Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Summary #57

Another week down, just one week left of work before I've got a week off with my boyfriend - seriously need it so bad. I've come down with the most rotten "thing". I call it "thing" because I don't know what is wrong with me. On Friday I had the worlds most sore throat, Saturday I was having sneezing fits, watery eyes and shivering and today I feel like I can't breathe even though there's nothing in my nose! I did cough up some mucus from my chest so it could just be a type of chest infection. I was up nearly all night last night so have napped almost all of today. My boyfriend has been wonderful looking after me. My week has been pretty boring, just my brother's birthday on Wednesday which we had the most amazing home cooked meal for and my Mum's birthday cakes are heavenly. We watched the Brit Awards which I don't enjoy so much these days as it only seemed to be about One Direction, they had so many nominations and I don't think they're very good at all. It would have been nice to see more deserving acts win but I guess everyone has different tastes and opinions. I especially cringed at Taylor Swift, I kind of like her music but she doesn't suit dubstep and she seemed to be struggling at the few times she was singing live.
It's been another great week spending wise. I'm trying to keep as much money as possible for shopping in London next week and our other trips.
Treats from my boyfriend - this Milka Daim is meant to be amazing! Plus my all time favouite Yankee candle Black Cherry and going to try a tartlet. 
Colgate Max White One £1.95 Superdug
Giving this a whirl as I would love pure white teeth without the pain of whitening. 
My boyfriend got me these as you can't get Apartment Life anywhere anymore. We never buy anything in CEX and he bought himself two games, one of which is unplayable so they shouldn't have sold it. According to Trading Standards is illegal so I've sent off an email as the store didn't help so I'm hoping the website can. If not, hello Trading Standards. These two additions have helped me play more as I made it a New Years resolution to take more time out and chill. Sims is a game I've loved since a child and you can play it endlessly forever. 
MAC MSF in Soft & Gentle, Archie's Girls collection lipsticks in Ronnie Red and Betty Bright and Pink Pearl Pop from the Cremesheen + Pearl collection (permanent)
I was going to swatch these in this post but my digital camera has run out of battery and I can't find the charger. I've taken the pictures on my SLR but I always get a shadow under the lens so will post separately once my digital has battery. Archie's Girls sold out so fast on MAC (obviously) but Selfridges still have stock. I bought the MSF and normal lipstick from Debenhams as they often have 10% off beauty and it justifies a MAC purchase more. I only bought the regular lipstick as its a favourite and I lost it the other week when I was out. Gutted isn't the word as it was virtually new too.  
Primark purchases - Dork tee £4, navy hoody £8 and raspberry skinnies £7.90 (reduced)
Its insane Primark are doing these rip offs of Topshops tee especially as they cost in the £38 mark I believe. I'm not sure the fit is great on me, its a very straight cut and makes me look curve less, but theres something about them that I like. I can't resist anything navy so this hoody was made to be bought by me. I love coloured skinny jeans and have wanted a pair this colour for ages. It was reduced to £9 on the ticket but went through as £7.90 which is a crazy bargain - just hope they fit!
Primark pumps £7 
Navy, Converse style, sold! I am loving wearing these types of pumps. I originally bought a pair in New Look as I want some Converse but wasn't sure they'd suit me and my feet rub ridiculously so I wouldn't get my wear and I don't want to waste £50 on a pair I never wear in. 
Mixmag and chocolate!
I haven't bought one magazine this year because I never read them but I simply adore Chase and Status so with this having a CD too of their label signings I had to find a copy. The disc has gone wonky in my shopper bag for some reason and if you're going to read you need nibbles yes? I love the Oreo chocolate and the Egg'n'Spoon is selling out everywhere. It was £3 in WHSmith so I grabbed one of the last boxes. They shouldn't sell Easter chocolate so early - so tempting! 
So that's my week. I'm hoping I've shaken this horrible "thing" soon, preferably by tomorrow but we'll see. 
Hope you've all had good weeks 


  1. The Milka at the top is my fave!! Lovely buys hun, love these posts :)


    1. It could be my favourite too soon! I really like doing them as its a little like writing a diary xx


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