Friday, 15 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

50 feels like a big number and not sure I can reach it but here goes...

1 - I have to think what age I am when asked...

2 - I used to be a bad/light sleeper and even cured myself of insomnia

3 - I sleep better next to my boyfriend

4 - My dreams are always really vivid and I wake thinking they really happened

5 - I am addicted to buying make-up

6 - MAC lipsticks and nail polish are my weakness

7 - I don't look out of windows at night...incase someone is outside looking back at me

8 - When I was younger at night I was convinced there'd be a monster under my bed ready to bite my foot/ankle. I used to leap into bed from across the bedroom and I'd have to work myself up to get out for a wee

9 - The O.C. is the best TV show ever

10 - The O.C. is the only TV show I've watched every single episode of several times, I own all the boxsets and books

11 - I am a MASSIVE Disney fan

12 - I love Banksy

13 - I wish I could eat Lucky Charms everyday

14 - I want to work in Lush

15 - I love wearing dresses

16 - I have two tattoos and want more

17 - I hate people who slurp or eat noisily

18 - I want to live beside the seaside

19 - My dream car is an Audi or Mini Cooper

20 - I instantly get annoyed with people who have no manners, it doesn't cost anything to say excuse me or thank you

21 - I want babies but I'm scared to give birth

22 - My Superdry jacket has to be one of the best purchases of my life!

23 - I didn't want to get married until I met my boyfriend

24 - I used to cut up old Argos catalogues and pick all my dream items for my future house

25 - I've been saving for a house deposit since I was 17

26 - I can't stop buying things on ASOS

27 - I would love to own a Chanel chain bag

28 -  I think Cadburys chocolate is the best

29 - I always want popcorn and an ice blast at the cinema

30 - Chinese is my favourite naughty food

31 - I hate wine since getting terribly drunk on it and being sick for hours

32 - I always get Jack Daniels and coke on nights out

33 - I used to be a vegetarian but brought chicken back into my diet a few years ago, I haven't eaten red meat for 13 years because I don't like it

34 - My favourite shops are New Look, Accessorize, Primark, Cath Kidston and Claire's

35 - I'm allergic to every lip balm except blue Nivea and Vaseline varieties

36 - I love to read but rarely do it these days 

37 - Before my boyfriend I'd never eaten Burger King (chips is all I've tried so far), Subway, KFC, Dominoes pizza or indian

38 - I can't stop buying cases for my iPhone - reminds me of owning a Nokia as a teenager

39 - I've never weighed myself

40 - I never wanted an iPhone and now I couldn't be without it

41 - When I was little I used to have the same nightmare when I was ill that skeleton burgulars broke into my house and stole my family at night

42 - I hate needles but I'm fine with tattoo needles

43 - My middle names are Lauren and Kate

44 - My nickname at school was washboard abs

45 - I cried when Geri quit the Spice Girls

46 - I adore the Sims games

47 - I budget my money every month so I can afford everything I want to do and buy whilst saving and paying into my pension

48 - Pinocchio, Dumbo, E.T. and the Siamese cats in Lady and the Tramp really scared me as a child. I still haven't been able to watch them

49. I HATE being sick and will do anything to avoid it happening

50. I can't watch the Argos adverts with the aliens 

That took some brain power! Some really odd facts in there so hope you enjoy knowing a bit more about me :) link me to yours if you've done one as I love reading them! 

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this :) I always have really vivid dreams too and used to cut up Argos mags and plan my dream home! xx


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