Wednesday, 9 November 2011


So I managed to get the Models Own Beetle Juice collection after some confusion. I originally thought the boxset would come back into stock but after reading some of the Models Own tweets it seemed once they were gone they were gone. The website had sold out of Pinky Brown but I knew ASOS was selling a trio with it in. I then had some more confusion as ASOS didn't list the colours and the blue in the trio looked the same as the two blue ones on the Models Own site. 


It's making my head hurt just remembering. So I ordered the ASOS trio and then ordered the rest on Models Own with the exception of Pinky Brown and Golden Green. I then ordered some other colours and ended up £2 off free post. I HATE paying post if I can help it. So many websites offer free postage on any amount that I really begrudge it on other sites. Plus the Royal Mail are hardly of a good standard either. So I ended up spending another £5 just so I got free post. Bit of a false economy but I reason I got something for that money. Now that we're into November and winter is taking hold it is so hard to get pictures that are true to real life. I'm going to work through the Beetle Juice collection so you'll see the colours on my nails in the next few weeks.
 ASOS Trio l-r Golden Green, Emerald Black, Pinky Brown
 l-r Aqua Violet, Purple Blue, Emerald Black 
a closer look l-r Pinky Brown, Emerald Black, Aqua Violet, Purple Blue
It ended up it was Emerald Black in the ASOS trio so I've doubled up on that colour, but I'll ebay it with the Golden Green as it really isn't a colour I wear (it's green, enough said). When I first opened the box I was most taken with Pinky Brown, which is unusual as I cannot stand brown! In the picture it shows the pink sparkle really well. Aqua Violet looks like it'll be really sheer and take numerous layers and Purple Blue I'm almost positive has Disco Mix in it! Cue excitement from Disco Mix's biggest fan!
 l-r deep purple, feeling blue, scarlet sparkle, silver fox
deep purple close up as it looks black in the above picture :-s
I've got this week off work. I'm in desperate need of some sleep and rest. I feel so much older than 23 sometimes. It's been a mad year and the last few months especially so. I couldn't wait to not have my alarm going off between 6/6.30am this week but it hasn't quite worked out that way. I had a dentist appointment at 9.30am Monday so was up at 7.30am. It was made better by my teeth being perfect :) they offered me a free cleaning session, included in my appointment cost. I couldn't take any of the appointments for Monday as I was meeting my friend for lunch and shopping so took a Tuesday afternoon appointment. It was quite an experience...a thorough water jet clean followed by a polish. Can't see much of a difference if I'm honest but I feel good for it. I had a lovely lunch with my friend Amy on Monday. We have been in a bit of a rut in terms of eating at the same place endlessly so after some bad service last time we decided to go elsewhere. Ended up in Frankie & Benny's which was really nice! Opted for the lunch menu and managed to just about squeeze three courses in! I don't think I've ever managed that before! More of a main and dessert kind of girl. Did so much nattering and catching up we had barely any shopping time! Tuesday I was up just after 8am to help my Mum do a supermarket shop aka buy clothes and lots of munch for me! Couldn't resist the Disney Princess wrap for £1. Even though I have endless rolls of Disney paper in the loft this one is updated with Rapunzel and Tiana :) also got some glitter musical notes and some acorns. Love Christmas puddings so these earrings were a must. I have a slight thing for jelly beans. 
Check out my new baby! 
It was time I upgraded my camera. My old one is perfect but I've wanted this blue one for ages. The reason I got my old one is a funny story looking back but at the time it was awful. I went to Disney in December 2008 with my Mum and she was taking a photo of me in Belle's Christmas Market when she dropped my camera. For the record my Mum is the most careful person ever. She's so careful with all of her own and other people's possessions. If I toss my Blackberry onto my bed she'll tell me to be more careful haha! It was instilled in me and my brothers to always have our camera straps around our wrist incase we dropped it (a good idea also for when one is drunk or in heels or laughing till it hurts, I've had some close misses!). So imagine my shock at that moment when it hit the frozen ground. It was heart breaking as it was near the start of the holiday but Mum still had her DSLR. I remember her being so upset about it. It was a genuine accident, almost freak as the one time she hadn't put the strap on her wrist! It hit the ground weird too as it hit on the zoom lens and knocked it at an angle so it wouldn't go back in. 

I haven't set this new one up yet. I'm waiting for some memory cards to be delivered as I'm selling my old one to my best friend. She's needed a new digital camera for ages and as she has a bubba I don't want her to miss out on photos any longer. I text her the other night in total excitement as I'd found the box and everything is still sealed as I obviously used my dropped cameras charger etc. We spent last Friday having a right girlie day. We laugh so much together and like best friends say/think the same thing. I've got a collection of her bubba at the park which are so adorable. She'll be two in February, the time has gone SO fast! Literally feels not so long ago she told me she was pregnant, I can still recall the bubble of excitement that got me inside. 

I then had training at work this morning. It was so hard to get up at 6.30am knowing that really I should still be staying in bed. Kind of glad I did it when I could go home afterwards as it was a lot of information to take on board and I had a quick nap when I got home. So now I have four days remaining of holiday and I'm hoping to sleep in till my body wakes me and just be lazy as the next two months will be manic. Definitely into party season already and I want to get lots of sleep in preparation for the early starts and late party nights. I can usually survive on about four hours sleep but after a week or so I'll crash. Also desperate to avoid being ill this year as last Christmas I was in bed from Christmas Eve until the 28th. I have never felt so ill in all my life! Still not sure what I had but it was horrible and I hope never to experience it again. 

Plus I would love to enjoy Christmas properly this year. Its my favourite time of year and I love everything, and I was gutted to miss it all last year. 

previous nails - no7 minty fresh 320 and models own juicy jules
current nails - models own emerald black 
tonight's sunset
Hope you're keeping warm, the temperature has dropped significantly the last few days. Starting to feel almost panicked about my Christmas shopping, probably because previous years I'd have everything sorted by now. Except this year I've barely made a start! And no matter how many times I rack my brains, look online, wander around shops I can't find anything remotely good enough! Although I've just decided on some Avon goodies for some of the ladies I work with I've still got my long list of friends and family! I'll keep you updated...
Em x 


  1. Eeee I want those polishes so much!.

  2. love the beetlejuice polishes, I'm the same with postage haha! xx


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