Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Catch Up

Just a quick round up of some purchases I've made this week. Had a very strange but good week. Some personal stuff happening, but things are looking up now. I truly believe everything you go through makes you stronger.

Silly me, in the mess of the last week or so I didn't photograph the final Models Own Beetlejuice colour. I probably won't wear it again until next year. I've got lots of parties and nights coming up from this week and I like to really go all out on my nails for such occasions haha. 

I've already started wearing completely glitter nails...
 models own bluebelle and emerald city glitter polishes
Mixed it up a little. Loving not having all my nails the same colour, also why I won't wear any Beetlejuice again this year. Feel so boring. But I feel boring with just one different nail colour, so I always do my thumb nail too. Got so many compliments on my nails. Did them opposite ways on my hands but took so so many coats. Glitter takes a while to build up but I've already had one nail chip badly, and losing the colour of the glitter after two days. Usually steer clear of glitters for this reason but I haven't got a top coat on. 

I needed an exchange at Boots and knew exactly what I was going to treat myself to...
Wasn't very happy with the service I got. I know the kids on the tills may be christmas temps and I'm more than happy to wait for a permanent member or senior staff. But the person I got was so difficult about it and then made me wait ages to "check with someone". I had bought the item only a month previous, it wasn't opened and wasn't cosmetics/food. Why bother giving her a position to authorise an exchange if she still can't do it. Makes me so mad! I got a refund in new look off christmas staff because I could tell she wasn't sure what she needed to do. Right rant over! 

I bought a conical wand! I have had such envy of hair styled with one. Lusted after one possibly all year just never got around to actually purchasing one. Mainly due to my no heat hair during the summer. Still haven't used straighteners or curling tongs since may but with Christmas and party season upon us, it seemed the perfect time to invest. 

My Mum went to London on Monday. I sent her with a list of items from MAC and Forever 21 in the hope she may track something down. She text me when she was getting the train home at 9 to say she had something from my list. Cue major excitement and impatience. When she finally got home, I had waited up and I saw the MAC bag that I love so much. I decided I wanted this lipstick after my order but most of the Glitter and Ice collection had sold out. 
 MAC Glitter and Ice Collection, Whirls and Twirls lipstick 
Boots had another spend £50 and get £12 of points events on Thursday. I practically lived on Boots meal deals for my lunch last week which is terrible, usually a home lunch girl as I'm fussy. So with my lunch on Thursday I got one of my brothers birthday presents (Joop is on offer for £25.99 instead of £39) and then spent £40 on make up :) there was so much I wanted and this was a very restricted spend. 
l-r maybelline gel eyeliner, soap & glory sexy mother pucker, soap & glory supercat pen liner, 17 mirror shine in purple haze, 3x natural collection pink cloud blush
front soap & glory smoulder kohl, 17 lip liner fawn
Getting fed up of liquid liner, its so messy and takes ages to get right so got two new forms of eyeliner to try. Already used the supercat liner and LOVE it. Will talk more of that another time. Always wanted to try the sexy mother pucker as what girl wouldn't want bigger lips?! Am so in love with the 17 mirror shine lipsticks and wanted a purpley vampy lip colour. The natural collection blush has replaced my usual Rimmel one. Half the price and exactly the same colour. I need to venture into the world of lip liners but I'm so all over the place with my lipsticks it would take so much time to get lip liners to match all of them, and surely you can't get exactly the same shade. So taken a gamble and got a pale shade hoping that it works. More than anything I need one to stop red lipstick feathering as I'm swaying towards red/purple lips. 

I went late night shopping on Thursday after work with my little brothers and the oldest youngest (it does make sense!) girlfriend. We were about to leave H&M when my eyes fell upon a table of Disney jumpers. I literally screamed out loud and rushed over. There wasn't many sizes left and although mine is a little too big for me, I quite like it like that. Hoping to get the Minnie Mouse version too. Loved the Bambi tee too, although I can't watch Bambi, too sad! 
Got home Thursday to my Graze delivery! Was such a good box, had my favourites in: cashews and honeycomb chocolate flapjack. Plus a cardboard snowman to make and gift vouchers for friends. 
Stocked up on my new favourite shower gel. They last quite a while and smell amazing. 
Can't believe it's the fourth of December today! Keep forgetting to open my advent calendar, got a thorntons one :) 

Not feeling particularly festive just yet, but once the house is decorated and I get serious with my Christmas shopping I should be like a little kid i.e. bouncing off the walls. 

Hope you're all keeping warm as it gets colder and feeling festive. 

Emily x

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  1. Heh i love the turquoise nailpolish! I love glitter right now. I might try the Bodyshop shower gels as I only use Lush ones.. but I LOOVE the bodyshop body butters. Strawberry is the best <3


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