Monday, 7 January 2013

Bargain Girl

I expected so much more from the sales this year and I've been left severely disappointed. Its probably a good thing I found so little but I've never known them to be so poor. I'm still very happy with what I did manage to find so here they are -

I actually bought more from ASOS but I'm returning it so no point in showing them.
 Disney Couture Believe ring £20 - Not a sale item but I've kept for this post as I've used Christmas money for it. I've coveted this ring for weeks now and couldn't wait to get it. I LOVE IT!
Orelia rings £8.50 - I love Orelia jewellery, its made with precious gem stones and Swarovski crystals this little set of rings are so pretty. I can't believe I paid so little for them as they're beautiful.

Accessorize (online) -
I actually bought a wheelie suitcase (too small) and Anchor bag (too big) but had them refunded so no point in showing them.
 7 keyring £2, E Daisy keyring £2 - my favourite number and my initial, hoping this E doesn't chip within a few days of being with my keys and other keyrings 
iPhone portable charger £10 - I pondered over one of these when I was in London in November. My battery was down to 10% at 3pm so I wasn't too impressed (I had been using maps for a while and taking lots of photos) so this will come in very handy in the future 
Travel document wallet £2.25 - I have a lovely purse style one already but its more for abroad travelling with different compartments and a passport holder. This will be great if you are carrying various train tickets, hotel bookings, emails regarding trips or offers etc. Its made out of card but should last a while. I usually keep everything in envelopes in separate bag/holdall/suitcase pocket so it'll be nice to have this instead.  
 Summer floral clutch £7.50 - I've liked this for a while but never bought it. I just decided to get it this time and I do love it. Its light enough in colour and pattern that it should be quite versatile and go with most outfits. I'm always put off patterned or bright clutches because they're harder to use with a patterned or bright dress but now I'm just thinking who cares, mix it up a bit. It also has a chain so you can have it on your shoulder. Its a really nice length as I hate little bags that bang against your hip because they don't have enough weight in to not spin around.

Asda - 
A combination of online and in store, my Mum found me these and I love what she brought me home :)
Minnie Mouse fleece blanket £5 - Because I will never have enough!
Gingerbread men pjs £6 - I love gingerbread men so this was a great pick. Its adorable, look at the bottoms!
Disney pjs tops £3 each - I already have the Dalamatian one but I always sleep in these in the summer. I've recently bought new pjs (mostly Disney) as my sleep wear were pretty much all 9-10 or 12-13 years old haha. At 24 it seemed appropriate to charity it all and get some new sets. 
Love vest £3, Unicorn top £5 - Mum thinks the vest is a bedtime wear one (hard to tell with Asda sometimes) but I think I could get away with it as day wear? Love the Unicorn top, looks lovely on and is a baggy, capped sleeve top. 
Pooh bear pj top £3 - another Disney cutie. 
Check bomber jacket £15 - This looks so nice on! Mum knows I love my little jackets, they're so easy to throw on for errands. Its a button up front and has a hood which is always handy when you never remember your umbrella!
Captain top £5 - I LOVE the picture on this and really want it but the fabric is really thick and its quite loose. I'm really undecided about this one. 

Boots - 
I only went into Boots tis week as the website sale was so poor I assumed the store would be the same. I found a few bits and resisted the Soap & Glory but got these bits. 
 Lunch bag £6 - For some reason when I bought this I didn't realise it was a lunch bag! I thought it was an odd shaped make up bag haha. However I've needed a new lunch bag for a while so I'll probably end up keeping this.
Set of 3 tins £8 - I loved the rainbow maned horse on this tin the moment I saw it a few months back. I just had to get this set if only for the first tin. I've used the middle one for Christmas decorations but may give it to charity as I'm not crazy about it. 

Matalan -
I had to return two pairs of high top wedges, I decided to keep the nude studded ones and the bigger black studded ones, see this post and this one.
 Sunny Days bathroom sign £4 - this was full price but has ended up in here anyway as everything else was sale!
 Jewellery - I love these pretty faceted beads and this one is a combination of all different colours and looks really nice when it catches the light. I love these little candelier earrings, I go through times of liking big earrings and then small ones. I'm in the small zone at the moment.
 Beach kaftan £4 - A girl can never have too much beach wear! I haven't booked a hot holiday for this year yet but this will handy for years to come. I tend to burn when in the sun for a long time so this is perfect to cover up to keep the rays directly off me.
OMG sequin top £7 - like a moth to a flame, this was sparkling beneath the store lights and boom into my basket it went. In a few months I'll wonder why I bought it :-/
Peter Pan collar top £7.50 - The camera flash has made this top look quite sheer but its not to the naked eye. I love the beading on the collar and they are multi coloured in the light, you can slightly see in the photo. -
I googled this make up bag as it had sold out everywhere!
Ted Baker make up bag £17.59 - I waited to get this bag as I hoped to get it with money off (which I did eventually) but by the time I looked it had sold out. I googled it and after much searching finally found it on surfdome. Even if it had been full price I'd still have bought it. Its the most expensive I've ever paid for but I'm hoping it'll last longer. It feels very good quality and I'm sure it'll do me for many years to come. 

The Body Shop (online) -
I stumbled across this sale and found loads for my Mum so threw some bits for me in too.
Love etc perfume £7 and solid perfume £2.50 - Like a muppet I paid £7 for the 30ml instead of £9 for the 50ml. I feel some websites trick you into things like this, so pretty annoyed. Its my favourite perfume and reminds me of first being with my boyfriend :) 
Satsuma mini shower gel £1.80 Vineyard Peach showerl gel £3.60 - I adore the smell of satsuma, its my favourite body shop smell so I had to get this mini one. I've got a limited edition peach body shop shower gel so hoping this one smells similar as I love it and use it sparingly. 

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