Friday, 6 July 2012

I Finally Decided!

Guess what I got?!....
 Pretty obvious right?!
Yes I finally decided what to upgrade to. I have switched to T-Mobile from Orange but hoping its a similar service as they are sister companies and did that signal thing a while back where their customers can get signal from both companies regardless of which network they are. I only switched as T-Mobile iPhones are free whereas Orange were asking for £169.99. Now who would pay that when they can get it for free!? As much as I adore my BlackBerry and love it to death, there are too many apps I want that they can't give me. The Samsung Galaxy is mahoosive and everyone told me I would love an iPhone. Its taking quite a bit of getting used to, but I am slowly getting to grips to it. Can't say I enjoy the touchscreen hugely as the slightest accidental touch while browsing takes me away to something else. I've spent ages scouring online for iPhone accessories. Its ridiculous how much is out there! I purchased my phone last Sunday evening and I charged it overnight Tuesday and then on Wednesday when I could leave Orange and transfer my number to T-Mobile. I'd ordered a phone case on eBay but it hadn't been sent out so I went out to find one as I couldn't even imagine using my iPhone without one. I found this Union Jack print one in the sale at WHSmith, £2.99 bargain! Plus I really like it!
So many cute/lovely/girlie cases everywhere I look. Plus there's a little shop in my town with a whole wall of cases that I need to go and look at soon. I ordered some super cheap screen protectors in eBay too which came yesterday. I have always used them for my iPod touch and the current one is so scratched from being chucked around my bag and in my coat pocket against keys. Aside from my eBay case I'm waiting to receive, I just ordered one on Accessorize too. I had so many cases (fashias, pretty certain that was the name for them as I could never say it haha) for my Nokias back in the day (noughties kid much) that I am quite excited to do it again. I never had a case for my BlackBerry as they are all that gel silicone stuff that I don't like much. My Mum made me loads of little fabric pouches from my BlackBerry so it was always protected that way.

I've been downloading a few apps but there is so very many out there!
So far I have: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pic Stitch, Frametastic, Picfx, Draw Free, Sky Sports (for my boyfriend), InstaCollage and Emoji. Quite like the look of the Lego Harry Potter and Where's Wally but not sure how much I'd play them. If you have any app suggestions and recommendations please comment below.

I've just added a new page to my blog about my tattoos. As promised still going to do one on my kittens but I want to chart their progress through photos and need to backlog to a hard drive for them as they start 18 months ago now. I can't wait to show how well they've done.
Hope you are all well


  1. ahh you will soon not remember life before it lol :) the best thing i bought for my phone was a neon pink speck phone case, it has rubber around the edges and corners and I'm sure its saved it from smashing on several occasions that i have dropped it flat face down on the floor.

    My must have apps are
    pocket booth great photo app for taking old school style photo booth pics

    pixiwoos for tutorials on the go

    shazam for when u need to get that sone u have heard but don't know the name of it, somehow listens to a song and names it for u!

    Mulberry - just love looking at the bags :)

    trip advisor - for finding out the b&b your about to check into has rats/ghosts/midgets under the floors

    sky+ so u can set your box to record when your away from home

    net-a-porter, new look - for shopping

    starbucks - tells you where the nearest one is for those frap cravings


    1. thank you so much!! i am terrified of dropping it! will look at cases properly. thank you for the app suggestions i will get on my app store for them pronto xx

  2. oh god this is looking really good I'm so jelly! And nice page about your tattoos, I've always like to check out other people's tats since Im really into ink and body art :)
    would you like to follow each other?


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