Monday, 10 June 2013

Review: Barry M Textured Nails

The textured nail polishes have been out for a while and as I really like them I thought I would do a review. I haven't been able to capture them on my nails (you'll see why later) but welcome the wheel! 
I first got the blue and yellow one from Barry M as the mint was sold out and the pink looked a bit plain for me. I quickly fell in love with these as they are super quick if you're in a hurry to do your nails. It takes two coats but they dry very quick for Barry M. I then found a mint to add to my collection which always gets me tons of compliments when I wear it. Its my favourite by a clear mile. 
 l-r Barry M in Sequin Nail Effects White, Textured Nail Effects in Atlantic Road, Station Road and Ridley Road all £3.99 each  
 There is one negative about these polishes that can't be helped - they attract dirt like a magnet! After a few days mine have collected dirt in the crevices and being pastels it really shows. I could correct this with a top coat but it would most likely remove the textured effect. This for me is the ultimate quick fix as I never have my nails bare so if I am short for time I will wear this for a few days until I have the time to do something more time consuming.
 Although this isn't part of the textured effect range the polish itself is the same textured sandy effect. I loved how pretty this polish was to wear but it is so rough! I was worried I'd scratch myself or my boyfriend pretty bad so I would not recommend this if you are a Mummy! Again this doesn't last very long before it wears down the nail and gets dirty although it wasn't so noticeable amongst the glitter. I think the textured effect acts almost like sand paper and starts to wear down from the tip of the nail as days pass.
Sequin Effects are great for a party or special event but not cut out for everyday or at least a working lifestyle. It was also a nightmare to remove but I had anticipated that!
What do you think of the new Barry M effects? Do I need Kingsland Road to complete my collection?

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