls aren't very small. Wondering if they're mens? Although they were in the womens section? I quite like these being baggy on me so its not a problem.
 I found myself in Accessorize for birthday presents and somehow, accidentally, found some items for me. Oooops! I never used to wear studs but since finding really cute ones a few years back I've been wearing them more and more. These were too cute to resist. 
I just had to buy the anchor necklace and the owl is so cute! I have the gold diamante version and I love this brighter version. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 

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